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President Lungu expected in Eastern province

General News President Lungu expected in Eastern province

His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia reads the Pretoria Newspaper at Sheraton Hotel on Monday, June 22,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE © 2015
His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia reads the Pretoria Newspaper at Sheraton Hotel on Monday, June 22,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE © 2015

President Edgar Lungu is expected in the Eastern Province tomorrow on a working visit.

The President will also drum up support for the PF candidates Jack Shuma and Dora Siliya in the Malambo and Petauke Central constituencies respectively in the by- elections slated for 30th June.

This is according to the programme released by the Provincial administration today obtained by ZANIS in Chipata.

According to the programme, President Lungu is expected to arrive at Mfuwe International airport at 15:00 hours after which he will proceed to inspect the airport road and later travel to Chichele lodge where he will have a briefing with senior party officials.

President Lungu will on Friday meet all the Mambwe chiefs at Masumba- Chiutika school around 09: 00 hours and soon after address a public rally from about 09: 40hours to 1100 hours at the school grounds.

The President will thereafter travel to Jumbe in Mambwe district at about 11: 30 hours where he is scheduled to address another rally at Jumbe school grounds and soon after travel to Msoro where he is expected to address another rally in the afternoon.

He will depart for Petauke after the rally and will have a meeting with the business community at Chimmwemwe lodge later in the evening.

The President will on Saturday hold a meeting with Petauke chiefs in the morning at Chimwemwe lodge and later travel by road to Kalindawalo where he will address a rally around 09: 30 hours at Kaulu school grounds and another one at Petauke day secondary school around 11:00 hours.

President Lungu will hold his last rally at Minga in the afternoon around 14:30 hours before flying to Mfuwe international airport enroute to Livingstone.


    • Mr Lungu, when are you firing Davies Chama. When will Zesco stop the load shedding? What arrangements do you have for Mr. Sata’s widow, Dr.Kaseba. And when will that old man Chikwanda stop borrowing? Lastly, why did the kwacha depreciate so much since you become president?

    • Since when did campaigning earn classification under “government business?” Anyway since he is the president even party matters are government business because funding comes not from the party but coffers of the tax payers!

      The message he is carrying is to instruct voters to elect PF party candidates on June 30 and further lie that if they do, he will ensure direct development comes to Petauke Central and Malambo directly from state house. If only the story behind the recently published pictures of these constituencies could help open the constituents on their perpetual plight, they would perhaps have a rethink of the disservice they have been committing to themselves.

  1. Chama con not be fire for telling the truth ,chama what he said is true.those who are agreaved can go to hell

    • Even me I wonder. Why people take the truth with a pinch of salt. When pilato says the truth, people drag him to court! Shame

  2. This is a hard working president!!while tribal HH travel empty handed,ECL is first meeting all chiefs to know what their subjects want them address rallies!!the opposition stand little chance of defeating this smart PF leader!!on 30/06/2015 by elections,i see PF recording 3-0 or 2-1!!PF wont get worse results than a 2-1 score!!GO PF GO!!

    • Meeting chiefs “Ndine mwana wanu, napapata lekani ndewo pali mweka! Vonse tizakasova kusogolo ngati mwanibweza pamupando mu 2016!”

  3. This is what happens when we elect vision-less empty tins even when elected into State House all they think of is the next by-election campaign…5-10-15-20-30 year national strategic planning is foreign language to them.

    This lazy bum Edgar will do everything to get out of his office…he is more interested in allowances than hosting a press conference. We told you than this bum lacks work ethic but no more listened.

  4. Mr. Presido,

    Please give us Katete Msoro road. This will open up the virgin land in Msoro for agriculture. No road, no development.

  5. haha eddy yo have wkn up I challaenged you the other day and you went mute like your president who is dividing the country through not taking action on chamas divisive statements against the general citizenly.i challenge you again today.if chagwa is not dead scared of losing the 2016 elections why is he skirming to delay the 2016 elections?

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