Zambians have confidence in my party – Wynter Kabimba

Some Rainbow Party delegates following proceedings at the national congree
Some Rainbow Party delegates following proceedings at the national congress

Some Rainbow Party delegates following proceedings at the national congree
Some Rainbow Party delegates following proceedings at the national congress

The opposition Rainbow Party says most Zambians have vested their hope in the Rainbow Party to redeem them from the spreading cancer of corruption which has contributed to the country’s state of under-development.

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba says his party is clear that once they form government they will not tolerate corruption saying it is a threat to national development.

Mr. Kabimba has urged party members to continue to give hope to the people’s expectations that one day in the near future the culture of mob cadrism which is evidenced by gross indiscipline in other political parties shall come to an end.

He says the country has witnessed incidents of gross indiscipline and violence perpetrated by party cadres which have compromised even the operations of the police service in the discharge of its functions.
He says this culture shall come to an end immediately he forms government.

Mr. Kabimba says the people of Zambia deserve to live in a peaceful environment free from political harassment, molestation and intimidation.

The former Justice Minister says he will bring to an end the culture of illegal levies by party cadres in market places and bus stations saying he will not tolerate the culture of party cadres extorting money from the traveling public and bus operators.

He has emphasized that his party will restore total discipline and social order in the country once they form government.


  1. Between Wynter and Davies Chama, I will choose Kabamba. His intellectual capacity is far beyond of the thug Chama. Now that tell u a lot because we know Eyner is not among the smartest lawyers.

    • wytner kabimba president of Zambia??!,,,,, then Mugabe wont be number one dictator in AFRICA,,,,,,Zambians will be told many times to breath his constitution,,, yes his constitution,,,, wytner kabimba`s constitution

    • Rainbow Party, we are getting well organized in the North East and EL , he’s boys will history soon.

    • We tasted Wynter’s rule a few months ago. What he is saying today is 360 degrees away from what he is and how he conducted himself as the PF strongman a few months ago. But anyway Zambians are really dull and can accept anything.

    • I feel sorry for zambian people very party in opposition the only massage the have is we will fight corruption,when Kabimba was a strong man in PF everyone was saying he is corrupt now he wants to come back in Government to fight corruption using his party which is also being funded by corrupt money he stole,Zambian politics is just useless.

  2. Is this going to be a three horse race come 2016? Endorsers your time is slowly nearing. Mulongoti, Mangani, Mpombo,Katele come out of your closet and start endorsing. A new star is born in Kabimba. His second coming is here. We love you endorsers. ZAMBIAN elections will useless without you.

    • One more prominent ENDORSER who has gone in hiding and would need a hiding is the belly politics man. He infact already hinted and laid his ground to endorse Kabimba by saying that Kabimba should not be ruled out or underestimated with his Rainbow Party. Yes he said it before he endorsed HH. The MAN IS DANIEL MUNKOMBWE. He will, and watch this space, be aspiring to be and consolidating his place as the only man and indeed person to have served in the highest number of governments in the history of the Republic. MUNKOMBWE we are waiting for you to entertain us. We have our faith in you sir, don’t let us down. You are a political giant, an endorser and a perpetual minister, a provincial ‘any-party-you-endorse Chairman and a living political legend

  3. Nowing Zambians very well, come 2016, some dimwits will cast their precious vote for this liar of a man. How pathetic!

  4. Which Zambians? Sometimes people need to be objective when making general statements nothing wrong with being ambitious and dreaming big though.

  5. Are you sure Mr Kabimba? You and “black mamba”chama are the same. You both demonised HH out of hatred. I wish both of u misfortunate next year.

  6. Kabimba… you were at the heart of corruption in PF; with your Godfather, Chilufya Sata

    Please don’t insult Zambians that you can fight corruption.

    • He store money thr Ilunda Chalo investments Ltd and has been promised money by his friend the murderer – Dictator Al Bashar in Sudan

  7. Trusting arrogant Kabimba with power is tantamount to trusting a fox to guard the chicken house.

    Last time Kabimba served in GRZ he acted and talked like he was Emperor Augustus Caesar.

    • ZAMBIANS don’t like a straight talking man like Kabimba. Kabimba is the best man to be in the driving seat. The country needs to turn the corner and it will take a courageous man on the driving seat and WK is the man.

  8. PF Junior ….No ways, as long as you where part of PF and to make the matters worse very big mouthed during PF forget it Kabimba.

  9. Kabimba will save ZAMBIA from the shackles of Alungu. The cartel are also behind him. Let him use his razor sharp approach to bring back sanity to the almost ungovernable country the is in the path of distraction. ZAMBIANS have mistakably landed in the hands of valtures and we needs people like Kabimba and the CARTEL to free us. We will be swallowed alive by these unrepentant monsters unless WK becomes president. He has been tested and he has the ambition let the MAN rule us. Can his PR system get to work clean his name and pave way to the great leadership of this Son of Africa

  10. Thats the message Winter. DISCIPLINE and rule of law. NOT Socialism. Ideaologies without discipline are meaningless. By the way a nation first neeeds to ceate wealth before distributing it! What wealth is in Zambia other than poverty and now mounting Nkongoles/. All the mines, banks etc are foreign owned

  11. Big mouth Kabimba is not trustworthy.He’s merely a man whose greatest foundation is political success rather than a man whose foundation is values.

    Thus Kabimba will always change with the ill wind.

  12. KK’s go was to achieve decolonisation. FTJ had a passion for the elimination of dictatorship initially and to champion the cause of workers. LPM wanted to root out corruption, RB was a chancer. I wonder what ECL’s mission is. He has lost an opportunity to emphasize and lay a foundation for a youthful, new thinking as his direction and mission. Now he’s all over the place and it remains to be seen how long he ‘ll last in his embrace for the rejected back door cripping corrupt and common thieving court dwelling self-made political landscape shifters without a clear mission or ideology. WK we want to count on you to have a direction but first we want you apologise for any wrongs you might have done then clarify your mission and you ‘ll be in.

  13. Any party is better than the theives leading us now. Every week we have major corruption allegations against them if it is not news of workers not being paid.

  14. Facts:
    1. Chaplain of Rainbow party is Father Luonde, not a wonder, he is Chaplain of Mmembe if you have observed the Post.
    2. Kabimba, before you fight other people’s corruption, let’s help you fight your own corruption. As a starting point tell us how you acquired the former council tavern in Libala for a song when you were Town Clerk for Lusaka. You can tell us about other corruption cases that we have not mentioned, yet.

  15. ZAMBIANS should vote ? for Kabimba if they want their country to go the way of Zimbabwe and worse with his fake socialism.
    He was the second most powerful under Sata and never spoke of and did not curb party cardeism and thuggery. Rather he arrogantly told us to shut up regarding a new constitution.
    ZAMBIANS are not stupid.

    Let him talk about Mmembe’s corruption first.

  16. Socialisim is what has put us in trouble….I would rather vote for MMD a party with capitalist ideals than socialist Rainbow.

  17. Ba summer muleikalafye ngatamwakwata fyakucita. Politics is not for the arrogant like you. We cannot vote for you bwana, we need someone down to earth!!!!!!!!!!

  18. “The culture of mob cadrism………” Wynter you are the man known to have carried a horde of cadres to the ACC offices when called to answer to corruption allegations

  19. Socialism has failed in most countries . Look what is happening in Venezuela where even toilet paper is not available . Kabimba was one of the most hated politician when he was SG in PF. He was very pompous and untouchable . Now he thinks we will trust him . Big no.

  20. Kabimba for president, father Bwalya for pope, Tayali for marriage counsellor and Mwine Munzi, Litunga how about that for dreaming?

  21. I think Kabimba belongs to the Mao or Fidel Castro era. This talk of socialism will not take Zambia anywhere.But then when Kabimba was PF strongman he was always fratenising with Cuba, Sudan etc.

    • You dunderheads communism in China with liberal western type of economic approach has worked. So Socialism (we Zambians are humanist) with a liberal economy can work for Zambia.



  23. kafupi kabimba what a dreamer socialism in zambia what an idi0t without brains ,you were at the helm of crruption in PF getting some tips from all the mines in zambia ,disttict commissioners were giving tips every time you visit districts.what corruption are you talking about?you brought your long time girl friend sylvia masebo to PF and appointed her election chair,what can you tell us kafupi?
    at the right time anti corruption will follow.

  24. I don’t like you and I have minus zero confidence in you leading Zambia, so please don’t include me in your saying ‘Zambians’.

  25. Right now he’s stealing from you day and night this Chagwa and RB the biggest CARTEL with MAFIA connection. They have pinned down Mutembo and Mmembe relegated to a newspaper vendor. Dora is in already through the back door. PILATO has been silenced and they are looking for more trouble causers to deal with. SATA was a problem for them and they shed a crocodile tear for him then celebrated after his burial as good riddance. PILATO give us another song. They might have even killed SATA. THE Italian MAFIA operated underground to rid SATA. They went around the disgruntled and disillusioned Kaseba to deal with SATA. KASEBA was convinced she could be president and joined the plot. PILATO give us another SONG.

    • YOUR country is being LOOTED open your eyes you F.OOLS Mmembe is a better Cartel now he’s toothless. What is K14bn DBZ loan you are stuck with compared to the RB plunder of the colossal amount being shifted now. They now have the best pony ECL on life support while they loot and plunder at a scale never imagined. They will rape the country to the core. Then keep the grip after 2016 to come back for more. PILATO GIVE US A SONG but be careful, they ll get rid of you.

  26. I can go for Kabimba. He has direction and will show you at least in which direction he wants to take you. Not what we are witnessing now. Just borrowing?

    The commentators of capitalism show us what we have achieved under capitalism? In Zambia the following is the comparison of the two ideologies?

    1 Many schools were built in Zambia
    2 Many Zambian went to school without difficulties
    3 Corporate social responsibility was very high i.e we had good and well management football clubs under ZCCM, Nkana Red Devils, Mufurira wonderous, Kalulushi Modern stars, Power Dynamos, Kabwe worrious, Nchanga Rangers etc all these teams and their facilities are now dead shells after introducing the so called capitalism, tennis name them.
    4 Compare employment levels between the two systems

  27. Socialism continued,

    5 What about poverty levels? Poverty levels are much high in Zambia than they were under socialism.

    6 What about corruption? Very high in the name of doing business or being business men?

    7 Theft of public funds? We have seen this on the upswing in the capitalist system than under socialism.

    8 It is only under capitalism that we are having an upswing of fake and bogus billionaires and these are the chaps who will be so opposed to the ideology.

    Some of us have lived under the two systems and know the better devil we can belong to. I will challenge Wynter Kabimba and his team to publish statistics under the two systems since we have lived almost under both of them and what adjustments can be made to improve the preferred system.

  28. PWA HA HA HA! @confidence in RainBow Party!!! When you dream a dream and start masturbating the dream, you actually think the dream is on.Dream on Sir!

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