Don’t direct MPs, Kambwili tells Chipimo


Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

CHIEF government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili says National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo has no authority to direct members of Parliament (MPs) to debate issues in a manner that suits him because he has no parliamentary representation.

Mr Kambwili, who is minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said MPs are mature people who know issues to be debated in the House.

He was reacting to calls by Mr Chipimo that MPs should rise as one and demand a proper audit of the Eurobond and other loans that Government has obtained.

“In what capacity is Mr Chipimo directing MPs when he does not even have MPs to represent him in Parliament? Which MP is he going to use?” he asked.

Mr Kambwili said although people have the right to ask Government to account for the Eurobond or any other loans, it is an offence for Mr Chipimo to direct MPs.

“There is no law in Zambia that allows people like Mr Chipimo, who does not even have members in Parliament, to direct MPs on how and what to debate on in Parliament,” he said.

Mr Kambwili said Government is transparent and citizens can go to the Ministry of Finance to get the information they want, including how the Eurobond was utilised

He said Government is transparent and has nothing to hide.

“If Mr Chipimo wants to know how the Eurobond and other loans have been used, he can go to Ministry of Finance and establish that on his own,” he said.

Mr Chipimo said yesterday that Government should give clear policy direction on how the Eurobond has been utilised before acquiring more loans.

He told a press briefing that Government should also give a clear direction as to how the money will be paid back, unlike just issuing statements of commitment of repaying without a proper plan.


    • The Silver Back Chimbwili is wrong because our MPs are not mature. He should just look at himself in the mirror! And Chipimo should start somewhere near the bottom, like getting at least a councillor or MP on his party ticket. He cannot hope to be Republican president without a single MP. Chipimo is an NGI whose political career has stalled.

    • ‘Mr Kambwili said although people have the right to ask Government to account for the Eurobond or any other loans, it is an offence for Mr Chipimo to direct MPs.”

      But Chipimo is also ‘people’ and a Zambian- Ba Kambwili bushe muli batuntulu.

    • Chipimo is a Zambian citizen just like you fat pig?? He has the right to know what happened to the EURO-BONDS. This is the problem with dull ministers that just want to talk because they have to be seen to do so..

  1. Kambwili, chipimo is directing his area Mp who represents all pipo for that area. If we all got the ministry, how will that work? Will you are going on air, can you tell us if it is true that you looted council land in luwanshyia?

  2. “…He said Government is transparent and has nothing to hide…”

    Please, if that is the case, can you tell us truth about whereabouts of our President.
    From “routine check-up” to “revision” and now, “courtesy” of RSA government, somewhere in some medical institution.

    And you call this “transparent and nothing to hide”???

  3. Kabwili you are not mature yourself as so are your fellow PF dull MPS why do you think Lungu is giving jobs to out sides like Mulusa? Because you are a batch of S.t.u.p.I. t people. Go and lòok yourself in the mirror kabwili .

  4. These must be terribly bad times for Chipimo. Things just don’t seem to be shaping up to his hopes and expectations. Give it up, Chipimo, take a leaf from what Milliband and others have done in the UK. The day will definitely not come for you, when Zambians will think kindly of you and give you a meaningful vote to warrant occupancy of state house, as it certainly will not for your erstwhile colleague, he of the party of pastoralists, HH,

  5. Now this beats me, but what is so wrong for Chipimo or any other Zambian citizen to ask parliament to scrutinize how government is using public funds and more specifically in this case the Euro bond?

  6. These are the people someone has made ministers to govern our country! People who don’t know the basics of politics taught in Grade 5 civics when I went to school. Ba Kambwili ba empty head someone doesn’t have to be in parliament to advise the house. ALL citizens even those who didn’t vote are represented in parliament so they have a right to criticise and advise parliament. Especially dander heads like you who can’t think you must be given some advice because you just make noise saying nonsense all the time

    • Ati ba Minister, ba Chilolo, Buchilolo bwakulomba. Kuhuta Kambwili if you have nothing to say zip up!

  7. Just to show you how dull kambwilli is, the other day he was on air begging the British government for help refitting Znbc and other Pf mouth pieces, just the fact that as a senior minister he did not know that the UK would not support media that are not free and fair, that is very worrying, and you expect development from them. Sad

  8. He has representation because he voted, unless you know that the candidate he voted for did not win! And also ba mudala, it is the principle, I hope you know what a principle is. It is more enduring that a law!

  9. Where is the Speaker in this? Isn’t he supposed to speak out? If anyone has to reprimand Chipimo it should be him! And why can’t Chipimo ask?

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