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FOCUS:Petauke In Pictures



Stanley, such an intelligent Boy, such need to be helped



Stanley, such an intelligent Boy, such need to be helped



Luangwa Bridge with dried up Luangwa River





9Dude eyeing


11Petauke Market

12Petauke Market 213 petauke boy

Great East Road
Great East Road on the mend, Roads works reach an advanced stage

14 Kids 15



relaxin17 school boy18 smurfs19 spiderman20 toyota21 village

Sunset in Kaulu Petauke

22Transport 23woman 24


    • I am so scared about these pics. Why do politicians act as if all will be paradise when they vote for them. Indeed Dora has failed this place and if the people want solutions for sure let them try other people not Dora again.

    • Very touching Pics and hoping politicians will look at them with a human heart and take the message positively.
      Pic 17 touches me the most- a school boy looking like that…Eeish! His teacher needs a double salary increment.

    • We are not interested in these stories of ku mbuwa-mbuwa. our interest is in getting kongola big this time ($2 billion); use $500m on Sata’s/MMD projects; share $1 billion; use $250m for govt operations and $250m for bribing voters next year. If voted out next year; we disappear from the political scene with a ka $1 billion for our children as your children pay back the debt through their big and hard noses for many years to come.

    • What do you pure failure (PF) sympathizers have to say to this? Please LT make a book with these pictures in all Zambian languages and distribute to all Zambians in Zambia and let them see what misery these pure failures have brought to my beloved country. Enough is enough. Lungu and PF must go!!

    • My heart bleeds at the site of all these innocent children that are definitely of school-going age, but don’t seem to be attending school and also appear to be growing under great hardship. God help us!

    • What are you doing in your personal capacity to improve the lives of others. Are you employing people? Are you being charitable?
      Your comment sounds like you are blaming the leaders for underdevelopment, the real problem is that we forget that these leaders where ordinary Jims before they got elected. We need to adopt a bullish culture that emphasizes on perfection.

    • And this Guy Chanda something Revolution Party leader is saying we must come back, i can’t imagine seeing my kids looking like that now that i am father i feel like crying, people living like animals,shame on you Politicians and these are the same people you want to vote for you so that you can have a good life.

  1. …the pride is gone, nsenga-country from dust-to-dust! aLungu nao ogona chabbe akwasu…sad pics indeed! Let my people go said Luthuli:

    • Who ever posted these pics has won my award and is My Hero. this is exactly the way life is in the Village. I have gone through it and I have now remembered it.
      Enjoy Wisely
      God Bless

  2. Mwa PF it is really hard life. These are sad pictures. Now can one substantiate going to South Africa for medical review when you look at such sad faces.

  3. is that HH and Edgar on pic 8? we are seated in front of computers thinking all is well and stressing of how our weekend will be yet others dance in the dust day in day out. Perfect shots. Well done LT.

  4. Is that where Jameson comes from? Shemuna, Shame!!

    He failed to develop Chawama his adopted “home”. He also failed to develop his village. Now which area is he going to develop, sure-sure?

    • I have been to where HH comes from. It is even worse despite all the money they claim to have. What will HH do if ever he comes to power, which is unlikely? Do abracadabra hocus pocus and everything goes glittery? reality will make his hair turn gray and learn to shave. It is not as easy as you say to solve these issues. It takes time and resilience.

      HH says he will not get loans, how is going to source funds to solve such problems? The answer is simple, the situation will be worse as HH is only interested in the rich and affluent.

      It is very silly to use this for HH’s campaign. You behave like this was caused by EL who just came into power recently. Even in SA you will find such situations. Poverty my friend is relative.

      Chawama is better than before EL was MP. Do not cheat us.

    • Hahaha Kikikikikiki @yebo Nkosi trying so hard to defend PF but you are not making sense man . This is not about HH , he is not in power. You are one of th people who was singing on top of your voice that Zambia has developed under PF. But after we see these gruesome picture full of poverty you now change goal posts and say no one can solve these problems and in HH ‘s rule it will be worse.

      I guess after seeing these pictures you are ashamed of all your lies that Zambia under PF has developed.

      I am not saying HH will solve the problems, but stop praising PF even when they have failed

    • What I was saying is that poverty will not be erased by a stroke of the pen or the spoken word of HH. Development is not static, it is progressive. How do you eat a cow? one bite at a time. So respective governments contribute in some way to improve the lives of the people. At least in some way. But to say there is a magic formular to eradicate poverty at a stroke, is hide you face in the sand. This is what you and HH are doing.

      Say HH was President, do you tell you never see these pictures anywhere in Zambia during his term? They will be there, maybe even worse because HH is for the rich.

      Talking about supporting a party, yes, I support PF and you support UPND, these are choices. PF won and UPND had been losing. Blame HH for building UPND of the regional foundation. Rebrand UPND.

  5. Even in America, you can still find such people. poverty is everywhere. even if you were to bring the most intelligent MP or President, nothing can be transformed in a blink of an eye.

    • @THELAEH,you are missing the point.It is not about the presence of poor people but the commitment to solve the abject poverty the majority of Zambians are exposed to.

      Does the current govt.creating programmes to alleviate poverty through employment creation?

      What does the expenditure tell about our govt?

      May I hu mbly request you to print pictures


  7. What do you pure failure (PF) sympathizers have to say to this? Please LT make a book with these pictures in all Zambian languages and distribute to all Zambians in Zambia and let them see what misery these pure failures have brought to my beloved country. Enough is enough. Lungu and PF must go!!

    • What will your capitalist HH do? It will be worse since he only thinks about running a country like a business. To him taking care of the poor will a loss in revenue.

      We are better of with socialistic policies of MMD and PF than HH and UPND capitalism. It will be the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. No to HH and his capitalistic policies which have no human face. The only face you see is HH and his pomposity. He is a type who will not listen to you when you cry of hunger. To him it will a loss to help.

      UPND not pretend you have solutions, you none and you know it. HH is so self centered.

  8. And yet UPND mimbulu cadres don’t want Government to borrow and invest in rural areas. How else shall we change the scenario. No country never borrows bane ba calculator club.

    • @ incitumwene, you are really backward! So you support more borrowing so that Kasonde, mulenga Sata etc can buy more mansions in UK and South Africa? Do you for one minute think the money PF is borrowing will go towards changing these people’s lives? As long as there is no accountability, debt will mount and the poor will get poorer!

    • Do you know what borrowing does to the country?

      In UNIP days ,there was National development plans which outlined the developmental road map for the coming 10 years
      What does pf have? Cimbwi No plans!

      Let us have sustainable development based on the country’s capacity to repay.

      Let us put up checks and balances to monitor these borrowed fund.The country is heading to bankruptcy and is borrowing the way to go?

  9. Touching pictures but unfortunately that is what is happening across the country.Who will hold the politicians accountable.If you make noise they come and bribe you with $500.All they interested in is their welfare.

  10. It is not dora’s responsibilit to develop Petauke, the problem is the govt. MPs are just lobbyists who lobby on behalf of their constituencies, therefore local authorities should put up measures and policies to develop their areas. Waiting for a politician to do so is wishful thinking. Most people in rural areas sorry to say but even urban areas do not even understand the responsibility of MPs hence they can simply tell them what they want to hear, clean water, clinic and school. It is a pity to see such real pictures with hopeless people. No wonder RB bought their votes with sugar. This is serious poverty!

    • Do not be blind to promises those seeking election to parliament make to the people…… “I’ll bring you this and that”…… yet with full knowledge that they would do no such thing as bringing development to an area is not their responsibility! It is high time politicians applied integrity to what they can do for the country and those they purport they wish to represent! These pictures are very touching and are representative of many more areas around the country. This is the kind of service the media should be providing so as to help bring the plight of what is happening around the country to the door step of many.

  11. One thing for sure is that these children are not starving but Kumbuwa awe sure. Anyway there is less water in Luangwa River

  12. Village life is good, at least is better than some high density areas where a pit latrine is also used as bathroom by as many as 50 people pa tumi dadada houses

  13. I have no comment people, just tears flowing down my… This is not only Petauke but a common scene in all the 10 provinces. It is however, more pronounced in rural areas.

    I can’t think of a better solution to reverse these trends but nationalize our God given resources (so we as a Zambia, government… can have a total say on how we distribute resources/profits evenly). I know, all you so called economists will disagree with me but as long as we entrust resources to the hands of multi-nationals, this will sadly continue to be a scene of a Zambia beyond the shores of leafy Lusaka, Livingstone, Ndola and Kitwe.

    We need to control what defines us as Zambia i.e our natural resources!

  14. people lets be realistic who failed u is the pf or mmd? As far as know petauke has not become like that under pf. And like or not some parts of the country will never develope under which ever president… Not every1 in country will rich, nt every1 will be on the same level thats reality.

    • You are right to some extent, the idea is not to make everyone rich because that is not possible and it maybe a responsibility for each individual. We simply need to improve the living conditions of all people in the country because that is very possible if leaders stop thieving and start thinking with their brains. Let us change the mentality.

    • The Zambians are to blame.We don’t demand accountability from our leaders.In Zambia we worship them even when we see them under performing.
      In that state of poverty,how can one refuse a ZWK 200? Pic 18

      In fact in Zambia we cheer these political thieves when we see them stealing.How sad!

  15. Zambia we cursed indeed!
    Sure,with all the mineral wealth we have but our own country men,women and children are suffering like this?#Crying

  16. Politicians are thieves and they won’t stop stealing until they all die!! If we bring military rule things will change for the better. Each thief will be answerable and will be shot dead instantly.

  17. Raises the question of what is development – look at the smiles of those people very natural!! They are simply saying we are human beings living our lives defined by ourselves – to hail with greed and shameless thieving politicians. They live as if there is NO GOVERNMENT for them – and indeed there is no govt for them. Government has never existed for the rural people ever since colonialism in Zambia. People in rural areas define their own developed, they create their own happiness, they create meaning for their own lives – as Amatya Sen would put it – Development is Freedom!

    • they are happier B’COS they KNOW what living is – they live their lives;-but still we can not accept this! They ARE our future FCOL!
      i DO NOT RECOGNISE ZAMBIA ANYMORE ! We’ve had KK,FTJ,LPM,RB, MCS and now EL…who is the Khama among all these men…?

  18. These pictures have left me heart broken and I wonder if at all there is any system of governance in Zambia..”

    • @Jeff Mwanza,
      Zambia is my country and I love my country.It makes me sad when I compare what is happening with how things are so organized in Botswana.

      I have to be honest with my fellow country men –


  19. I envy the pictures of that young boy. To be poor does not always mean you are unhappy and as a young boy, I remember a care free lifestyle where we played from dusk till dawn. My only wish is for government to come up with a master plan which can guarantee every child in Zambia to have access to clean water, sanitation, education and at least 3 meals a day. Village life is better than life on the streets of lusaka by far.These pictures exemplify the seriousness of leadership crisis Zambia is facing at all levels. Imagine if Stanley ever made it as a leader in Zambia, how do we expect him to be a creative young man when all he’s ever known is squalor? His mindset is already geared to helping himself and any contamination with wealth turns in to materialistic envy and wastage.

    • The lack of documentation and good storage makes no reference point for Stanley if he became a leader. Such history would help Stanley to look differently at development and help him plan for origins that he had and could wish no other to inherit.

      There are the likes of what we see in these pictures in the sprawling high density areas of our cities! Our leaders are just heartless and simply selfish as they have no desire of trying to utilize the resources equitably for at least some good.


  21. Dear bloggers there is nothing sinister about these pics. How do you expect a village boy going to look after animals or going to the field or indeed to play ichimpombwa to look like??? Typically thats a normal village dressing. How do you expect an Eskimo to dress like anyway????You expect them to dress up like or kids in urban areas. This shows that most you basing your analysis on these pics have never stayed or visited your ancestors in these rural areas. Please lets learn to visit our roots and we will appreciate village life. Some of us have been there before and dressing doest matter much in villages.

  22. I thought ECL has been President for only four months. Blame the past Presidents plus the failed privatization of the 90’s. No leader can turn Zambia’s failed economy in less than six months, it will take years and effort from everyone, and less unnecessary blame games.

  23. Analysing these pictures I am impressed that they all look healthy despite poor hygiene. I think what people in the rural areas need the most is water and sanitation. If you have to walk kilometres to fetch water surely bathing and washing clothes becomes secondary. Bath these kids and wash their clothes and they will even look better than many kids I see in Lusaka.

  24. Why are these villagers still looking like this? What is stopping them from developing?

    They have land.

    They have water.

    They have a route to market (Great East Road).

    So why aren’t they developing??

  25. I thought the images portrayed Africa accurately.
    You guys should be proud of your heritage!
    When I lived in Malavi, we had to buy water.
    Indians were chased away from rural areas, to towns, “for their own safety?”

  26. The pics are quite scary. At first glance, i thought i was looking at pics of a refugee camp housing people that have run away from war. How pathetic!

  27. Zambians!!! Most Zambians seem so dull. An MP DOES NOT “DEVELOP” a constituency. Tell us HOW HE CAN DO THAT? Economic development level of a country & the various economic activities in the country is what can help aliviate POVERTY of a pipo. Chapwa!
    In Zed, even in towns there are limited economic activities. Pipo r just busy selling things that were imported from other countries. As a pipo, Zambians DO NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING. Even FOOD Zambia is not self suficient. Am not talking about MAIZE, food is wide. So, if in towns there is no activities what do u expect with the rural areas? In Rural Zambia the least the do is subsistence farming, based on the rain season. When rains r gone pipo r on holiday. What do u expect? Being well off does not come when u r just sitting. WORK, WORK!!!!

  28. Ba JEFF MWANZA, why should those pictures leave you broken hearted when your relatives look the same in your village and you are doing completely nothing to improve their lives. DON’T PRETEND by blaming the government when you have a big role to play as well after all we don’t know how your children look like and what they feed on.

    • Leave Jeff alone, what are those villagers doing for themselves??

      They have land there, they have a river (water) and they have a road on which they can transport produce.

      Does it take Jeff or Government to tell them to do something for the 8 months when they aren’t waiting for Govt to deliver seed and fertilizer? For most of the year, these guys are busy looking at each other and talking for 12 hours of the day.

  29. And these empty tins have spent $190m buying overpriced Govt cars, police riot gear, ammo to build a police force so they can cling on to power at nexts elections and also get kickbacks from deals…its no surprise the utterly lazy visionless bone Edgar is still Defence minister.

    • Are saying because the GRZ recently bought cars, this is the result? Do you people think like you are on planet Earth or Mars. Do you tell me that if HH was to form government, he would spend any money from GRZ coffers? Are you saying if HH comes to power, all of a sudden like a magician, you will not see pictures like this in Zambia?

      My answer is that this not possible. HH has no capacity to do this in 5 or 10 years. This takes time. It is a slow developmental process. The various governments in Zambia have at their capacities done something to improve the living standards of the people. You wind the clock backwards, you see some of improvements in infrastructure and quality of life. There is still much to be done though. But to say HH will wipe away all this is a stupid lie.

    • @ Yebo Nkhosi

      Instead of trying to “flip the coin”, it will be better if you accept grim reality and attempt to look as to the cause of such reality and attempt to suggest solution.
      Being 24/7 cadre does not help. Actually, your comments are reflection of what is wrong with “blind cadreism” and reinforce desperate need for change.
      HH was not either in the Government nor he was MP representing this constituency. As to the future, in so far you have been proven wrong in 2011 and 2015.
      One thing is certain, majority of Zambians are left to survive on their own whilst “political elite” (lol) and they lackeys are defending past and current failures by pointing in a vague direction of uncertain future.

    • What are you trying to say? Please be clear instead of beating about the bush. Can you you come with real point of arguments from what I said. You just being general does not make sense and is being sef-defeatist. I like head a head-on critic and I will respect you. But from what you are saying, I can not make sense of it. So What I said earlier still goes unchallenged.

  30. Some comments leave much to be desired especially those from economic refugees & cadres. How can one say it is not govt’s responsibility when they are an economic refugee in a country whose government created an enabling environment for their people.

    Kupusa tileke napapata.

    • My friend, it is not clear what you are trying to say. Please try to write in way that clear an understandable. How do we respond or benefit from you writing?

  31. The country is too big for central Govt to govern. Power is too centralized in Lusaka and an individual, the President. A large percentage of the budget is spent in Lusaka. That is why Barotse want to secede in order to find solutions to their problems instead of waiting for Lusaka to determine their fate.

    Decentralization of Govt can assist foster development.

    • But HH does not understand decentralisation, to him it is a waste of resources. He has been shooting down the opening of new districts.

      HH will have all the power to himself to avoid wastage. What type of government will he be running?

      HH needs a realty check.

  32. @ LT Please give me the details, I would like to know more about the little boy on the first picture ( Stanley) if he doesn’t have help I would like to see him through school.

  33. The truth of the matter is that African leaders are cruel, greedy, corrupt, short sighted and are comfortable letting their fellow countrymen live in 17th century dwelling…

  34. The pictures speak eloquently of the pain and hardships our brothers and sisters go through in most rural areas but they also betray the sinister intention of the photographer. I patiently scrolled down hoping to find a picture that is positive and have not found any.
    To me these pictures were taken to tell one side of the story- the negative. Iam not insinuating that these picures are not real. By constrast my concern is wasnt there anything positive the photographer could have captured?
    Some families in these villages are better off than those in some shanty compounds.Through farming, the accompaning challenges notwithstanding, some families today own vehicles, are sponsoring their children up to university and are sleeping in good houses with solar powered lighting.

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