MMD MP Chipungu welcomes his pardon by MMD NEC


 MMD RUFUNSA Member of Parliament Kenneth Chipungu (l) accompanied by a sympathizer leaves High Court after his petition hearing in Lusaka.
MMD RUFUNSA Member of Parliament Kenneth Chipungu (l) accompanied by a sympathizer leaves High Court after his petition hearing in Lusaka.

Rufunsa Member of Parliament, Kenneth Chipungu, is happy and gratified with his party, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) for pardoning and welcoming him back to the former ruling party.

Mr Chipungu says he received the news of the decision of the National Executive Committee (NEC) with delight and appealed to all those who have been pardoned and re- instated to the party to welcome the move for the unity of the MMD.

He was speaking to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka today.

He said he has been a genuine member of the MMD for a long time and all allegations which were levelled against him were totally untrue.

Mr Chipungu said it is good now that the truth has come to prevail and urged all old and new MMD party members to bury their differences and forge ahead to rebuild the party.

He said the MMD is the party which sponsored him to Parliament and as such, he will not abandon the former ruling party which has done a lot for the people of this nation during its tenure of office.

Mr. Chipungu said President Nevers Mumba should be supported in his quest to revive the MMD, adding that he should not be swayed by some detractors who are not for the idea of rebuilding the party.

And Nalikwanda Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Lungwangwa, says he will give his statement tomorrow with regard to the new development where he has been pardoned by the party.

Today, during a media briefing, the MMD has expelled three NEC members for various party offenses while three members of parliament have been re-instated to the party following NEC decision of Saturday 13, June, 2015 to pardon them of their disciplinary cases.

The former ruling party has also pardoned 16 Members of Parliament who were facing minor disciplinary actions against the party.

Those expelled from the party are Joyce Musenge, Chairperson for International Relations, Chairperson for Local Government and Housing Rosemary Banda, and National Trustee, Jane Mukalipi, while those re-instated are Kabinga Mpande for Kasempa, Kenneth Chipungu for Rufunsa and Levy Ngoma for Sinda.


  1. Very mature response from Chipungu. Now it is time to work with Nevers. I am MMD and not a fan for Nevers but being the current President, Nevers deserves and needs the support

  2. Nevers Mumba May have issues as a leader but he is not entirely to blame. There is also politics of the belly that has made his members castigate him. Corrupt to the bone RB is not helpful to building MMD

  3. I think that it is wrong to starting pardoning or forgiving … there were difference between members of the party but now the differences have been ironed out. Pardoning goes with ‘power’. This is the case for parties in Zambia, there are just differences in opinion in the members and no one owns (including presidents) any party but the majority of the members.

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