Katete man jailed for stealing church pews


A 31-years-old Katete widower has been sentenced to one-year-six months’ imprisonment with hard labour for stealing church pews.

Appearing before Katete Magistrate, Simushi Mwakoi was Mabvuto Daka, a general worker, who told the court that he stole 14 pews from Pilgrim Church because he wanted to be sitting on them in his house.

Mabvuto told the court that he stole has a result of the illicit brew namely Kachasu which he took before committing the crime.

He said he was aware that it was not right for any person to steal in the House of God.

In passing judgement magistrate i Mwakoi wondered where Mabvuto got the courage to steal from the House of God.

He said people should respect the house of worship and not steal therein.

Facts before the court were that on unknown dates in July 2014 Mabvuto did steal 14 pews from Pilgrim church all valued at K 640.

It was believed that Mabvuto later on June 9, this year was found selling the said pews to some alert church members who later apprehended him and reported the matter to police.

Mabvuto stood charged with one count of theft contrary to Section 272 of the Penal Code and Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Meanwhile magistrate Mwakoi has sentenced a Chipata man to four years, 8 months for attempted to escape from lawful custody and assault.

Facts before the court were that Stanislas Lungu, who was facing a charge of theft of a motor bike and was committed to the high court for sentencing on June 5, around 11:30 hours while the court was still in session did escape from the point where he was waiting to be taken to state prison.

In the process of escaping Lungu then assaulted Michael Phiri thereby occasioning actual bodily harm.

In the first count Lungu stood charged with attempted escape from lawful custody contrary to Section 119 and 389 (1) Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence were that Lungu, on June 5, being the person under the lawful custody of Sergeant John Kampamba, did attempt to escape from such custody.

In the second count Lungu stood charged with assault occasioning bodily harm contrary to Section 248 of the penal code Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on June 5, 2015 Lungu did hit Michael Phiri with a fist on his face thereby occasioning bodily harm.

In passing judgement magistrate Mwakoi slapped Lungu with a one year eight months on the first count and three years on the second count which will run consecutively.


    • What has a kachasu drinker’s antics got to do with all Zambians in general? Mwankhala very proud of yourself ku america uko? Tekanya nubian fontin

  1. Six months is not long enough. He should be in jail long enough (2 years, maybe) to sober up from his kachasu habit.

  2. If I were judge in this matter, I would have simply shamed the man. Maybe bring him to the local market square, pull down his trousers and whipped him on his bottom. But that’s it. No jail time.

    • What type of bloggers posts comments here. I am puzzled that someone doesn’t know what a pew is. My friend go back to prep. Looks like you are still a kid to be blogging here or better still try blogging on zwd where kids like you are found.

  3. Kachasu jameson niyo ipa ngako. The man wanted to be sitting on church benches in his house.
    Then kachasu calls he goes to sell the same benches.
    Ni a daka anabwela ndithu.

  4. Its high time zambia introduced community sentences for social crimes like the self confessed kachasu drinker to lessen congestion in the prisons. Why spend tax payers money on a person who clearly needs counselling?

    • You have got a point. I did think about this, and not the public spanking someone lightheartedly mentioned here.

  5. Hilarious! Where does one get the courage to blame a drink- however intoxicating- for one’s mischief? The chap is just plain mischievous!

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