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Politics of just talking is long gone-Yaluma


Mines, Energy and Water Development Minster Christopher Yaluma
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minster Christopher Yaluma

MALOLE Member of Parliament Christopher Yaluma has urged the Patriotic Front (PF) officials and members to check and explain developmental projects being undertaken in the area.

Mr Yaluma who is Mines,Energy and Water Development minister said it was the duty of every member to explain as well as check projects the Government had embarked on in the district.

“Politics of just talking is long gone, we should not be like other political parties who just talk,the United National Independence Party(UNIP) and the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) were in power for 47 years altogether but us the few years we have been in power people have seen massive changes , show the people what your Government is doing in the area.

“We are committed to see to it that all planned projects kick start so that when we come here again to renew our mandate we will be able to point at something,” Mr Yaluma said.

He told PF officials drawn from all the 13 wards in the constituency at the District Conference at Chimba Basic School organised to elect district and constituency officials at on Saturday.

Mr Yaluma who attended the conference said his priority in the constituency was road infrastructure link farmers areas to major markets.

He said most of the roads would be worked on before the general elections next year and that critics of the PF Government would have nothing to criticise.

The conference is being held to prepare for the 2016 elections and elect officials for the district and the constituency.

On concerns by the residents of Chief Makasa’s area about proposed Mpanda District,Mr Yaluma assured that the proposal by the late President Michael Sata was minuted and that it was in the pipeline.

“President Edgar Lungu will give you a district ,the proposal was minuted,he will be here for the Ukusefya Pang’wena Tradition Ceremony and expect a lot of pronouncements on various developmental projects,” he said.

Mr Yaluma said the PF had come to develop the country and restore people dignity.

He said the Mr Sata left a formidable team headed by Mr. Lungu and that people should not be cheated by the opposition that the Government has no plan.


    • He is talking as if he is doing anybody a favour. It is the expectation of citizens that their taxes will generally benefit them.

  1. He starts off well and then sets the general elections’ deadline. Why is it that our leaders are scared to plan longterm. This is why talk is cheap. Plan so that everyone looks back fondly at you long after you are gone. This is why we put up elections-grade projects that either fall apart after the ballot has been cast or gets withdrawn when the government in power loses elections. Pathetic!

  2. Mr Yaluma, its better to keep quiet, eat, & fatten your Belly than spew Hot Air.
    What have You done for Zambian’s in;
    1. Ensuring Zambians Get paid a normal appropriate percentage for their Mineral Wealth, as @ the moment all we see is plunder, corruption, deceit, where the only beneficiaries are You, & the mining companies. Chile a fellow Copper producer, gets a fairer cut for its Copper wealth, so we know You can make these so called “Investors” pay Zambian’s what we are really owed.
    2. Have You ever been proactive in ensuring compensation for Poor Zambian’s maimed by polluting mining firms, whilst making a pledge this NEVER happens again? I doubt.
    Only asking as You are the minister of Mines.
    Maybe You can now STOP TALKING & ACT!!
    . Goodbye!

  3. Yes, politics of just talking SHOULD be long gone. Where is the signed revised Statutory Instrument 63 of 2014 for public workers as directed by President Edgar Lungu which was to be done IMMEDIATELY? What about the LASF and NAPSA Act which were to be worked on immediately? At a certain bank I went to ask for a loan, I was told: Sir, nothing has changed and I said did you not hear the President’s directive and he said: No I did not. I think he is switched to the current affairs. I tried to consult the ZCTU chairman but his phone was either off and engaged. Its now Talk and Do!! What is a Presidential Directive?

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