Shoddy works on Bridge in Lusaka annoy PF councillor



The shoddy and sub standards works being done by the Contractor, Maisa Engineering Company, on the K80,000 funded Bridge located alongside the Streamside area in Paradise compound has annoyed Lusaka Patriotic Front Kapwepwe Ward area Councillor, Maurice Piyo, who has since stopped the contractor from proceeding with the works on the Bridge pending audit of the works by Lusaka City Council and Road Development Agency civil engineers.

The PF Ward Councillor who was touring some road rehabilitation works in his ward was irked by the Contractor when he found the contractor was using substandard materials like broken pieces asbestos sheets and the caveats are already damaged even before the works on the Bridge are completed.

“This is very disheartening to see that you can be building a bridge that already has cracks and you see nothing wrong with your works. The PF Government will not allow contractors to do such substandard works on bridges and pose a hazard to the user’s of this facility,” councillor Piyo told the contractor.

The councillor has since called for stoppage of works, saying Lusaka City Council must take interest in the way the funds paid for the construction of the bridge is being used.

“I will be meeting with the Director of Engineering at the Council and we shall soon have to find a way forward for this Bridge”

The shoddy works on the Bridge started two months ago and are moving at the snails pace.




    • These are contractors from the opposition who just want to bring the developmental projects undertaken by the govt to ridicule. Chase him off site without pay and blacklist him.

  1. Sponge Bob, you are an *****t. Don’t know that these lumpens are awarding contracts to cadres and are only interested in kickbacks? Leave the opposition out of this, very soon other dodgy works will come to light. Ati development

    • @sponge, no one in the opposition has got any contract. They are all given to Pf cadres. Check your facts and go to “black mamba” chama.

  2. Don’t demonise Zambian Contractors, they go through a lot of hell. They are not like foreign ones who are assisted by their govts not here in Zambia were it is a punishment to do business.

  3. The government is at fault. In any project like this the government is supposed to be represented by a site engineer who is the governments agent. If the site engineer isn’t doing his work, these shoddy works will continue to manifest themselves without the governments knowledge.

  4. What are caveats in road/bridge construction referred to in the second paragraph? Aren’t “caveats” legal documents that prevent certain actions to be taken especially with respect to changes in titles of property while “culverts” are prefabricated steel structures that are used in constructing simple bridges!? Ba LT please….

  5. KiKikikikikiki…………
    What does a PF cadre know about road engineering.
    Next employ PF cadres as doctors to beging digonising and operating on petients, start with E.C Jameson Lungu.

  6. Why is this piyo chap complaining? Doesnt he know that the owner of Maisa is a pf cadre? Go and complain to “black mamba” chama or better still hang yourself.

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