Rainbow Party member arrested for pointing a gun at a police officer

campaign posters were all over the conference ground during Rainbow's general conference.
campaign posters were all over the conference ground during Rainbow's general conference.

campaign posters were all over the conference ground during Rainbow's general conference.
campaign posters were all over the conference ground during Rainbow’s general conference.

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested Rainbow Party member Tito Kashala, 30, for allegedly pointing a gun at a police officer.

The incident happened on Sunday night after an altercation between Mr Kashala and a police officer identified as Ramgom Chinena, 40, on Bishops Road in Kabulonga.

Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday that Mr Kashala was arrested yesterday.

She said Mr Kashala, of Lusaka’s Chelston was driving a Toyota Altezza registration number ALZ 4099 when the incident happened.

“This Rainbow Party member, Tito Kashala, had an altercation with a police officer named Ramgom Chinena, 40, of Mtendere over the manner he [the police officer] was driving on the road and when he stopped, he brandished a gun and threatened to shoot the police officer,” Ms Katanga said.

She explained that Mr Kashala and Mr Chinena later resolved to report the matter to Kabulonga Police Post where police officers on duty explained that it is an offence to threaten to kill another person.

Ms Katanga said at this point, Mr Kashala bolted and left his vehicle.

She said Mr Kashala was yesterday summoned, detained and charged with threatening to kill a police officer.

“The gun has been confiscated for ballistic examination because police officers found empty cartridges in his vehicle.

“I wish to warn members of the public that it is a serious offence to threaten violence even if the act itself is not committed,” Ms Katanga said.


  1. This story is wrong. It sounds like the police officer was off duty. While threatening violence is an offence, over emphasising the career of the other party is mere pettiness. Still, Rainbow is a party of arrogant bastidos as shown by their leader, Red Lips Kabimba.

    • As a wing of the PF this is typical Lusaka Times reporting. How do they know he is a Rainbow Party member? Are members of the public going to be identified according to political parties? How about the many members of the public that are arrested on a daily basis, do you publish reports that a PF member has been arrested for burglary?

      This is just a futile attempt to discredit opposition political parties.

      Shame on you PF Lusaka Times!!!

    • And the that Chama thug, SG for PF, his gun shot and wounded someone and he is still free! What hypocrisy!

    • Whelther the police officer was on duty on not the fact is that the gun had pointed a gun at him. In real sense men and women in uniform are always on duty

    • Rainbow Party must be doing something right for them to be receiving such attention. They have had a convention shortly after being formed which PF did not do. And PF’s recent convention was full of drama. I’d take positives from this if I was Rainbow Party.

  2. Am not a fan of rainbow party,but how does the party come into this story? And why do these cops think they are above the law driving carelessly?

  3. You arrest somebody who did not even discharged a fire arm simply because he pointed it at your own yet and fail to arrest somebody who actually shot another person in the buttocks who was fleeing from the violence preferring to arrest the victim claiming the cadre was attacking your mighty boss. Shame on you for your double standards.

    • So Ba LT what are telling us Zambians that it is right for a PF secretary general to shoot a Zambian citizen and that it is wrong for a Rain ball party member to point a gun at a police officer. Such double standards are clear for all to see. The law should be applied the same to all Zambians not this hypocrisy . I hate PF and its behavior. Zambia is reversing to stone age.

  4. The head line should be “Lungu’s d0gs bite a Rainbow party memeber”.Police are behaving like dogs that work on instructions why didnt they arrest Chama who shot to kill someone up to now they are investigating.Shame on you d0gs keeping wagging you tails towards your boss because you work for him and not for the Zambian people.

  5. The head line should be “Lungu’s d0gs bite a Rainbow party memeber”.Police are behaving like dogs that work on instructions why didnt they arrest Chama who shot to kill someone, up to now they are investigating.Shame on you d0gs keep on wagging your tails towards your boss because you work for him and not for the Zambian people.

  6. Sign of things to come. Police must be professional. The policeman was a danger to other road users.

  7. Here we go again. Backward laws. They are full of “likely”, “intending” and “threatening” among other amorphous terms that should not be in active law enforcement. And what is this fashion of gun toting and shooting at people with different opinions all about? I have noted that the reports are refraining from calling the PF Secretary
    General Home Affairs Minister – or has been secretly dumped to save face?

    • Policeman: Sir your vehicle has no reflectors. Pull over.
      Motorist: But officer what crime is that?
      Police: your car is likely to break down at night and is likely to be in the road and will likely not be seen by other speeding cars who will likely not see your reflectors.
      Motorist: But there are reflectors from the manufacturer.
      Policeman: No. Manufactured reflectors are not bright enough. Just go to Autoworld and get your reflectors. You will find the car here. I will stop a taxi for you…
      Motorist: Will you likely pay for the taxi ride, officer?

  8. People be objective I am non partisan, how ever based on media reports Chama was acting in self defence. Of course pointing a gun at a person is a very serious offence. It is a felony and can attract stiff punishment.

    • That can only be established by a court of law. Police should not act on hearsay. Whenever someone shoots someone else, procedure is the individual who has done the shooting is arrested immediately until facts are established. Chama was not even warned! Common sense is what is needed here please.

  9. I know the whole thing is inclined to victimise the opposition. We have a pending case of Secretary General of PF who literally shot at a UPND member and the law has not taken any steps to quell the situation. What type of government really do we have in place. African governments will never deal with this challenge as long as we blacks continue to lead ourselves. We as blacks are so petty and are never serious with the democracy we are trying to plant in our countries because we are damned selfish individuals and forget that life is so short why not leave your country better than you found it, especially for the generations to come. People should stop worrying about politics but economies of African countries. But we are still struggling with both politics and economics– very sad.

  10. LT, can you clarify if the accused was on party duties?

    This news item is marred by the reporter’s political interests.

  11. This Katanga woman is just a party cadre. She’s very unprofessional. Linking a suspect to a party in unrelated circumstances is absurd. How did he bolt in front of the police without being stopped? How do they prove that the empty cartridges were discharged by him when he was absent from the search? Why name the police officer when he was on duty? I have never heard of such police incompetence and bias. I think we should change the name zambia police to PF police. Then it would make sense. ZP in it’s present state is not fit for purpose.

  12. Abash socialism.THis ideology has destroyed initiative and entreprenaurship in citizens.That Kabimba is a socialist to the born going by the party colours borrowed from Yugo Chavez Venezuela and Evo Morares Bolivia

  13. Though LT has not mentioned in their story, according to the other news sources the victim was actually wearing the newly launched Rainbow regalia and that’s why maybe he is linked to be a RBP member.

  14. He should have discharged his gun; he would be free now – like SG Chama! That’s the standard ZP have set kabili.

    Compromised ZP fighting political battles!

  15. In the case of Davis Chama it was aggravated assault. Same charge for pointing a gun at someone. This all has to do with striking, or threatening to strike a person with a weapon. Davis Chama went too far because the assault resulted in a serious injury. If taken to court he has to compensate for the victims suffering and punitive damages. What is the chap doing. Is he still walking Scot-free? I can’t believe the Zambian government! What kind of people do we have running the nation. This is a disgrace to all the politicians involved and police.

  16. Chama’s case was battery. But the so Rain Bow party member was assault. Both cases are arrestable. But the worrying thing are the double standards being applied by police. Why has this item made such a big head line?

    This heading is not about the chap and but Rain Bow. Now LT do you have news or not? Please give us something better. What about Chama why is LT quiet?

    • this rain ball guy is also co-ha-biting with woman police officer from airport, so please find out more on his past record coz he is a danger to society.

  17. now you have started to feel the heat on RAINBOW PARTY, senseless story. just go and arrest DAVIES CHAMA PF SG, if you are real law enforce agency, release that innocent boy you hypocrites.

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