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Friday, June 11, 2021

I’ll not manipulate the constitution to rule up to 2022-President Lungu

Headlines I'll not manipulate the constitution to rule up to 2022-President...

President Lungu on arrival  at KKIA
President Lungu on arrival at KKIA

President Edgar Lungu has dismissed assertions that he wants to manipulate the country’s constitution so that he can rule up to 2022.

Speaking upon his arrival at Mfuwe International Airport today at about 11:55 hours, Mr Lungu said that he respects the republican constitution and would stick by it.

The head of state explained that he would re-contest the presidential election next year if the constitution allows him to do so.

President Lungu explained that he respects democracy stating that people would vote for the opposition if they felt that they would perform better than PF in government.

Meanwhile,President Lungu has asked the people of Msoro in Mambwe District to vote for Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Jacob Shuma for the development of area.

He was speaking when he addressed a public rally to drum up support for Mr Shuma in the June 30th Malambo parliamentary by-election held at Msoro Post Office today.

The Head of State said he would be comfortable to work with someone whom he would be paddling the boat together in terms of developments after the bye-election.

“I will be more comfortable to work with someone whom I will be paddling the boat together. Let me assure you (the people of Msoro) that as long as support the party (PF) of the day we shall bring more developments here,” he said.

President Lungu said there was already an ambitious programme under the Link Zambia 8, 000 Road Project which was being done across the country which he said he was expecting the people of Msoro to benefit.

He said his Government was ready to work on the road networks leading to Chief Msoro’s area.
He asked Mr Shuma that once he is voted into office as a Member of Parliament (MP) after the by-election he should work extra hard to develop the area.

The President has also promised Chief Msoro that he would look at the problems facing his chiefdom like the roads network.

President Lungu said his Government would revamp the Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF) in order to increase the food production in the country.

The assurance follows Chief Msoro’s complaint that his chiefdom had been neglected saying the Msoro-Mtezezi road and Msoro –Chipata road was in a bad state despite leading to ZESCO sub-station.


  1. What do you say now that it’s not HH saying govt will develop some region? Be real, govt policies matter except ECL doesn’t know how.

    • Why should you manipulate the constitution!

      Chama’s one party state seems to have effected the entire PF visionless leadership. Bandit Chama claimed that, “we have now swallowed MMD, UPND only the tail is remaining” was inspired by intoxication of power.

      Now Lungu wants to claim about respecting the “constitution & democracy”? The entire world saw how Lungu was imposed by PF cadres to be the its party president of lifting up hands. Lungu was the only candidate & the PF constitution wasn’t respected.

      13 months left, now Lungu is begging for votes in exchange for development? Where is the $193 billion? The constitution of the country reigns supreme, not the PF one which can be manipulated.

      Yazanda PF!

      The Skeleton Key

    • Ever transparent Lungu.

      Instead of you all to be routing for Lungu to be a good leader, you all want him to fail. Shame on you. That’s why you will wallow in poverty forever!

    • Addressing a rally at the Post office? This means the post office was closed, and we expect Zampost to perform?

    • If all these MPs having by-elections will not be on ballot papers, then Lungu should not be on ballot paper too. But if MPs will not offered free 5years, why should Lungu demand it?

    • Have you forgotten that birds of the same feathers flock together? One would be a misfit if they did not agree with the majority in the group.

  2. is it the norm now the president must go to work with his child/ children? Talk about waste of resources, the same people that talk about the government having no money for hospitals and schools. I hope Zambians are watching especially the street and market cadres who cannot even see their plight in plain sight.

  3. Roll on Elections. We are ready.

    However the cost of elections need consideration and need to be weighed against the number of elections we have in Zambia. Honestly, it’s election after election almost non stop around the year.

    We need to look into agreeing to skip the next.

  4. This utterly Lazy Bum Lungu doing everything in his power to stay away from his office in State House (merely issuing silly directives from the field) as it is not in his work ethic he would rather be ordering one, two bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey and having unproductive kaponya debates in the corner of a bar.

    • There must be something diabolical about State House. Sata did not want to leave it, even for a day trip. And Lungu does not want to spend a single day in it. He is looking for excuses to be away everyday, whether abroad or out of town.

  5. Lungu can not and will not manipulate the Zambian constitution… Those of us fortunate to have shared lengthy conversations on national issues with him can bear witness that Hon. Lungu will rule Zambia based on what the constitution says…

    By the way, all you naysayers out there, please note that Lungu will finally give Zambia a people driven constitution (and not one that is sponsored by bloody donors money, who are bent on dividing our peaceful Zambia).

    Happy Friday to you all!!

    • Lungu, like most easterners, is a sly manipulator. He uses other people to test the limits of the law, only appearing at the last minute to claim victory. Don’t believe all that nonsense about One Zambia, One Nation. Lungu does not believe it. Just look at his treatment of Tongas. Lungu is a callous hair-splitter who will use any gap to crook Zambians.

  6. I think politicians, especially African Presidents, should learn NOT TO BE WISHY-WASHY on certain issues. Especially on Constitutional matters that are very straight forward, lest they are accused of trying to MANIPULATE laws to stay in power.

    Lungu should have EMPHATICALLY stated his position yesterday instead of going into the Legalise of the so called DEBATE. What was so hard for him to simply say: “If there is a debate going on about next year’s elections, I am NOT part of such a baseless debate. But I do recognize people’s right to engage in any debate. However, as far as I am concerned, the Constitution is very clear on this and no one should doubt whether next year’s elections are taking place. They are!”

    Why do politicians like to complicate their lives so much?

    • He was still waiting to hear the position of Zambians and then state that as his position as always. He was tasting the waters when he sent those 2 people, now he knows hence the statement.

    • Fort Jamasoni whisky, this is not Rwanda’s Kagame nonsense of gathering fake signatures to extend term (he copied from musefeni uganda) and Burundi Nkurunzinza’s craziness and empantically not the madness of your godfather bobby mugabe enslaved Simbabwe for you to ride rough shod…..Arakan barracks is opposite your bedroom……don’t even think about manipulating the constitution….you will be in very very hottest fire (hotter than the Nkana copper smelting furnance)!!! Ask what we did to Kaunda, Chiluba and your tribesmate Rupiah Banda.

      Just do the free whisky and blue labels …..and steer clear of the constitutional mandate hacking. Mwikala patalala……

      Wynter Kabimba for President!!!

  7. Is there any single PFool who still believes in the Link 8000 road scam and the paving of Zambian roads? PF have been funding the Link 8000 but 4 years later I have not walked or driven on one of their cobbled stone paved roads. In 2011,Chikwanda had claimed PF would use the 2000 year old technology invented by the Romans to pave Zambian roads. Three Eurobonds later and nothing is showing.

  8. The government is bankrupt, where is he going to get money to build a road for the chief? It means they are going to borrow again.

  9. Haha,ba Lungu never say never.Uganda’s president M7 said the same thing 20yrs ago, and Burundi is in turmoil for its leader attempt to extend his rule.

    Lust for power and priviledge can turn many “saints” into overstayed monsters with an entitlement illness like Mugabe,Obiang,Paul Biya and the recently expelled Blaise Campaore.

  10. How can Lungu say “if the constitution says so”. He already wants to rule up to 2020. Is he a lawyer or not? He also thinks RB’s term was stolen. Well, the constitution is clear that Lungu will have to go for elections next year. Full stop. No debate about it.

  11. The fact is that majority of Zambians dont want Edgar Lungu to continue ruling after 2016, hence his desperation to hold on to power.

    May HIV AIDS kill this useless president and may Embasy Park swalow the idiiot fuul.

    • You are a very bitter person. You cannot talk on everybody’s behalf. Say you don’t want not that the majority. No bwana you are wrong- may be Bantu fimofimo. And fortunately you may not even be in Zambia and you are basing your assumption on what Zambian Watch Dog feeds Upnd

  12. The fact that he was voted thru national elections and not appointed to merely finish 5years of sata gives him full mandate to rule for 5years also. That’s what the law says indirectly .

    • You are simply mistaken. The same constitution says the same for an MP as it says for a President who is elected through a bye election. Are you telling me that Chawama MP Sichalwe’s mandate will only expire in 2020? Its dull people like you who are easily cheated and accept debate on non debatable issues.

    • Wynter Kabimba for President!!!

      Fred Membe for Vice President!!

      Viva progressives….abash politics of the belly….abash politics of lumpen proletariats….abash politics of tribal hegemony / supremacists!!!


  13. This is a non debatable issue.Elections in 2016 period.Pls do not waste our time debating useless issues.I rebuke the spirit of African leaders desiring to rule forever.His association with Mugabe is worrying.

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