Dr Savior Chishimba to step down as NYDC Chairman today after corruption scandal


National Youth Development Council Chairman Dr Savior Chishimba is today expected to step down from his post after he was implicated in a corruption scandal.

Transparency International Zambia this week released a letter addressed to Youth and Sports Permanent Secretary Agness Musunga in which she was given 72 Hours to act on findings that Dr Chishimba had been plundering funds at NYDC.

A source at the Ministry revealed that Dr Chishimba has been asked to step down by Youth and Sports Minister Vincent Mwale or be fired.

The source further disclosed that Mr Mwale has since reported the matter to the Anti Corruption Commission for further action.

In the letter to Mrs Musunga, TIZ Executive Director Goodwell Lungu alleged that the NYDC was involved in double payments to its Chairperson amounting to K153,134.41 which the Auditor General’s Office report have clearly stated that this was wasteful expenditure.

‘The report clearly shows that the total budget for the financial year ending December 31st 2014 for Board meetings was K154, 710. The report notes that the whole budget was applied towards the payment of the council Chairman’s allowances totaling K153, 134.41 (K95, 384.41 daily subsistence allowances and K57, 750 sitting allowances),’ the letter read.

It said, ‘That a total of K294, 596.37 representing 30% of the funds released to NYDC were applied on the Council Chairman’s expenses against a Board Meetings budget of K154, 710. You will recall that in our letter of 18th August 2014 to you, we provided you with evidence alleging that over 32% of the NYDC funding received for seven months from January to July in 2014 had been spent on the Board Chairperson totaling K102, 000.00 and subsistence allowances totaling K120, 564.91. 4.’

‘That contrary to Treasury and Financial management Circular no. 8 of 2012, the NYDC overpaid its Chairman. 5. The Audit report notes as we had already reported to your office, that contrary to Section 13(2) of the Youth Act which provides that the Secretary of the Council shall be responsible for the administration of the day to day affairs of the Council, from November 2013 to August 2014, the Chairman undertook the roles of the Council Secretary who was supposed to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Council.’


  1. That’s the normal thing to do if you are implicated otherwise you will find yourself behind bars.

    • Monkeys in a maize field: putting a Bemba in charge of money, including Chikwanda, is a ticket to plunder. #BembasAreThievesByNature#

    • Savior Chishimba is not a doctor but a Clinical Officer. He is very good friends with Chishimba Kambwili and I argue that he got his job through the Kambwili connection. @1.1, I am Bemba, I have never stolen and I support UPND, so check yourself before you paint everyone with you dirty brush

    • @Obatala: watch your tribalism yourself! Who was talking about UPND and what has your tribe got to do with UPND?

    • @Obatala, get your facts right. Saviour Chishimba is not a health professional. He’s never been trained as a Clinical Officer. It is his wife who is a Clinical Officer, not him.

  2. Yes normal thing for developed minds but abnormal thing in Zed. He was waiting for the minister to tell him to step down.

    • @sunka

      You mean you shall rule and steal (kabwalala, lisholi, lazo) forever and ever amen…..!! Anyway, that is what Kabila and your tribesmate do in DRC….

      As for me, I earned my money and wealth clean…from smart and at times hard work!

  3. People like him should not go scot-free by merely resigning. He should be made to repay the money and then prosecuted for theft and fraud. One would think that a highly educated and youthful looking Dir. Chishimba would be the first to understanding the plight of the youth and work hard to assist and not rob them. Right now students at various higher institutions are protesting over issues related to inadequate funding and this ***** loots the small resources earmarked for youth development. This is a crime against the youth, but then the youth in Zambia have been reduced to Panga carrying savages fighting to perpetuate corruption for their political mafias while they kill one another over crumbs falling from Lungu’s overflowing plate

  4. This scoundrel indeed came back because of CK connections. I am bemba and i support PF but does not condone corrupt elements. Flush him into prison like Muteteka and the like.

  5. He has done well to step down so that he can face the courts of law. Chikwanda, Mulenga S and Given L and Chama should also step down to pave for investigations.

  6. This an example of when you have facts about what you are alleging. Not where HH’s mouth piece ZWD falsely accuses innocent people. Well done ba Youth

  7. Zwd seems to get it right all the time. If it is indeed controlled by HH then this tonga chap is sharper than he has been portrayed by his critics. In the absence of real democracy and freedom of speech the Zwd is God-sent for ordinary citizens.

  8. This character is still around. I forgot about him. He used to make a lot of noise together with Kambwili in the infancy of PF when he was Kasama MP.

  9. SATA did not like this man. Why should we. We are the disciples of the late president Lungu is an awkward man and a slave to Jameson.

  10. Congratulations to TIZ for pursuing this matter. Now that man must be prosecuted, please continue this fight until he is behind bars and pays back.

  11. Why do we always degenerate into tribal and personal lampooning, away from the subject matter? The culture of entitlement and ‘boss-overlord’ is what makes most heads of institutions and NGOs act in licentious ways like this Savior guy…

  12. This kind of thing suggests ordinary Zambians might need to make citizens arrests and trial by community rather than by the anti-corruption bodies!

    Auditors always last to arrive….always when the finance pot is empty….only to confirm to us our money is ……gone!

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