SAFADA welcomes installing of provincial milling plants


Small Scale Farmers for Development Agency (SAFADA) Director, Boyd Moobwe, has commended President Edgar Lungu for bringing the idea of putting up milling plants in all ten provinces.

Addressing the media today at Kwacha House in Lusaka, Mr Moobwe says the move will help small scale farmers in the smooth production of their produce.

He, however, said government must put up serious measures to improve the importance of the agricultural sector in the country and build the economics of agricultural development on proper footing.

Mr Moobwe wondered why poverty levels still stand at 56 per cent in urban areas and 73 per cent in rural areas despite reordering rural income increments.

He hoped that government shall the reduce fertilizer price.

Mr Moobwe said agriculture in Zambia is melting at very slow pace invisibly.

He said a number of positive projects are being carried out by the government although its impact is less expected due to poverty levels experienced in the country.

He added that SAFADA would like to see small scale farmers become specialised business partners to reduce the influence of one commodity on the market through partnership with government and other stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Mr Moobwe said SAFADA is introducing pre-medium term credit facility that can help farmers to pay loans within a stipulated period of time.

He added that farmers will now afford to obtain fertilizer and seed at a cheap price and pay the balance within 24 hours.

And Kapiri Mposhi-based small scale farmer, Kenneth Fasangili, has noted that agricultural policies are not benefiting farmers.

Mr Fasangili has called for innovative structures that can help reduce poverty levels in the country.

He said if agricultural policies are improved, Zambia can became a powerful agricultural product supplier in southern Africa within 5 years.


  1. I would like to appeal to goverment to assure that the people to be put in charge of running this initiative do not behave the same way parastatal chiefs ran affairs of Zambian companies during the UNIP era.The initiatives were excellent but we failed ourselves….

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