Violence preventing women from contesting elections in Zambia – Masebo


Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
Sylvia Masebo

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Chongwe Member of parliament Sylvia Masebo told Parliament that violence has continued to be a stumbling block for women wishing to contest elections in Zambia.

She was contributing to the debate on the ratification of Justice Esau Chulu and Emily Sikazwe as Chairperson and member of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) board respectively, and Nixon Banda to serve as member of the Judicial Complaints Authority.

Ms Masebo said that women were scared of contesting elections because of too much violence.

She said the ECZ should also intensify ECZ voter registration and ensure that as many people as possible register to vote.

There should also be order on the voting day because some scrupulous people sit around polling booths posing as staff from office of the president when they are in fact not.

Choma Central UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa urged the new ECZ members to address issues surrounding the holding of elections in Zambia.

Mr Mweetwa queried why it had to take people to engage in violence for the ECZ to release election results.

Meanwhile, parliament ratified the appointment of Justice Essau Chulu as Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).The House has also ratified the appointment of gender activities Emily Sikazwe to serve as Member of the Commission.

Parliament also ratified Nixion Banda as member of the Judicial Complaints Authority.

The ratification follows the appointment of the three by President Edgar Lungu.

Presenting the report of the parliament select committee, Chairperson of the Committee Mwansa Kapeya said the committee had scrutinized the presidential appointees and proved that they are fit for office.

Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula said the three appointees were eminently qualified to run the offices.


  1. It is very true, unfortunately PF starting with Sata and now continuing with Edgar have perpetuated cadres violence. Guy Scott tried to curb the vice when he was acting president. The cadres are untouchable and the police are toothless.

    • The headline should have been….violence preventing women to VOTE and not contesting. We have not heard of women would be MPs being prevented or beaten up when lodging in applications to contest.

    • I thought sex was main reason? like the way Dora behaves shows that she there just to satisfy men.
      And the other MP called Dorika by Kaingu

  2. Vary learned woman.
    I once had the honour of meeting her at Chongwe boma, on my way to visit Chumbwe gold mine, in her constituency, on the bank of the Chibombe River.
    Very pretty too.

  3. ‘con- pastor’ s use potassium permanganate to convert water into blood. They are masters in the game of conman ship.

  4. she declared chongwe a no go area in the last 2015 presidential election….kikkiki practice what you preach. bee hatch

  5. Aba bamayo nabo. Now she is hunting for excuses after she fell flat hunting for a political post. HH don’t entertain this eternal turncoat. Yes she is an ETERNCOAT!

  6. This is not true. Women partake in violence especially at command centers. They play the female card only when it is favorable. I would like to simply advocate for improved electoral practice that will exclude perpetrators of violence; then we will have a level field for everyone, men and women alike.

  7. is woman masebo stil breathing?i thought she is married to HH or cannicius banda plz ba mayo resign from pf so that we beat u in chongwe.

  8. Is Masebo still a woman or has she become man? I ask because her coming to parliament was full of violence and was not afraid of the game. By the way, is she truly or sincerely representing the people Chongwe for the tax payers money she’s receiving? To me it looks like the Chief is doing it for her.

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