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President Lungu says dual citizenship is non-contentious, cabinet approved the issue

Headlines President Lungu says dual citizenship is non-contentious, cabinet approved the issue

President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu and the Spouse of the outgoing Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa Musonda Chikonde on arrival at the High commissioner's residence  where the Head of State addressed Zambian based in South Africa on June 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu and the Spouse of the outgoing Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Musonda Chikonde on arrival at the High commissioner’s residence where the Head of State addressed Zambian based in South Africa on June 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu says Cabinet has agreed that the issue of holding dual citizenship should be among non-contentious issues in the draft constitution that should be taken to parliament for enactment into the constitution.

The President says Cabinet at its last sitting unanimously resolved that Zambians be afforded an opportunity to hold dual citizenship as outlined in the draft constitution currently under consideration.

President Lungu says his government has realised that it is important for Zambians to hold dual citizenship so that the country is in tandem with modern trends in the world.

President Lungu, who was accompanied by First Lady, Esther, was speaking in Pretoria, South Africa, last night when she addressed Zambians living in that country during a dinner hosted in his honour at the Zambian Ambassador’s residence.

President Lungu is in South African attending the 25th Ordinary Session of the African Union Summit currently taking place in Sandton City in Johannesburg.

He, however, told Zambians living in South Africa that it would be now up to Parliament to give favourable consideration to the proposals, saying he was hopeful that the lawmakers will support the will of the majority Zambians.

The President was responding to concerns raised by Zambians living in South Africa that their children who are holding South African citizenship have been severely disadvantaged as they cannot visit Zambia freely as they are considered foreigners.

And President Edgar Lungu has admitted that the local government system in Zambia has collapsed, blaming the situation on political interference by past government regimes.

The President said the PF government is, however, resolved to empower local authorities by first building capacity before finally devolving power so that they become autonomous entities.

“There was a lot of assault on the local government system resulted from political interference. This situation crippled local authorities to levels where they are not able to operate effectively,” he said.

President Lungu said his government will continue funding councils until they are fully empowered to stand on their own.

Speaking earlier, First Lady Esther Lungu assured Zambians living in the diaspora that Zambian is politically stable and that the country is enjoying peace.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, also assured Zambians in South Africa that government is currently working on finalising the diaspora policy that will effectively address concerns of Zambians living abroad.

President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu and the Spouse of the outgoing Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa Musonda Chikonde on arrival at the High commissioner's residence  where the Head of State addressed Zambian based in South Africa on June 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu and the Spouse of the outgoing Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Musonda Chikonde on arrival at the High commissioner’s residence where the Head of State addressed Zambian based in South Africa on June 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu and the Spouse of the outgoing Zambia's High Commissioner to South Africa Musonda Chikonde on arrival at the High commissioner's residence  where the Head of State addressed Zambian based in South Africa on June 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu and the Spouse of the outgoing Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Musonda Chikonde on arrival at the High commissioner’s residence where the Head of State addressed Zambian based in South Africa on June 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA


  1. There we go again, This man is diverting from Michael Sata’s vision. Sata and Guy Scott, the true founders of PF are on record to have outrightly rejected Dual Citizenship. This is an an RB and MMD agenda

    Anyway, thank God UPND MPS will shoot this bill down, bring it on on the floor. We want the full referendum to change the whole thing and not this piecemeal non sense

    • You are the dumbest zambian mate. Dual is the way to go. Thank you Mr E Lungu. I will be getting Australian citizen but i am zambian. My accent is zambian. My manners are zambian, my tribe is zambian, my birth is zambia, i love zambia and getting aussie citizenship does not make me deny zambia. My siblings are zambians, my mother is zambian, my father is zambian, my first sex was in zambia, my first drink was in zambia. I drunk chibuku in zed. I went in April 15 i drunk chibuku again paka tungu in nkana east. Iam zambian fulustop.

    • LUNGU will lose because of advocation of dual citizenship

      WHY do people need to be dual citizens?


      Either you are zambian or your are NOT. I threw my zambian passport away I am soon getting a British-people supporting it are ONLY doing so because it will benefit THEM and not the 14 million zambians at home

      DO NOT ALLOW dual citizenship- Be like China you are caught you are thrown away.

      Mr Lungu is a joke, simple as that- he doesn’t a strong mind his excellency Mr Michael Sata had


    • we are all zambian we need dual citizenship.yama if i invite u to my house in new york r u going to say no to new york just because u feel u r a zambian?look all of us where born and raised in zambia but we r free to better our lives else where.ok dummy.if i say i go to western union and get a small token for ur pocket a 100 US dollar are u going to say no because dollar is not zambian money?yama uli slow sana wake up if u are in the village come and live in lusaka and ur head will open up

    • Just shut up if you have nothing to say. Most of us who have taken up foreign nationalities are very educated . By introducing dual citizenship, Zambia stands to gain from us and not the other way round. Ghanaians living outside Ghana contribute 10% of that country’s GDP. We can do the same in Zambia, but only if I have dual citizenship to safe guard my investment. This way us Zambians in the Diaspora will be aqble to create jobs even for those opposed to dual citizenship. Iam not coming to Zambia to get your low paying job. Ihave accumulated a lot of wealth.

    • This move is one of the most positive steps by any of the presidents we have had so far, toward uniting Zambia with the rest of the progressive world. He is president over all Zambians and it is fine that he is striving to do what will benefit all Zambians, rather than just towing any party’s line, let alone the agendas of certain prominent individuals, past or present. I am married to a Filipina and have lived in the Philippines for the past 14 years. We have three children all working here. If they were allowed the same access to land etc. that Zambian citizens have they would be far more likely to invest in their country of birth. Additionally, the many Filipinos settled in Zambia might prefer to reinvest as citizens of Zambia, rather than send their money “home”.

    • But why wait until you are in South Africa before making that sort of announcement? This looks like just politicking! This was supposed to be enacted more than 5 years ago. When will dual citizenship be allowed? I guarantee that it’s not in the next 12 months. Eish! The politicians can make statements that have no meaning!

  2. There not enough chairs in the High Commission that you should be squeezing the President and others on one chair?

    • Good to see our High Commission is not wasting taxpayers money with expensive furniture!

      Maybe they can now reduce Passport fees!

    • Totally spot-on Cris. How the hell does she go and squeeze her FAT-self next to the Presidential couple on a chair that seats 2 people. That`s lacking protocol and etiquette on the part of Mrs Chikonde. She could have as well have sat on the floor than making a fool of herself.

    • Please learn to read before making a fool of yourself. This was at the High Commissioner’s residence/house and not the High commission building.

    • Iwe the President is a family man and that was a home set up! Why not sit with his sweetheart on the same chair?

    • Tweet!! The President is sitted next to his wonderful wife and if you are not proud of your wife, just keep quiet.
      Mulebako serious bane. Are you saying the President cant sit next to his family members?

  3. I thought we were told that the PF have enough numbers (MPs) in parliament to pass any bill…
    Am I right in assuming that ma under 5 MPs will be firing blanks come voting time on this clause in parliament…?

    @ Educated upnd

  4. Finally I can say something sense able has come out of the current president. As Zambians in the diaspora with citizenship for other nations, are victimised once at home in zambia.

    • It had to come as it is a question of trying to maximize on benefits that could accrue to developing the country. However I still do not agree with PF on many other policy issues thus this does not make me develop a soft spot for the PF.

  5. This is what happens when you appoint cadres at embassies…they do not know anything about protocol; they seat the Head of State, with his wife and wife to the high commissioner of a 3 Seater leather sofa as if they are at a house party in Kabwata.

    Lazy Edgar where did you get your law degree? Someone needs to look into that… So given that you are tabling the draft constitution tell us the “contentious issues” so far?

  6. That is a very positive step as no Zambian can suffer silently abroad being tied by that draconian clause. East or West, home is best. All sane minded Zambians should support it unconditionally.

  7. I support dual citizen. My worry is that the politicians are choosing for us what they perceive contentious (contagious going by pachifentelo). I think a Zambian should be given a chance to state their unanimous position during the elections not piecemeal adjustments

    • You’re absolutely spot on…our people are so short sighted and very gullible that its so unbelievable; its not up to them to decide what is contentious or not if that is the case then you are not going to deliver a constitution for the people and by the people.
      This is why it is important for this Edgar to host at least one press conference every two months to report back to us his employers…do we have to wait for him to leave the country? Is it even true that the cabinet tabled this selfsame issue we have been lied before about cabinet meetings via still photos of old man Sata being fit and healthy.

  8. This is really positive news. Guys when you are making your comments on public media do it in a way that builds and shapes our nation so we move in the direct that will make our country better. Don’t just open your mouth to show your myopic self centered views or hate for someone. Jay Jay, and the rest of the negative chaps, don’t you really see this as positive news?? If you do please say something positive NOT negative, because it makes us wonder what you really stand for.

    • When its tabled in Parliament then yes…not when some drunkard issues statements abroad. Why have you not been told that so called “non contentious” issues have been approved by cabinet? YOU employed these empty tins, its your sisters, brothers and parents taxes that pay these politician’s salaries and his medical check ups…don’t you think you deserve to know what what approved in that cabinet meeting if it ever took place?

      Wake up from your docility and folly!!

  9. I think the UPND should not fall prey to the machinations of the PF President and Rupiah by opposing even popular issues like dual citizenship.

    Like it or not, this is a BIG issue for many Zambians in the Diaspora and at home. The UPND should NOT unnecessarily lose support on popular and important issues. It should take a leaf from the UK Labour Party that opposed a Referandum on UK membership of the EEC only to support it after losing a General Election…

    UPND should rethink twice and adopt flexible strategies in order to be seen to be on the side of voters most the time! As you can see, Lungu has “U turned” on Sata’s stand against Dual Citizenship because he is listening to what is a genuine problem to some voters – after all it costs nothing to PF but buys them VITAL votes!!

    • You state that he is listening and “humble” yet he is still clinging on to old colonial laws to oppress the opposition and musicians!!

    • Well put Chilyata. I can see Mr. Lungu is a fast learner. If opposition leaders aren’t careful they may play right into his script!

  10. This is contained in the DRAFT. Its not ECL’s idea. Remember the DRAFT is our document & that’s why we are advocating for a referendum to “formalize” it.
    The MPs to be wary of are actually PF ones.
    I pray that this passes.

  11. Phew!!! Lesa apale. When I heard that ECL had an American/Zambian daughter, I knew that there was hope at the end of the tunnel!! Dual citizenship was on the way. Thank you Tasila Lungu for your existence. We have been crying for this for ages.

  12. well done, i hope this bill gets passed dual nationality is the way to go especially for some of us who are working overseas and plan to return home

  13. Does this mean charlie musondas biys wil cum and rescue the ailing vipolopolos…viva DUAL…!!!!!!!!

  14. UPND is a progressive party which we expect to support 21st century ideas such as dual citizenship. WhY would they shoot down such a progressive Clause. Thank you Mr President. Mr Michael Satan was totally wrong to oppose this one.

  15. peace meal is also the way to go because we wont be voting for single clauses in the constitution during referendum but the entire constitution at once. So if it fail then everything flops including simple clauses like dual citizenship. Therefore I implore everyone to support pf govt on this initiative.

  16. Dual Citizenship benefits only the elite.It is bad a bad law . China and Germany do not have dual citizenship but they are top economies .Scandinavian Countries do not have Dual Citizenship

    • Ofcourse the uneducated wouldnt have acquired any citizenship from any country. You should understand that its the elite that create jobs for the poor. The fear is that the elite Zambians in the Diaspora may come and take over the running of the government……which is not a bad idea considering that we continue to be lead by clueless individuals who dont understand how the rest of the world operates

  17. @ house fly , u r one of the dumbest idi0ts be ever heard. Who wants to know that u r getting Australian citizen,? Obvious u are a 14teen from Copperbelt .
    That’s your personal life and choice we are not interested.

  18. Out of topic for a second. Who is this jerk marketing his/her stupid marketing of loans on this site? Get your own website and stop spamming this site with nonsense we don’t appreciate.

    Second comment is Madame Lungu still exposing ifikondo at such an important meetings or is it the shoe design? It’s closed toe shoe’s Mrs. President and should know that by now. This is embarrassing mwe! You can do that casually with friends or out with hubby for lunch after your meetings but never with or around delegates or attending important meetings. Yangu batuseka abantu.

  19. If Zambians from the diaspora are treated like foreigners in the country they were born in, why should they come home and invest their hard earned cash from working abroad here?

    Dual citizenship will bring real ZAMBIAN investors back into the economy.

    Instead of the CHINESE ones that Sata brought, and are now taking over Zambian jobs.

    • That’s a No go subject since he is seeking medical treatment in RSA, the last thing you want to do is criticism your hosts when you are about to go under the SA doctor’s knife!!

  20. Dear Zambians, for once let us demand to know what else will go to parliament. Mr. President avail us an opportunity to know what document is going to parley for us to support u. It is unfortunate that statements are issued in foreign countries or at the airport and not through a press conference where people can ask questions. Remember you leading a nation and not the pf. Please differentiate party type of politics to national matters. The constitution is serious and we want a serious approach. Viva pf viva ecl.

  21. @ Ettiquete

    Do you understand the function The President and wife featured on when he addressed this topic. waisebanya man. Read the article again.

  22. #1 Educated UPND, you must be a very selfish chap, stop hallucinating iwe mambala. Why do u really want to deny people’s rights? I live in the USA and excited to hear this good news. Dual is the way to go, go hang if u don’t like it.

  23. Zambia is badly lagging with how it is economically engaging with its ‘citizens’ in the diaspora. It should be acknowledged that a lot of Zambians in the abroad are sitting on a lot of cash that they can invest back home in Zambia. I remember when our late president came to London he insinuated that he did not want to allow dual citizenship because of the danger of Zambians in the diaspora economically overwhelming the local Zambians. Apart from the fact this is nonsense, it is strange how this belief has not been extended to foreigners who are investing in Zambia. It has been estimated that Zambians in the diaspora have as much as £1 billion of disposable, much of which could be invested in Zambia on all kinds of infrastructure projects to help the country to move forward. Nearly…

  24. Chawama sana naya ku home affairs muku applier pantu mu South Africa mwaliba fimagelo fyamatako sana

  25. Zambians, we’ve been there before. As long as it’s the politicians (who have been very strategic in getting numbers in parly) who will be given power to decide on our behalf, when they will fall out of favour, we will get back to this same position. Here I am not anti PF or MMD and even UPND but just saying we should be allowed an opportunity to decide.

  26. We have always said it in very simple terms, Dual citizenship does not mean that all foreign nationals become Zambian nationals, secondly like the learned Justice Annel Silungwe said, it will benefit the Zambians. In fact dual citizenship allowed in other countries has already benefited Zambia and the Zambian families greatly. Firstly some of those Zambians that have taken up citizenship of other countries have invested heavily in our country and there by supporting the Zambian community. Countries with dual citizenship clauses still selectively offer citizenship to people who they think will contribute effectively to the development of their country e.g America offers perm residents to among other professional those who can take care of their elderly. A few Zambians have benefited.

  27. For public consumption am one of the Zambians that have dual citizenship, I do not recognize that stupid backward legislation that excludes me on the basis of my attaining another country’s citizenship. I am Zambian, the whole of my clan hails from Zambia so why should an inherited stupid legislation exclude me from my roots. I have invested in my own country knowing fully well that my roots are their.

  28. Zambians you are not fighting today because of inter marriages. Do your research. One Zambia one nation. Viva dual citizenship.

  29. Ifintu ni dual citizenship. Am getting my RSA ID next month ,but that doesn’t mean I will cease to be Zambian. I was born in kalulushi,went to Nortec in Ndola and now working RSA. My parents are Zambian from lundazi. Nomba ninshi? Ifintu ni dual citizenship!!!!

  30. During the economic dowturn, many educated and professional Zambians went abroad looking for a better life.

    In many respects Zambia has improved since then. We need investors bringing in forex and know-how.

    The Pres is going all over Asia trying to woo investors to Zambia. We bend all sorts of principles in trying to bring these foreign investors to our country.

    Why should we not leave provision for those or their kids who left Zambia for economic reasons? Give these indigenous Zambians first option to return before we look to outsiders who cannot blend into our languages and culture. Bring your skills and investment back where it belongs.

    • Just cme back and work with us to develop mother Zambia like we have been doing while you have been away. By the way, most of us at home are more educated and wealthier than you are abroad. So bwelenifye but don’t propagate dual citizenship. We are not developed enough. Zambia is not for sale. As for land, you don’t need an entire Presido to know that you need land. There isd plenty of it kumushi. Just come back bamambala.

  31. When an idea is good for the country it is good regardless of it comes from ruling party or the opposition. In this case dual citizenship is a good idea for Zambians development. Both opposition and the ruling government for once must agree on something. Being in opposition is not simply to agree with anything and everything the government does. We expect MPS to vote with their conscious and move past this.

  32. Before we raise our hopes….let me find out from the waiter how many tots ECL had before he started talking about the Dual Citizenship….will be back soon.

  33. It is true why did the organizers of this meeting sit Mr. Lungu and his wife and that other woman on one chair? Mrs Lungu should be told in future where she is supposed to sit. That was breach of protocol. The president sits alone. Who is the chief of protocol these days? Mkhondo Lungu, the Chief of Protocol for KK would not have allowed that to happen, even the useless Bob Samakai would also not allowed that. Imwe a Chief of Protocol ba manje mwafeluka!

  34. dual citizenship is a very considerate step to take, and it takes exposure to understand. for those against it, in what way does it hinder development in Zambia? In my opinion it is quite advantageous as the people abroad are also part of us biologically.

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