Zambia closing in on foreign coach


Zambia are set to name the new foreign-born coach before the end of the month.

Sports minister Vincent Mwale told ZNBC Sports that the Football Association of Zambia have made progress towards hiring a substantive coach.

George Lwandamina is currently interim coach after taking over from Honour Janza who was also acting trainer for the last ten months before he was sacked on June 8.

Lwandamina already has one game under his belt after overseeing Zambia’s 0-0 home draw with Guinea Bissau on June 13 in their 2017 Africa Cup Group E opening qualifier in Ndola.


  1. The timing from FAZ is not serious. Why wait till qualifications have started before appointing a new coach?

    This is reason why the KK11 are failing miserably.

  2. Former U g a n d a first lady Sarah Amin dead

    She recently underwent an operation at the North Middlesex Hospital.

    Since her restaurant closed about five years ago, Amin has been living in Tottenham, UK on the employment support allowance.

    • Substantive coach is a “permanent” holder of the position as opposed to an interim or “acting” coach.

  3. Try Frank Rikjaard ex Barcelona coach. He voiced interest in coaching an african team. Clarence Seedorf would also want to make a name

    • You can not afford a Division 1’s salary from Europe..surely how can you afford a Champion’s league coach…you think these professionals can work with crooks like Galu.

  4. How long is Govt going to pay for Football national team coaches yet when the try to investigate FAZ accounts Galu runs to FIFA…why dont you invest taxpayers funds elsewhere. ….an FA should be able to raise funds to pay wages in day and age.

  5. People said the coach should be recruited by advertizing & selecting the best, now government has left it to FAZ to hand pick the coach. Which literally means Kalusha picking his choice of a coach.

    In Zambia we never learn, we are repeating mistakes after mistakes. All technical advisors to both national teams have been imposed on by Kalu.

    Another point is, why is our women national teams using different national colours? I have just seen our netball team now in South Africa in all red colours, last time our women football team in Namibia were in all white.

  6. FAZ suffers from poor planning. Why sack Janza and appoint a new person for less than a month
    I recall a few years ago we nearly failed to pitch against Ghana in uk until the diaspora guys availed themselves to save us

  7. $25 000 a month can be found for a football coach, but teachers cannot get a decent salary? What type of logic is used here?

  8. Iwe, Nzelu, how many teachers do we have for the GRZ to find 25,000 for each one of them? Besides, quit teaching and become an expatriate coach if you have a complex. Expatriates get more anywhere in the world. In fact, Sport related career salaries and traditional professional salaries are two different entities because of different factors at play which i will not get into details. Sport is now a serious business if managed well and contributes to a country in terms of taxes, employment, TV rights, tourism etc. No wonder physical education or sports science is now being taught at teaching institutes such as Nkrumah at degree level. Research the average salary of a foreign football coach. Performance of a sports man can even be judged after a day like Lwandamina.

  9. We have some useless professionals like most teachers and others who have been under performing, absconding and late reporting for work especially in rural areas because its difficult to put in performance monitoring mechanisms. But for sport related careers, you will be judged thru the arena by fans and media houses and then you will be sidelined by natural selectivity and justice.

  10. ifyabupubafye everywhere!!! kanshi whats wrong with us??? the miseducation of the black man has seriously damaged us. we need to get back to the drawing table (our roots).

  11. Ok, in all this what beats me is why Vincent Mwale should be the spokesperson for the national FA. Or maybe if LT gave us a bit more on the news item we would know the context in which he gave that statement.

    ‘Cannot imagine Tracey Crouch making a statement on BBC Sport on Roy Hodgson’s future as England Manager..!

    We are in different worlds…

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