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Zambia squander lead to lose to Namibia in CHAN qualifier


Zambia squandered a first half lead to lose in their 2016 CHAN qualifier away in Namibia.

Namibia fought back from 1-0 halftime lead to beat Zambia 2-1 in a CHAN first round,m first leg qualifier in Windhoek.

Zesco striker Winston Kalengo put Zambia ahead in the 15th minute.

However, Namibia hit back after the brake through Willie Stafanus in the 54th minute and Benjamin Nenkavu in the 63rd minute.

The win was Namibia’s second successive victory over Zambia after beating them on post-match penalties in the 2015 Cosafa Cup quarterfinals in South Africa on May 24.

Zambia must now beat Namibia 1-0 at home on July 4 to advance on away goals rule to the final qualifying round.

The winner over both legs will face victor of the Mozambique versus Seychelles first round tie.

Mozambique are favorites to advance to October’s final qualifying round after thumping Seychelles 5-1 on Saturday in Maputo.

Zambia have failed to qualify for the last two CHAN finals since finishing third at the 2009 tournament in Cote d’Ivoire.


    • This tribal talk is becoming very unproductive and we should all fight this vice.We are all one people whether East, West ,North or South.We all breathe the same air.Janza was mistreated from day one.

    • Are these the works of the NEWLY APPOINTED FOREIGN COACH? Awe sure, maybe we should just stick to WOMEN BOXING, bola yena yatusebanya

    • These PF, anything is FAILURE FAILURE FAILURE, I think takwaba indoshi mu Zambia, if any one deserve bewitched its 3 groups:
      – PF
      – Chipolopolo
      – Rainbow Party

    • I have said it and am saying it again.NO Zambian coach at the moment can take the national team to greater heights because there is none PERIOD!
      Elo iwe@ Muntu can you name the USA national team coach?
      Oh in case you don’t know,let me help you.Its a German by the name of Jürgen Klinsmann!
      That is the coach who has so far led the USA soccer team to victory over the Netherlands and the world champions Germany.


    • Imwe bantu finshi mulelanda kanshi? Zambia has already sacked it’s coach. Janza was fired 2 weeks ago and Chicken George is a stand in. Don’t you follow your own football or is it just a matter of opening your mouths and saying the first thing that comes out?

  1. They can change up to 1 million coaches in Zambia but football will still never improve because thez no talent and the boys are never serious.Right now we dnt have a striker who can score at international level…tel me who?

    • Strikers are there but we have to be sharp enough to spot them and groom them ! I mean the National Team scouts have to be sharp enough ! They should look widely ! Zambia still has a lot of talented players who are not getting the opportunity to represent the country ! Coaches seem to have tunnel vision and are just fixed on a few favorites !
      However ,the bottom line is that whoever is picked should be psyched up and believe ! We shall support them even if we think others could have been picked instead !

  2. ukutemwa ifimakoko,our friends eat natural foods,just look at the appearance of our players as if they are sick!!They cant ride a bicycle but just enjoy driving stiopet! compare these fimakula with jack chanda,ashios melu,peter kaumba,efford chabala,real footballers.,by the way kalu must go!!

  3. This Chicken George picked 5 players from Zesco fc, a team he coaches! That should tell the Zambians about the stupid behavior of our coaches! Very cheap corruption!

  4. How can we have a strong national team when the local league is in shambles? I mean just look at how our clubs perform at continental level. Its a shame really.

  5. I think Zambian coaches don’t know how to lead a game. And the only thing i noted is that we don’t have the A side team, coz only the B side is playing in all the qualifiers. how can the A side player play for U-17, U-20, U-,23 and in the senior team? we don’t have a player who can command the game. bring back Christopher Katongo, jacob
    Mulenga,and Collins Mbesuma, and you will see the change.

    • Is this English you are writing or some other language? And besides, who says the players you are suggesting to be brought back qualify to play CHAN games?????????????? Your reasoning is disjointed, and is reflected in your post!

  6. Corruption is too much.I have already told you to come and see me before it is too late.Give a chance to explain to National Team players.There is no need to hire an expatriate coach.He will spend 1 year learning a bout players.That is why players are being picked for the coach hence poor performance.There is no choice of picking players by coach.FAZ is using cell phones to pick and substitute players.What kind of administration is this.
    Why do you always sideline Chisamba Lungu?What crime has he committed to be left out all the time?
    Be fair in your selection of players.You people you have no eyes to see as Technical bench?We are having problems with Namibia for the second time one fun thing.We are being outpaced.Namibians do run.That is why our flanks are too porous….lack of…

  7. Zambia is such a big country whereby selecting good footballers, should not be a big issue. What is the problem are the top leaders who only see what they want to see. Yes, experience is one good thing but when you take it as the yardstick ignoring the changes that take place daily in the “ball game”, you are bound to trail. I remember in those days, 1972,3, Shambulo, Muhango and many others were picked from schools and played so well for their clubs and Zambia. Why not cast your net wider for sake of mother Zambia rather than seeing the same faces who do not add value to the game. Every game is different and so are the players. Make good use of tax payer’s money.

  8. Everything Zambian sticks at the moment be it football,Netball,Boxing,Club football,Government just to mention a few and it hurts to be part of this rubbish,honestly useless,stupid footballing Nation like Namibia getting a double over us.

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