Nkandu Luo canes parents for early marriages


Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo
Nkandu Luo

Minister of Gender and Child Development Nkandu Luo has issued a stern warning against parents in Mafinga district of Muchinga province to desist from marrying off young girls.

Professor Luo issued the warning at Tendere in Mafinga District when she addressed women groups over the weekend.

She said the habit of marrying- off young girls aged between 12 and 15 years is a serious offence and denies the child the right to education.

Prof Luo lamented that many young girls in Mafinga district were married- off at a tender age even to polygamous men.

She said as a medical expert she knows that girls who get pregnant at a very tender age experience complications when delivering babies because the birth canal is not mature enough to deliver a birth safely.

Prof Luo is on a tour of sevens districts of Muchinga province on a sensitization campaign for women groups.


  1. Poverty breeds early marriages, prostitution etc. Deal with the root cause of the problem and impact will follow.

    • Well spoken Nubian Princess. I was about to say the same thing. Prof Luo, as an experienced health professional AND a professor for that matter, should have more substance in her comments. “For those whom more has been given, more shall be expected”. So, madam, Luo, get serious and focus on the root cause rather than the symptom.

    • @ShiMwila,
      The ONLY effective way to deal with a symptom is to deal with the root cause. Now, which part of this sentence don’t you understand, ShiMwila?

  2. Minister don’t make useless threats. If it is an offence like you say then someone has to go to jail. Child marriage is not voluntary for the child. It is forced on them. As such it is the same as rape, which means someone should be arrested and sent to jail. Stop talking and do something serious otherwise the words are useless and you know your words are useless because someone will do it after you tell them to stop. They are saying to you “You can’t stop me” and they are right because you have not proposed anything specific to stop the practice. Again make someone pay for the offence.

  3. Stop using young girls in schools and at traditional ceremonies from dancing in sexually suggestive ways as Kaingu says. Girls as young as 8 are dancing in ways that say look at what I can do, what do you expect.? .

  4. Nkandu Luo does not appreciate marriage because her own failed with Francis Manda. Marriage is sweet but you were too stubborn to know that and that’s the reason why you chased Francis.

  5. Where is the DOG Davies Chama, ? Polygamous and defilement going on right in his village yet he has audacity to scandalize Southern Province for political gain.!

    Very hopeless son of a bitch..!

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