Former First Lady Dr Kaseba evicted, moves in with her mother

First Lady Dr Christine Sata with chats with Former Zambia's High Commissioner to Kenya Mumbi Phiri during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia's Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
FILE: Former First Lady Dr Christine Sata with chats with Former Zambia's High Commissioner to Kenya Mumbi Phiri during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia's Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Dr Christine Sata with chats with Former Zambia's High Commissioner to Kenya Mumbi Phiri during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia's Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
Former First Lady Dr Christine Sata with chats with Former Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya Mumbi Phiri during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia’s Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

Former First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba has been evicted from the Lodge where she was staying after leaving State House following government’s failure to settle accommodation bills.

This was revealed in Parliament today by Mazabuka Central UPND MP Gary Nkombo who rose on a point of order to ask Government why it is failing to take care of the former First Lady.

Mr Nkombo described the situation as awkward and disclosed that Dr Kaseba is now squatting with her mother in Lusaka’s Libala Township.

‘Mr Speaker is this Government in order to neglect the former first lady to the point that she got evicted from the Lodge she was staying in at Number 8 Reedbuck forcing her to move in with her biological mother at a house in Libala near Sky Park Mall?’

Speaker Patrick Matibini has since asked Mr Nkombo to file an urgent question so that Government can respond to the issue.


    • She is a Doc. Let her find a job and take care of her bills. Why do Africans love this kind of dependency. She is young, able-bodied and educated. Besides she has some $ in some pillows somewhere!

    • She has millions of $ in Commercial Bank of China.

      The fact is she has never wanted to live there. She wants to enjoy her privacy with her new youngish man.

    • Didn’t ba Sata have Life Insurance or assets? How can this be.

      Zambians please be serious with planning for your lives, don’t just drive the latest vehicles and excess drinking. Provide for your families after death!

    • Disgraceful this is. What has Kaseba done with over K4.5 billion that was given to her illegally during her husband ‘s reign?

      Now she is playing to the gallery to fool people that she is broke. Who is she trying to fool?

      Gary is mocking a bird by showing concern.

    • Sata was a POOR man. He only declared a Toyota cresida and 7 guns. Ba Kaseba is a government medical doctor, she should be accommodated just like any other employees.
      Stop mocking her!!

    • This is why I say most Zambians are rich not wealthy. Once the bread winner is dead, that’s it. Most of you don’t have life insurance, no college funds for your kids, your properties are occupied by mistresses and your assets are TV’s, cars and clothes. It doesn’t matter how educated or uneducated one is, its always the same story. Kids and wives suffering after death!

    • But hat is this nonsense about Dr Kaseba being evicted from a lodge when we know that the late President Sata owned over 20 houses among the many fixed assets that belonged to him? I find This cancer of dependency on government for EVERYTHING so disgusting – especially if done by those that amassed billions of Kwacha FROM THE SAME GOVERNMENT THEY EXPECT TO PAY THEIR RENTALS… These are EXTREME levels of GREED!!!

    • Zambia is not US or England, bane. Whether you’re rich, wealthy or whatever semantics you can think of, things are never easy for the immediate family to a deceased rich/wealthy Zambian. Here, property grabbing is real, especially if the deceased was rich/wealthy. Bululus, business partners even so called friends turn into vultures once you’re dead. Your plans as a deceased person are turned into a mess or a joke. Your dependents are relegated to the gallery and eventually to destitution. Insurance, wills, college funds and whatever are all manipulated by the chosen administrator. The legal system takes a toll on yo dependents’ inheritance in the name of making things right. And tambas celebrate. Ala, there are no guarantees on what will happen once you’re dead in Zed no matter yo…

    • She should just stop the monkey tricks she is playing. Sata left millions of dollars if not hundreds of millions of dollars. What was Ilunda Chalo for? How about RDA in her kitchen? How come Wynter Kabimba is now a millionaire in $$$ from Ilunda Chalo and oil deals he did with Sata?

    • She is entitled to a govt house in a place of her choice. Before that is done, govt has to foot her bills until her house is ready.

  1. Why should a First Lady live in a lodge? Doesn’t she have a home? What is protocol in her case? I for one don’t believe that Dr Laseba doesn’t have a house. She wants sympathy so that the government can build a house. For goodness sake! Libala Township!

    • @Loadshedding, abekala ku Libala ma Zambians, not first ladies, wives of a once-upon-a-time SATA… Any woman who had children with Sata don’t deserve to be evicted.

    • Late President Sata, Dr. Kaseba-Sata and family were living along Omelo Mumba Road in Rhodespark before moving into state house. Why can the Sata family not get back to their former home?
      Am sure the house is on rent. But what is better, to put the house on rent in Rhodespark and go and live in Libala? This love for money for money’s sake is what is killing most of us.

    • We are missing the point here, as usual. Garry is trying to bring out two vital issues here.
      1. Govt committed to pay for her, why have they failed?
      2. Most importantly,why is it govt responsibility to house a former president.
      For me, Christine’s trying to embarrass us as a nation should make us wake up & change some of these retrogressive laws.

    • @itizi turi – I agree with you with regard to what Garry Nkombo is trying to bring out. Add to that, he is trying to point out that the government coffers are empty.
      More importantly, like you, I think our laws are retrogressive. As far as I am concerned, we as a nation, don’t owe or should not owe anything to Christine Kaseba. She and her husband got their dues when he was in State House. Additionally, both of them received hefty allowances. Isn’t it time to devote the little resources of the nation to those who need it the most??? Isn’t it time to use our resources to improve the lives of people in LIBALA???

    • You are absolutely right. If the purpose is to provide accommodation for the former first lady, would it not be appropriate to rent a house for her and her family.

      I thought her staying at the lodge was a temporary arrangement while BOMA was arranging for a long term solution. It’s apparent that her stay at a lodge can not be sustained by the Government.

      In any case why is she dropping the bar that low when she can do better than that? Seeking sympathy probably.

    • Why do Zambians tend to pretend. The truth is that Govt has run broke. Everyone knows this and its not a secret. This is the only valid reason for eviction nothing else.

    • eh what happened to the house in Omelo Mumba Road, Avondale, and the many houses Sata had in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. If she is entitled to government house – let her stay in one of Sata’s many houses and be paid rent by the state.

  2. We need to work on institutions of governance which should prevent abuse of resources by our political leaders and their families. If HEMCS had not planned for lives of his loved ones after he’s gone he should not expect the poor Zambian people to plan for him. May His Soul Rest In Peace, but actually this article just reveals his lack of capacity to plan for the lives of 14 million other Zambian people after he’s gone. Surely, if he never planned for his beloved spouse how do we expect him to have planned for future generations?? I’m talking about plans undertaken before he assumed the office of the Republican President. Embarrassing indeed. Secondly, what did madam Kaseba use all that Perdiem acquired from countless useless travel abroad?? Surely couldn’t buy a plot in Lusaka and…

    • Who is Kaseba trying to fool by pretending to be homeless? May God punish you Kaseba for mocking poor people. Sata had over 30 houses and you want tax payers to pay for a house for you?? If your step son can buy mansions in UK and South Africa, what more you the wife? And what did you do with all the money you were given by your husband for globe trotting? on shoes and clothes, your greed knows no boundaries!! God will punish you!

  3. What is her entitlement? How long was she married to Micheal Sata? Where were they staying together before they moved to State House?

    Anyway give ‘Ceaser’ what is due to her.

    • Did she think she would live in state house forever when she moved in. She lived in Omelo Mumba 3. Why can’t she go back there? That was Sata personal house.

    • She was never married to him, she was just his cheap concubine which he got from the same Libala she apparently is now in.

  4. Where did she live before entering the state house? Why didn’t she go back there? Why stay on government expense and poor Zambians cost? What kind of mentality is this? And she wanted run for the presidency?
    I agree that if she was a doctor she was already one of the APAMWAMBAs. Anytime an apamwamba wants to live on government without specific work is in the act of corruption period.

  5. Phillppine Ex First Lady Imelda Marcos was also evicted from her $2,000 per day hotel suite… GOOD FOR THEM!!

  6. I don’t know much about body language but looking at that photo it seems Mumbi is telling her girlfriend Christine, girl, say what? they kicked your a** out on the street? Them PF sons of b*tches.


  7. Life is fair, come on shes a Doctor. She can solves those issues alone. Hw should government pay for her. Shes just trying to play diffcult. Anyway she dint ask for help, MPs should discuss more important issues like delivery of excllent health care.

  8. What happend to their Rhodes Park house? Why can’t she go back there? Or she just wants to make a point that she’s not being looked after by staying in Libala?

  9. In the first place, why did she go to live at a Lodge? These people are jokers indeed. They shamelessly abuse their status at expense of poor struggling tax payers.

  10. Not long ago the government was being criticised for paying for this same accommodation at a lodge. It was reported that PF spends more than K16,790 per day on Christine by ZWD. Now one of their own is complaining that the first lady is being neglected. This is hypocrisy or just a case of trying to gain political mileage.

    • Czar – I was thinking about the same thing: this is one of the most useless opposition in human history.

    • @Czar,yes it was expensive,over K16 thousand per day.This does not mean not accomodation the former first family.How much can it cost renting a house for the family.This is what ZWD was trying to say

  11. The Satas still own the house on Omelo Mumba Road in Rhodes Park and she could just have simply moved back into that house until MCS’s estate is resolved….This is just unnecessary drama, but how has the UPND suddenly become her mouthpiece? Interesting times we live in now…..watching this space keenly

  12. Why is an UPND MP complaining about this issue? I guess it is because Christine is UPND not because she is former First Lady. Double standards from UPND.

    • He is teasing the PF you *****. Making them know that UPND knows that you in PF didn’t approve of satay way of leadership that’s why you discarded everything about him including his wife soon after his death.

  13. what do expect from these fellows the pf who don’t care about people made them what they are today it is a sad reading indeed.

  14. why should UPND care on what PF is doing to one of it’s own when there are a lot of people suffering. Hypocrisy indeed.


  15. As I do not support what Kaseba is doing pretending GRZ is not taking care of her while she has so many houses left by Sata , I also loath the hypocrisy of UPND on this one. UPND should not be the one to ring the bell coz in fact they should be happy that GRZ is not spending on Kaseba. UPND is running mad for sure.

  16. Defend any injustice coz tomorrow it will be the retirees not being paid and will get evicted also. Better to defend any citizen

  17. Ba upnd are you encouraging waisting gov resources on one rich widow when the country isdoing bad economicaly? If they is ever been a person in zambia who owned houses it was president Sata. This woman is bringing the name of the late president and the family to shame.neary every member of the family had fair share of the estate.this lady is selfish even to complane about acommodation is not fair she ‘s got estates of houses and farms across the country and outside.

    • everybody above that has commented suffers a slow puncture of the brain. even a wife of a simple late employee, is taken care of by the company her late husband worked for, that is, if most of the lumpens above ever worked for zimco/indeco group of companies, until pension was paid. what more the wife of the late president.

      this how heartles we have become as a pipo. some comments are out of primitive tribal support especially the tribe that takes over from dead pipo no wonder no eastern has ever formed his/her own political party they get sympathetic extended gestures.

      in developed countries, governments take care of such issues, in primitive zambia they even ask about the house on omelo mumba rd. It is as if pipo are using a.s.s.e.s when commenting. the husband toiled for pf

  18. Is that true Hon Nkombo? Who told you those lies which you are repeating and you will be embarrased for? I do not think it is turuu ba Honourable, otherwise it would have shown on her face during last weekend’s InterCompany Relay when she appeared in the media. But lo, she looked as cheerful as ever!
    Pa Zed, as if it’s not enough to lie that President Lungu has been admitted to a hospital in Israel, now rumours finding their way into Parliament!

    • @Akashambatwa

      For your own information, in developed countries former Prime Ministers and Presidents do not have house built for them by government. They go back to their former houses. I saw this as a student in Germany when former Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s party CDU lost the elections and consequently he lost his Chancellorship. He went back with his wife now deceased to his former home. In developed countries former Prime Ministers and Presidents only get a pension and do not have houses built for them. This is an African disease.

  19. Now we understand why she shameless abandoned the house of mourning to attempt earning the Presidency. These people were not just prepared to leave plot 1 until they had looted the very last ngwee from national coffers. God loves Zambia

  20. This is shocking!!why should Garry Nkombo, a UPND MP complain over madam Kaseba?president Sata left so many houses and UPND is aware about this fact.THE PROBLEM WITH UPND IS THAT THEY ALWAYS THINK THAT THEY MAY GAIN PUBLIC SUPPORT FROM ISSUES LIKE THIS FORGETTING THAT MAJORITY ZAMBIANS SEE THROUGH THEIR FAKE TRICKS!!no normal person can worry about Dr.Kaseba or Maureen Mwanawasa’s houses bcoz their late presidents left them mansions which they have just put on rent hoping to get more money from us poor zambians via Govt support!!BRAVO TO PF FOR NOT WASTING OUR TAX MONEY ON DR.KASEBA WHO CAN SIMPLY MOVE INTO ONE OF SATA’S HOUSES!!!OVER THIS ONE UPND U GOT IT ALL WRONG!!!

  21. Gerry Nkombo the Mazabuka MP is a sick man the Parliament is full of men and women taking the country nowhere.Why should the Govt take care of Mrs Sata?Sata left a huge estate.There are too many people who need help let her use the estate her husband left and she can also get a job she is young full of energy

    • Mavu and Eddy (above), the problem is not Christine. The problem is the stupid law we have made. I agree with Kavindele’s statement in the past: only Kaunda deserves a GRZ hse.

  22. As Zambian standards go, Sata was supposed to be a real estate mogul. Or shall we say, the Zambian Donald Trump. And that is why this eviction tale is just that. A tale.

    • he he! good one brother Peter!

      Anyway, it does not change the fact that the Mrs (ba Kaseba) is simply trying to play us all for fools.

      If there is ever such a thing as a laughing environment after death, Sata is now laughing his áss off.

    • let me try the unedited version here..

      he he! good one brother Peter!

      Anyway, it does not change the fact that the Mrs (ba Kaseba) is simply trying to play us all for fóols.

      If there is ever such a thing as a laughing environment after death, Sata is now laughing his áss off.

  23. A business has to run and nothing is out of the ordinary that failure to settle the bills earned her eviction! Government still has to settle the accrued bills. It beats me why resource poor Zambia could be wasteful as though Dr Kaseba had no matrimonial home to return to and start behaving as if the country owed her for having had privileged her husband to be head of state! Which among the developed countries become so wasteful on a retired president? They all return to their family homes! Do we have any hope to ever start thinking and behaving objectively?

  24. It was reported not long ago that UPND asked Kaseba to be its Vice President in place of the guy who bolted. She turned down the proposal and with it I suppose the ego of the politicians concerned was injured.

    I am not surprised therefore that the same UPND has come back in another form as a way of proposing to the former First Lady …

  25. It’s not like she was born in State House or lived her whole life there. She only spent 3 years at Plot 1 for goodness’ sake. Let her get back to where she was living before, Rhodes Park, or wherever! Now I see why she wanted to stand for presido!!!!

    • She did not spend 3 years at State House!

      She spent most of that time travelling around the world with Sata on Medical Tourism holidays at the Zambian Taxpayers expense!

      How many MILLIONS of Dollars has that cost us poor Zambians?

      Instead of paying her now to DO NOTHING we should be asking her to REPAY all the public money that she illegally squandered.

      Can we have an audit of this while Sata was in charge? I am sure it would be shocking!

      This woman cannot possibly plead povert!

  26. So Nkombo (UPND) says something and you so-called “bloggers” immediately start attacking Kaseba, who has said nothing? Truly our country is useless

    • I’m wondering the same thing. It’s Nkombo being a hypocritic here asking about something that his party not so long ago complained as wastage for govt to pay Kaseba’s lodging, lelo ati why neglect the former first lady. Online chaps are bitter and emotional. Learn to be civil in your reasoning. Kaseba has not said anything, nor has this been proved as true. So why the noise?

    • People are commenting on Dr Kaseba going to squat with her mother in Libala because she has no where to live. At one time I remember the UpDn mouth piece, the ZWd wrote an article that Sata had already started building his retirement home. If as you UpDn cadres claim that the ZWd never lies then what happened to the house Sata was building?
      is Dr Kaseba telling the people of Zambia that she cannot afford to rent a property where she can stay while the government is sorting out her issues(if any)?

  27. Bloggers why are you belabouring yourselves with personal attacks on her? She’s sending a political message that Lungu’s government has failed. This is Pilato’s message that Lungu has neglected Sata’s people for RB and his people. Well, Lungu has himself to blame having claimed to have been anointed by Sata but failing to look after the widow. It shows that he is not in touch with her as should have been. Mind you, that’s the party I should think the husband single handedly created. She could also be creating a reason for her exit to the upnd hence the involvement of Nkombo.

  28. Interesting comments here. As is the usual case, esteemed Zambians miss the point. Gary Nkombo raised the issue on the basis of normal protocol under the constitution. You Zambians maze me with your ignorance and lack of awareness of your own constitutional issues. President Sata died in office and his widow entitled to certain benefits, including being protected and accommodated as befits the wife of a head of state. Why can’t issues be debated based on fact? Debate the constitution and not heresy. The country needs better schools and universities!

    • You are absolutely spot on…I am just surprised our govts do not have temporary guest houses for these circumstances, did we not anything from the late Mwanawasa’s passing?

  29. Dr Kaseba failed to plan ,so she must have planned to fail and be destitute.She designed this shame for herself.

    In a country well governed its a shame to be poor,but in a country badly governed like Zambia its a shame to be rich.

  30. Who is fooling who here? This is a minefield that needs a calculated measured response…I hope the two BUFFOONS Mukanga and Kambwili respond to this one for added comic value.

    Lets seat back and await the response!!

  31. There comes out the primitivity and greed of kaseba. Im glad so many here see it for what it is, well done Zambians youre showing maturity, after above comments no more to be said. These leaders and their spoiled families are gonna have to do much more to deserve real sympathy from Zambian people, we are not f o o l s.

  32. This dependence on GRZ should stop. Sata was not poor. Even Mulenga Sata who used to survive on selling dog is now rich and has houses with at one in RSA according to ZWD. Building of houses for late presidents should stop too. is GRZ also accommodating Maureen Mwanawasa and Regina Chiluba? Sorry, I shouldn’t mention Regina here because of her scandals. But which Zambian president or president’s wife (except late mama Betty) is free of scandals?

  33. What about the poor widows in Mulenga Township? What is Nkombo doing about the homeless children roaming our streets? Instead of worrying about a person who can afford to stay at the Sheraton Hotel, let us try to resolve the problem of our street and homeless people.

  34. Why cant bloggers understand; it is the law you have accepted this constitution and it has rules and conditions for a President and his family. She is entitled under the law. It does not matter how many houses the Sata family have they have to be provided for. Even Lungu, a house and lifestyle befitting of an ex-president will be waiting for him and his family at the end of his tenure.

  35. Ba Garry Nkombo naimwe mwila suminisha ubupuba mu bantu. Nganamu kwata sana uluse mukabasende kung’anda kumyenu. Nangu ni dependancy syndrome on government yena iyi yachila ba Christine. You mean you can not even afford building akaboba for yourself? Ati ba DOCTOR/FIRST LADY! VIVA THANDIWE she will never be a destitute. UMUNTU MUTWE NOT JUST BIG TITLES.

  36. Garry Nkombo is a hypocrite and just ignore him.In Mazabuka we have several street kids without homes and yet the MP has not done anything.UPND MPs here are doing nothing about development.Their main pre occupation is just to criticize PF and hope to enhance chances of going to plot one.In Southern province,anything even a chicken can contest on UPND and win….Zambians wake up and never allow these tribalists take over the country in 2016.

  37. It is very disgusting reading some of these comments. People should understand that presidents are employed by people of a country, depending on the benefits they enjoy as presidents, government is supposed to meet all the obligations of the family as enshrined in their contracts of employment. So therefore her owning private properties does not arise. She can choose where to go and stay after eviction is non of our business until such a time that government normalises the situation. It is also a lesson to government to allocate excessive benefits to the office of the president although it is the highest office in the land.

  38. Being first lady is not a job or an entitlement and is merely a privilege. Many seem to forget that.
    Look, Sata was not a poor man, he had several houses. There is a feud that this lady has lost with other family members and she wants the government to solve her problems.

  39. PF has continued to mock poor Zambians by defficieny planning even for a widowed first lady. The best PF could do is dump Dr Kaseba at some expensive lodge soon Sata passed away without counting the cost. In shameful disgrace she is evicted, embarassment not to her but PF. However, remember soon after winning elections late Sata operated state duties from his Omelo Mumba Rd big maision living with his wife (Dr Kaseba).
    Surely, now Dr Kaseba is evicted, squarting with her mother in Libala. What a PF joke laughing at poor Zambian, Chikwanda is smiling and comfortable. These Bembas have little morals. Dr Kaseba is a widow, Do not grab Omelo mumba Rd house, that is suitable for her than embarassing your selves to the nation. Ati nsoni aba banthu.

  40. From the time he became president, Sata has increased his salary three times making him one of the most highly paid presidents in Africa. But that is not all, he is now building a second mansion within two years. The first house is being constructed in State Lodge.

    His second ‘retirement’ home is being constructed in Mapape area of Chilanga. He is building two houses for himself when retirement houses for his predecessors Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda have not yet being constructed.

    The house in Mapepe area of Chilanga is near completion. A check by the Zambian Watchdog reveals that the area is heavily guarded by State House Police. A security cordon has been erected 300 meters from the house making it difficult for any one to get a close-range picture.

    ZWD- 27/04/2014

  41. She is behaving like Maureen Mwanawasa. These husband snatchers are mad. She can go and live in Chibolya for all I care.

  42. Has she complained or is it Gary complaining and in what capacity Gary? Libala has mansions just like New Kasama. You are thinking of Libala stage 1, 2 etc council houses.

  43. The truth is that the found some houses in Ibex m Eureka Park and other parts of Lusaka and she turned them down when one of her child refused that its far .. far from whom??????

  44. So the mother was just staying in Chilenje and she never thought of helping her and now after all the money is gone she goes back to stay with her.

  45. With most of comments above only Akashabantwe words make logical sense but typical of zambian mindset he gets time AKA avoid the tribal tag.

  46. I think we Zambians have paid enough got MCS family bearing in mind that his 3/4 of his presidency was spent on medical trips.

  47. From the comments one can tell that Zambians do not like
    1. The educated
    2. The rich people
    Kaseba is entitled to some form of accommodation after the dearth of her husband.
    The question should be who moved her to that lodge and why ?

    Sata was more popular than EL and if i where EL i would be very worried as to what will happen to me when out of office if the big fish can be treated like this.
    I hope PF is not taking sides in the many wives that sate had for the fact that Sata chose to go with Kaseba to state house then she should be respected for that.

  48. Mrs kasebo you are the useless ever seen first lady why reduce yourself to such a level do you need simpathy or what ba sata was a rich land load more than 10009 houses in Lusaka what do yo wany ?

  49. Mrs kasebo you are the useless ever seen first lady why reduce yourself to such a level do you need simpathy or what do you want ba sata was a rich land load more than 10009 houses in Lusaka what do yo want

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