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Auditor General asked to probe Number 8 Reedbuck and RDA expenditure

General News Auditor General asked to probe Number 8 Reedbuck and RDA expenditure

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is asking the Office of the Auditor General to urgently probe the expenditures made by Government to Reedbuck Lodge and operational expenditures at the Road Development Agency (RDA) on fuels for staff pool vehicles.

We are saddened to note that in a country like Zambia where over 60 per cent of our people live below the poverty datum line, Government can make a payment of K2,246,547 (in excess of K2 billion on old currency) for a 5 month accommodation for the former first family at a private Lodge. This is the amount of money Government can use to buy a very decent and high class transit house of all former first families than abuse taxpayers money like that.

YALI is saddned with some reports reaching us that RDA is spending a colossal amount of K300,000 (K300,000,000 in old currency) each month on fuels for staff pool vehicles with Tom Carts every month and the wage Bill has RDA has risen from about K2 million to K7 million when staff salaries were raised with those that we getting K4,000, now earning K15,000 per month. The Auditor General must as a matter of interest in the payments being made by RDA to Total filing station for these pool vehicles and ascertain the necessity of such huge monthly payments on fuels.

At a time when Minister Chikwanda is seeking approval from Parliament to raise the debt ceiling, we find that such expenditures questionable and contributing to increased the budget deficit. Minister Chikwanda cannot continue borrowing funds while Government and it’s agencies such as RDA are incurring such expenditures that can be avoidable and it will be irresponsible for Parliament to allow Government to raise the debt ceiling in view of such expenditures on the former first family and RDA.

The expenditure RDA is making on its staff includinb mete clerks can gi a long wayin serving people and doing roads in high density areas like in Kapwepwe Ward where we have heard lots of complaints.

YALI believes this wastefulness must brought to an end and we doubt if President Lungu approves of such an exorbitant expenditure Government has made on the accommodation of the first family. Equally, RDA was put under the Office of the President and these expenditures by RDA must be brought to an end by the President and his administration.


  1. A person who has no proper thinking is going to post something in support of such act by the government. There is no way at this time when the economy in our country is going down that the government can be spending recklessly. I will wait for that comment from the blind supporters of what’s been happening.

  2. Well done YALI. This is the way to keep government on its toes. Now a member of Parliament needs to take this up and question the minister of Finance, or whichever ministry is responsible. There is just too much stealing in Zambia. It’s unbelievable.

  3. why z it that the pf govt is taking soo long to respond to important issues while it only takes a few hours for sunday chanda to insult back if insulted?we need answers to how the bond has worked.

  4. Great question. The money is more than that required to buy and furnish a decent high class house. Is anybody in this administration thinking? Do they look themselves in the mirror and think what the public thinks of their archaic acts? Aren’t they embarrassed by all this? If not they are not human.

  5. Leaders need to be accountable and not take their appointment into power for granted. PF government is full of leaders who serve their own interests. That why our African countries can’t develop because you vote using you heart not you head. You need to think before you act. Come 2016 you will still vote the same way.

  6. It’s like she was being treated or awarded or something rather than being practical and use the same money to purchase a more permanent home. The PS says she refused a house. Did she want to be accommodated at a lodge and continue presidential living she become accustomed to in the short period her husband was leader? And today she wants to come out as a victim saying “it’s all right, such is right” NO Ms former first lady, paying 2 billion for you to be accommodated in 5 months is not life. You are a greedy woman and such a hypocrite.

  7. When a miner retires, the company doesn’t care where he goes to live whether in a tree or a house. This habit of trying to treat people “carefully” just in case we are criticised by the public should be abandoned.

  8. Good comments from all of you, for the first time I am so impressed. Thumbs up Yali the leaders should be held accountable for the actions/decisions. Our economy is collapsing MPs be serious in the way you approve certain things in parliament if you fail to fight us tax payers the God we serve will fight for us.

  9. Spot on. There is a lot of wastfullness on RDA’s part. For example, during the annual meetings for Engineers (EIZ) which normally takes place in Livingston, u will be shocked that each RDA officer attending the meeting goes driving from Lusaka all the way when they can share vehicles. U r talking of officers in excess of 60. To the contrary, other organizations such as ZESCO make it a point that thier employees attending such meetings share vehicles in the name of cost saving. This is just one of the many examples one can cite. One wondres what type of management they have. What a way to use our so called meager resorces.

  10. You cannot have a poor country like Zambia where in Lusaka mansions and lodges are being built at a rate of one mansion/lodge per week! Each mansion or lodge is costing more than K 1 million!Where are they getting these moneys from?

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