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Chief Mpezeni threated threatened with arrest

Headlines Chief Mpezeni threated threatened with arrest

Chief Mpezeni Dancing
Chief Mpezeni Dancing

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni Speaking people of Eastern Province was on Sunday forced to cancel a meeting, with Ngonis in Chipangali area of Chipata District.

The traditional leader said he was forced to cancel the meeting because Government had threatened to arrest him and other Ngonis traditional leaders once they attended the meeting.
The paramount chief said he was not happy with the Governments decision to cancel his meeting, which he wanted to hold with his subjects.

He said that Government’s decision to threaten chiefs with arrest is not good, stating that traditional leaders should be left to preside over their affairs.

“This Government has threatened to arrest me and other Ngoni chiefs if I had planned to go ahead with the meeting,” Chief Mpezeni said.When reached for a comment, Eastern Province Deputy Police Commissioner Patrick Bili said police were not notified over the meeting.

On Saturday, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo warned that anyone who was going to attend the meeting risked being arrested for breaking the Public Order Act.

Mr Kasolo indicated that he had received some intelligence information that the Chewas had mobilized some Nyau dancers to destabilize the meeting, while the Ngoni camp was also geared to fight back.

The Chewas and Ngonis have differed over land that some Ngonis have settled in Chipangali Constituency with both parties claiming ownership.

In 2007, Paramount Chief Mpezeni warned Chewas against evicting Chief Sairi II in Chipangali.But Chief Chinunda of the Chewa People of Chipata District said that the land in question belonged to his chiefdom.

The Chewa traditional leader said in 1952 his grandfather offered the land to Ngonis in his chiefdom after being accused of practicing witchcraft.He said initially, the Ngonis who were accused of practicing witchcraft were first settled in town centre before they were moved to Chipangali to settle in.

“It is there in the National Archives that there is no Chief Sairi II in Chipangali and those Ngonis who are staying they are staying in my chiefdom,” Chief Chinunda said.

He said the Chewas had mobilized to ensure that the meeting which was arranged at Dwankhonzi was disturbed as part of showing displeasure to the Government over the disputed land.

According to the notice of the meeting by Mickwell Kachingwe Zulu who is Ephendukeni Palace Secretary, the paramount chief was scheduled to meet all his subjects of Chipangali area on 14th June 2015 starting from 08:30 hours at Dwankonzi Secondary School along Chipata-Lundazi road.

“Inkhosi ya Mankhosi Paramount Chief Mpezeni will hold a very special meeting with all his subjects of Chipangali area on 14th June 2015.The meeting will take place at Dwankhonzi Secondary School along Chipata-Lundazi road starting at 08:30 hours, “the letter read in part.


    • When we told you that the country need a new constitution which protects the rights of citizens, were you not one of the useless chiefs who was in the forefront saying the country does not need one?

      I hope they lock you up so you can become wise

    • “Threated” or “threatened” inza munyokola njala chief PF cadre Mpezeni.

      Its a new PF now. That of Sata is gone & BANDITS from MMD’ve ganged up with PF BANDITS, the economy is not sustainable under visionless leadership.

      Lelo inzakunyokola njala mambala!

      The Skeleton Key

    • So even in other parts of Zambia (Eastern Province) there are inter-tribal conflicts? I thought this is only confined to the so called ‘primitive’ tribes of NWP? Yet reading through the article this Eastern Province inter-tribal war has been there for decades albeit not dramatised! So why laugh at others when you also fight primitively?
      Since when did the Easterners become primitive? Who is next to be primitive?

    • Something is Wrong, why should a chief get permission to hold a meeting from the police??

      That’s the fall of PF if they start playing with traditional leaders. better do Damage control otherwise No votes from Chipata. Let the s,tupid police vote for them.

      Zambians always going backward..

    • We know Ngonis are thieves. They stole land, cattle and women from Chewas, Sengas, Tumbukas and all those people they found already settled in present day Eastern province of Zambia. Their chief Induna Mpezeni is not only a thief but also a ruling party carder.

    • @JJ Wuso ndiye kawalala! ati eyiba ngombe za nyoko? Pameso monga chibuma mthakati! Ka funtile kutali ni chamba chakukola mambala? pamthisi!



  1. Do the police not know that Mpenzeni is a PF cadre? I thought PF cadres were immune to arrest like Davies Chama. Is there a shift in policy?

  2. “Threated” with arrest? I wonder how a well trained journalist would not take advantage of spell checks present in most applications. The amount of grammatical and spelling errors by our journalists these days is worrying

  3. Read the story you scum bugs. These guys(Ngoni vs Chewa) had planned to butcher each other and you expect the government to fold its arms and do nothing. You guys should be proud of your country. Only last week 3 black Americans were released from 40 years solitary confinement and to you it is good because it is in America.

    • Its you who is showing your ignorance here. The government is right on this one. That meeting Mpenzeni wanted to hold was meant to provoke the Chewas and would have led to a bloody battle between the two tribes. Mpenzeni is a thug. The man thinks he is above the law. The scaly old man ought to be caged. I give EL a plus on this!

  4. Since when did the Ngoni’s and Chewa have issues? All the tribes in eastern province have lived in harmony.
    Mpezeni may be loud mouthed and uncouth but he is largely ignored. Today Kasolo should say they were planning to butcher each other? Talk of other places please! Chipata is a peaceful place baba!
    This PS must learn to be careful with what he says it has the potential to cause unrest!

  5. Yeah now HH can go and show solidarity with the pompous chief. There are laws in the country to follow. Who does he think he is to disregard the law of the land – another HH? This character overrates himself too much and thinks that he has unlimited powers – he should have gone to his illegal meeting and gotten tear-gassed – he wants to breed anarchy? ECL needs to put this character – and all other jokers who think they have any power in their place before they breed lawlessness.

  6. Good that some nonsense was averted in advance. While the Lunda-Luvale acrimony has been amplified there are other areas in the country that are powder kegs. When I visited and stayed in Namibia I realized that even among the Lozis there are fragments that are scraping against each other (Yes – they have sub-tribes, too). While I am no fan of the POA, a reasonable preemptive action to prevent nonsense is always welcome. POA must still be repealed or replaced however!

  7. Uko! Yamunyokola Njala Mpezeni manje!

    Uko! Its RB who has taken over PF, as the visionless Jameson Lungu is “learning alot” from dictator Mugabe.

    Reality is that, Lungu has abandoned Chief Mpezeni who campaigned tooth & nail for PF & Sata. RB wept the loss! Now RB is controlling Lungu & PF with MMD allied BANDITS of Dora et al. Mpezeni is merely witnessing the “wrath” of BANDIT RB as a “revenge of the nerds” part III. In other words, its a KUMAWA vengeance.

    Brown envelopes’re empty of PFs bankruptcy, so chief Mpezeni inzanyokola njala lelo. Big fish cadres are now crying foul?

    Vote wisely next time around & not PF hooliganism mixed together with MMD bandits. You see now that Lungu is visionless? Sapenya!

    The Skeleton Key

    • Why do you continue to parrot a meaningless term of “visionless”? Is it because ECL did not promise you free education, excellent medical facilities, free agricultural inputs, jobs everywhere etc etc – in 18 months? You must not be very intelligent to believe long term promises for a short term mandate. ECL is beyond this pettiness. Coming to your Mpezeni – he campaigned heavily for Mr. Sata but not for Edgar.

  8. Well the law is clear and all they needed to do is inform the relevant authority of their planned meeting period. Just in case a fight occurred Mpezeni would have been the first to accuse the state of not protecting him and those involved. Next time just inform the police as per the law.

  9. Reading is VERY important! You f00ls shouting RB, Lungu,HH have clearly not read why he was threatened with arrest! This has nothing to do with politics! Zambians and reading seem to be enemies thats why there is too much poverty!!

    • Reading they can, but it is comprehension that seems to be the issue here. Shaka Zulu is spot here. The problem with Mpezeni is that he thinks he is the most all important and all knowing chief pa ZED! Just follow the law, what is so complex about that?

    • @My Opinion don’t just read the story on LT please investigate the real reason behind.RB is Chewa and through him he is trying to victimize Mupezeni who is paramount chief for that area.Since when did a chief need a police permit to meet his subjects.Political elements have used tribalism to divide and rule us.Lets reject these bad political elements that’s is destroying our peaceful nation.paramount Chief Gawa Undi is quite who is chief chinunda to stop para mount chief Mupezeni from meeting his subjects including chief chinunda to settle an mis understanding.

    • Ba Sido Mark – Chief Mpezeni is very political – what meeting subjects? How are you going to distinguish a traditional gathering from a political gathering when your chief has become a politician?

  10. PF is treading a very dangerous path. Chagwa appears not to be in control and may really be caretaker President. Chanda Kasolo seems to be in charge of his UNCLES PF. 2016 is around the corner how will PF campaign.

  11. @ My Opinion, Kalok and Ndaje Kahks. Notice that all the chaps that have not understood the article, have nothing to say and have resorted to insults all support the same party?

    They are such fundamentalists; it reminds me of a religion. I can imagine if you said to a fundamentalist Muslim, convert to Christianity or die, they would choose death

    • And funny enough they say they are the ‘educated party’.This story will take one less than three minutes to read.

    • Yes you are right! On the contrary if these chaps were not stopped and massacre took place the Upnd cadres were going to blame government fornot stopping the gathering

    • Spot on @Illsaywhatiwant. It is so disheartening when you wish to carry on with a good discussion when all sorts of incorrigibles begin their strange insult-hurling exercises. Amazing!

  12. Since Lungu has proved visionless by selling PF to chi Rupiah and HH has proved unsellable since he started contesting elections in 2006, I will vote for the newest presidential candidate, with a different ideology, Wynter Kabimba, in 2016. You may or may not share my opinion, but it is my right provided for me in the constitution of Zambia

    • Oh, ba Edgar Ewabako – in that case, let’s forgo elections next year and just maintain the status quo because we wont change anything.

  13. Enemies of President Lungu just want to splash mud at the Govt. Facts are as follows:
    1. Ngoni area extends west up to Chiwoko along the GERd
    2. Along Lundazi Rd Ngonis go up to Chief Kapatamoyo area.
    3. To get to Chipangali one has first to go through Chief Mafuta’s area and later through Chief Chinunda’s area.
    4. Another route to Mafuta and Chinunda’s areas one can branch off the Mfuwe Rd, pass Undi’s village and cross Msandire R. to get at a health Centre in Chief Mafuta’s area.
    5. Chipangali is an agricultural area further north across Lukuzye River.

    Mpezeni is on a war path, but his Counsellors must cage their Chief just in case a germ has crossed through the brain barrier to induce madness.

    • Mphangwe, so in this case it’s Chief Mpezeni who is trying to create beef right? His counsellors should not only cage him, but also remind him the POA has not been repealed yet!

  14. The demise of sata has now Mpenzeni in deep trouble. should chiefs also get permits to adress their subjects ? Only time will tell when the zambians will work.

  15. Bloggers should read thoughtfully. The issue here is that Chewas and Ngonis were planning to butcher each other over land. Were you expecting the police to ignore this danger? Had the police not stopped the ”meeting” from taking place, there would have been violence. The same bloggers who are accusing Lungu today would have criticized Lungu for not ”intervening to save lives”.

  16. Where is Dr. Joseph Katema? Mr.President it seems the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs has gone to sleep because this and the standoff between Ishindi and Ndungu are matters that he is supposed to address without waiting for police to start intimidating their Royal Highnesses. He is tarnishing your image in the eyes of our traditional leadership. Remove him and appoint someone else.

  17. The chief should be questioned about his attire. What is that he is wearing? Did he get a permit to kill the lion? He needs to be investigated into whether he can freely kill endangered species. Things have changed and people are trying to conserve wildlife. He can have a replica made instead of killing our animals. Through crafts one can do wonders with those things nowadays. In fact women in his community can make them at the same time them being employed in making those things. All real leopard, cheetah skin should be abolished. Picture shows lots of people wearing animal clothing, replicas can have the same effect as real ones. Does that mean chiefs illegally hunt wildlife for their own purposes? We understand its their culture but killing animals for self fulfillment is wrong.

  18. The title of King of Kings belongs to God and God alone. Its blasphemy to refer to Induna Mpezeni, a rat eater as Inkhosi ya Mankhosi.

  19. The chief’s boniness aside, the other tragedy here is this stúpid tribal beef between two groups that are kin, for all practice purposes. This idea of going out of the way to find something to quarrel about.

  20. The gov’t is there to protect all its citizens, no matter what tribe they are Weldon the police. That chief is only interested in the affairs of his tribe , and the rest are his enemies .Iam sorry the gov’t has to intervene in such issues , in fact if something bad happen between the two peoples they will run to the police crying.

  21. All in all, the gov’t acted correctly in enforcing order and reverting carnage. His Majesty Nhkosi Mpezeni must surely see the good work the gov ‘t has undertaken in protecting him and our Ngoni people.

    Those Chewas apparently do not understand it’s now 2015 not 1952! This idea of back tracking to arrangements from colonial period must stop. We are ruled centrally and tribal matters must be left as there were agreed after independence. Clearly the Chewas defamed us Ngonis and agreed an out of court ‘gentlemens’ agreement to settle by offer of land. No back tracking. Nkhosi please begin to polish the knockberries and spears…we need to teach those Chewas to stick to agreements! Gov’ts not at fault to keep order though.

  22. I don’t get the editing process of our dear LT. So they misspelled the word ‘threatened’. I get that. ?hit happen, as we say in Chawama. But why not simply delete the misspelled word altogether and replace it with the right spelling, instead of crossing it out with a damn line? They make it look like these articles are written by student journalists and the headmaster makes the correstions public.

  23. Mpezani should be tamed. He thinks he is above the law. He is not the only chief in eastern province or zambia. He should not take advantage of chewa chiefs for keeping silent. Chipata is not only for ngonis it’s also for chewas as well. During the 2011 elections when MMD adopted mutolo phiri mpezani complained that mutolo is not a ngoni he wanted only ngonis to stand as MP. He had to be reminded that chipata is not only for ngonis and all Zambians including chewas who equally have a number of 5 chiefs namely mafuta chinunda chanje chikuwe mkanda and the palace of King Kalonga Gawa Undi. Boundaries were changed

  24. These are some of the time bombs which have not been expected over years, but some of us saw them coming and it is a real challenge for the Eastern Province. You always talk about the NW province, but this is the beginning of another big challenge. As Zambians we have not really viewed ourselves in a serious manner as it is proving now. KK had surpressed us for a long time, it is now time when reall issues are coming out regarding what Zambia is composed of or with.

  25. The government was right to stop this meeting. The chief, no matter which one it is, is not above the law. This particular Mpezeni tends to go overboard, doesn’t want anything to happen to him, contravening traffics laws, doesn’t want his vehicles penalised, ‘maalo ni yanga’ is a very comment statement, he should leave the peaceful chewas alone & reduce on smoking weed.

    • Here are a few points:
      1) The current Mpezeni is a serious embarrassment to all Zambians. He is ever in the media for wrong reasons.
      2) He needs to confer with Kalonga Gawa Undi if he has real issues to discuss concerning the Chipangali land.
      3) The government has not gazetted another chief called a Saili II. He is fake. Let him go back to look after his people in Kazimule.
      4) The Zambian government is not honest. It has for a long time entertained the thinking that Eastern province belongs to the Ngoni. This has made Mpezeni believe that no political part would win votes in the province without him.
      5) History will repeat itself – but the scores will be different. REMEMBER RWANDA?

  26. Most Zambians (the Ngonis included) who have settled in Chief Chinunda’s Chipangali area are serious agriculturalists.

    A similar phenomenon has occurred in Mkushi, and Serenje where many farmers are Tongas. Yet we have not heard of Chiefs Monze or Mukuni venturing to address the Tongas or even entertained the idea of installing sub-Chiefs Monze II or Mukuni II in these areas.

    Mpezeni misled the late President Sata into believing that he was Paramount Chief of whole Eastern Province. But the Ngonis are only found within the mean radius of 50 km from Chipata Town; the Chewas are found in districts of Chadidza, Chipata, Katete, Lundazi spillint into Malawi and Mozambique; the Nsengas are in Nyimba and Petauke spilling Mozambique.

    Mpezeni must be caged by his own Ngoni people.

  27. Rupiya please deal with Mpezeni, I support you all the way coz I saw how Mpezeni mistreated you because of Sata in your own land. Its pay back time! Do a good job please Rupiya!

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