Residents intercept pupil attempting to dump child


A 20-year-old pupil in Kalulushi is in trouble after attempting to dump her new-born baby.

Police sources in Kitwe who confirmed the development to ZANIS Kalulushi in an interview.

The police sources said Carol Mushiba Makungu of house number C7 Police Camp was yesterday found throwing the baby which she hid in a bucket full of dirt at a garbage pit.

The incident was spotted by neighbours who saw her when she attempted to throw the baby and rushed her and the baby to the hospital.

Carol, who is a grade nine pupil at Mitobo Secondary School, is now admitted to the district hospital and sources said the baby is refusing to breast feed.

Police sources disclosed that Makungu used to tie her pregnancy for people not to notice her condition.

Meanwhile, Evangelical Church in Zambia Pastor, Bickson Bulanda, condemned the incident, saying the Bible clearly stated that “thou shall not kill.”

Pastor Bulanda explained that if somebody had intentions of aborting an innocent baby, she had intentions of killing because life starts at conception.

He further explained that even in the Zambian tradition ethics, a person could not just kill a baby no matter the circumstances because parents would want to have a grandchild.

Pastor Bulanda appealed to the girl children in schools to abstain from sexual activities until they finish their education.


    • If you didn’t have Teenage sex, throw stones at this girl.

      The problem is parents distance themselves from addressing sexual issues with their teenagers. If this girl had alert parents who were open to teenagers special needs and anxieties this could not have happened.

      My mother was all up in my face and confirmed my periods every month until I graduated high school. There is no way I could have gotten pregnant without her knowing! Parents please be involved in your minor children’s lives!

    • Shame, she needs help as she is confused. 20years in Grade 9?? she is late with her education, she should be in university at this age.

    • I would care less about this- it is however PRIMITIVE to think abortion is murder.

      That is the most *****ic thing I have ever read on here


  1. This is very normal for a young mother who is so scared and confused about the development. Communities together with healthcare services must put up measures to reduce such cases. Society should also avoid the blame syndrome upon these young people but instead educate the young people how to prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies.

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