PF Deputy Secretary general wonders why Police do not act against violent PF cadres

Munali Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says the PF will not shield any member breaking the law and has since ordered the Police to arrest to any cadre breaking the law.

She wondered why Police have not acted against suspected PF cadres that have been harassing commuters and bus drivers at a bus station near Friday’s Corner in Lusaka’s Kabulonga.

Mrs. Phiri said she was prompted to execute a citizen’s arrest against violent cadres who were later apprehended by police at Kalingalinga Police station.

On Thursday, some suspected PF youths attacked a journalist from a named tabloid newspaper in Lusaka.And Lusaka Province PF Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba has appealed to youths to desist from acts of violence.

She warned party cadres in the habit of harassing innocent people that they will be subjected to the wrath of the law.Mrs. Phiri said the ruling party will not shield any PF member defying the law through acts of violence or any illegality.

She said PF youths that are reportedly harassing people in some parts of Munali constituency must be visited by the law.Ms. Phiri has called on the police to arrest any PF youths engaged in violent activities in Lusaka and other parts of the country.


  1. PF cadres should not be lawless like the upnd. Police should punish the opposition and only warn the pf members kiki

    • No scope for sponge bob!

      Indeed Davies Chama the PF Secretary General should be ARRESTED. Chama the BANDIT is a menace to democracy & society. Seriously, how would such a kaponya of Chama’s dullness be a SG? One wonders what he would do if he was in gov’t!

      Ms Phiri, Davies Chama the BANDIT is the culprit found wanting for attempted murder in Mulobezi, of a UPND member. What’s slavish hypocrisy is this? Visionless Lungu, PF & Ms Libongani’s police are MUTE on BANDIT Chama’s murder mystery! Shame on PF shambolic ways of unprecedented & visionless leadership. Their mouths seem to be GLUED only yapping loudly when borrowing money, pathetic failures of PF minions.

      13 months left for PF BANDITS to be voted OUT.

      Lungu the ECONOMY & KWACHA in limbo!

      The Skeleton Key

    • This the most sense I have heard from this talkative woman. Please start with that uneducated thug called Davis Chama. Can Lungu re-place him with Mumbi. Chama is a danger to democracy, let alone peace and Zambia as a whole.

  2. Ms Phiri. How about you do a citizen arrest on Davis Chama. Let the police set a good example by arresting Chama first to set precedent.

    • Davis chama should be the first arrested, all those bandits and the stole the KK airport money . RB and his kids , mulenga Sata etc all this bandits .

  3. For the first time ever in this woman’s life she has said something sensible. Congrats madam. Keep it up

  4. For the first time in PF, someone has shown Leadership. If this were always the case this country would have seen clean and civilized politics and administration of public institutions. The anarchy and chaos we have seen in many areas is due to the inefficient and primitive discharge of authority where right is compromised by affiliation. Bravo Mumbi!

  5. I cannot understand why Mrs Mumbi is surprised at Police inaction against violent PF cadres. The Police have always acted on instructions from the ruling party. Now that the ruling party has issued the instruction our gallant and professional Police will rise to the occassion!

  6. Now madam Phiri can be the best Chief Gvnment spokesperson than Chimbwi no plan. The president should promote madam Phiri as govnment spokesperson for sanity.

  7. Those arrested are small insignificant chaps. The idea is to show face.
    Boko Haram Chama should be arrested. Then & only then shall I take the sentiments of this woman, & PF in general, seriously.

  8. These UP and DOWN Chaps are still bitter with the January,2015 elections loss.They yap any how and have no respect for leaders in other parties.How do you entrust such cowdung with leadership.If you want to lead,respect those in authority.

  9. It takes a cadre to tell police when to arrest,the stupid *****s cant arrest based on the offence but they wait for orders to so.ok mumbi phiri order them to arrest chama u wil see the stupid *****s wil arrest him

  10. Guys if you think Chama is going anywhere forget it you can insult him all you want. If you do not know, by demonizing him, you are creating an impression to his superiors that he is doing a good job – because his superiors know that you can’t be his praise-singers. You have twisted facts to suit your misplaced egos – continue and we will see where this will take you.

  11. Two bit UPND cadres never cease to amaze.In case they have dull memories,Hon Shakafuswa beat some PF members during de Katuba by election & no one in UPND condemned him and u want Davies Chama to be punished for self defense? There is too much hypocrisy in our politics that every Jim & jack just wakes up from slumbering and begin to comment without analyzing the political dynamics of our country.UPND is the most violent party that has ever existed in our peaceful country.Those of us who were there in Mapatizya can attest to that fact.Infact de PF has behaved well contrary to what many prophets of doom were prophesying that there would be a breakdown of rule of law should HEECL win the elections.Whether u’re UPND or PF,we are all Zambians period.Thumbs up to Mrs Phiri 4 condemning…

  12. This the most sense I have heard from this talkative woman. Please start with that uneducated thug called Davis Chama. Can Lungu re-place him with Mumbi. Chama is a danger to democracy, let alone peace and Zambia as a whole.

  13. Her appeal to police to arrest PF thugs was made half heartedly as face saver only because PF is hell bent a violent group, includind herself fighting in parliament.

  14. Only after Vernon Mwanga lashed out at the fo*ol Davis Chama is when they all are coming out of their shadows. Get rid of the imbecile Chama is when everyone will move forward. You can talk all you want but we want to see you taking a step by caging Davis Chama. You can’t be one sided and saying one thing when a member of PF who committed a real crime almost causing death is out on the loose. PF show us you mean business is when we will believe. Davis Chama is definately a looses canon.

  15. In a multi party state, as opposed to a one – party state, voters can inflict serious political punishment on rulers who abuse their power, or abuse potential voters through the ballot.

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