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President Lungu should address the nation on the Electricity Supply crisis-UPND Demands

Economy President Lungu should address the nation on the Electricity Supply crisis-UPND Demands


27TH JUNE 2015


Reports that the Zambian government further intends to export electricity to neighboring countries before satisfying the local power demand confirms what we have been saying that our colleagues in the PF government have wrong priorities when it comes to developing the country.

With due respect to our neighboring countries and existing bilateral relations, one would have expected that the PF government would treat the issue of current power blackouts as a national disaster that needs urgent attention with a clear policy guidance by the president even addressing the nation than gallivanting all over the world.

The current spate of load shedding is as unacceptable as the reasons being given for the same. It is public knowledge that huge amounts of borrowed money at high interest rates was pumped into ZESCO with a view to increase the generation capacity so as to meet the national power consumption demand, but the complete opposite has happened.

As UPND, we have always insisted on proper planning and putting right priorities that alleviate our people’s suffering and poverty. The fact that we are currently exporting power to neighboring countries means low water situation cannot be used as an excuse.

In any case, Zambia currently sits on an estimated 40 percent of the entire Southern African region’s water bodies which the country has lamentably failed to harness for various economic ventures such as power generation, agricultural irrigation and industry and manufacturing sectors.

In any case, there are many countries in Africa which are basically semi or completely deserts, but have invested in alternative energy source.

We in the UPND feel for even the small business ventures such as our widows and women running saloons, young people with no decent jobs but running barber shops and business centres such internet cafes. Most household chores and office work have virtually come to a stand still due to lack of electricity while food stuffs in most home and restaurants are going bad.

What is more disturbing is that even the load shedding schedule heavily publicized by ZESCO and great cost to consumers is not even followed. This simply shows the chaos that is going on in our governance system and it is shocking that a problem of national magnitude has been left to junior ZESCO officers to explain to the nation while the PF national leadership is going about their own business as if everything is normal in the country.

We demand that President Edgar Lungu should address the nation on the electricity supply crisis which is causing damage to the already struggling economy while continuing to export electricity to neighbouring countries.

Faith Mushongo
UPND Copperbelt Provincial Women’s Chairperson


  1. Dull woman! So now President Edgar Lungu should assume the role of Henry Kapata?…but mu UPeND ifkopo fingi! Okay can you id!ots create rain so that our rivers are full kanshi!

    • Only when you can not see the effects of loading to the economy, can we think it is a non-issue. Honestly, in this era, with advanced technology, we can not blame our failures on the rain. ZESCO should be left to the professionals and run as an independednt entity (including the Board) and not run by political cadres.

    • The load shedding by ZESCO squarely lies on Edgar Lungu. When HH sounded the warning a couple of months ago, PF called an alarmist. Edgar and his non performing friends should have thought of alternatives such as zero rate tax all solar equipment and incentives for gas cookers. They could have constructed a windmill power station. Ia sure PF will now say we have also run out of wind sunlight. Lets us not be apologetic for Edgar’s power failure (PF). UPND is for easy solutions to complex problems.

    • Let creat another dam along luangwa river the is alot of water is going to west, i will even boost tourist in the eastern side of the country.Note, animals and human would displaced .

    • @.1 id!ot!!.
      Your name and your comment match again. The question is:- If the load-shedding problem is worse due to poor rain, then why is Govt trying to make it a lot more worse by exporting the little power generated to Mozambique?

    • This issue of load shedding is indiscriminate. Everyone, except those who live in areas that are not connected, is being hit. It is no time to be insulting other parties. UPND is right we need a statement form either the concerned ministry or EL himself to quell the rumors. This is the type of issues that should be dealt with seriously. The level of load shedding that is going on is unacceptable. How do we stay without power for 6-8 hours everyday yet we produce electricity. And as usual the schedule is not adhered to. You wake up and the power goes at 6 hrs or earlier. You come back from work just to find no power until 23. How does a family manage?

  2. Ba UPND avoid yapping on issues that you’ve zero knowledge about. Everything is politics sure? What a country! Matters of climate change are a serious topic which threaten our very existence and politicians should avoid politicising this very sensitive problem facing mankind today and future generations

    • @Umuntu,
      Politics aside. Please clarify. You agree problem is partly due to climate, i.e. poor rain. How does exporting power to Mozambique help solve our Country’s problem of shortage of power?

    • Absolutely what a country full of morons who dont even think issues of climate are not government issues, the whole purpose of forward planning is about taking into consideration the impact of different environmental, technological, political and other social factors, yet this moron thinks its not the role of government to plan for these changes, you are the dimwit and Zambia will forever be the poor country it is because of poverty of intelligence. You are really a smart arse.

  3. There is lack of planning in pf thugs gvt. The issue of load shading should not be heard of during this age and error. Planning for kariba dam was supposed to be done years ago to avoid such issues today. we must face the facts that these pf thugs have failed to run the affairs of this nation whether u like or not. Do not hide your ass in climate change u id0ts and fools. U think we are happy to live in darknesss almost everyday when we pay for the service..?

  4. Upnd is this how you are going to govn? Everything the president….the president,zambia is not a sido like your party were HH BAMBA ZONKE the country has ministers to address each and every stuation

    • Is it not Lugu your president who said Zambia has the capacity to export power to Mozambique? Our mother has in this matter briefly given you the background but you still choose to defend mediocrity. I’m in Mazabuka and I have for the past two days suffered business wise due to erratic power supply.

  5. Mutati and milupi thinks increasing the tariff will encourage investment from the private sector but even that is no solution to some even using the erou bond to find zesco power generation capacity is wrong maybe just talking about it like most things we do in zambia is the best as we saw when we wrongly increase taxes for the mines the truth is in Africa we want to live well without working hard and always yapping like f00ls

  6. its not lungu boss but we should tell lungu how to solve problems. south Africa has been going through that for sometime. its not about lungu and PF but change of weather

    • Knowing the HH and UPND lunancy being shown recently, they will demand that EL and PF do something about the cold weather or give a statement about it. “Boma icitepo cimozi pa mpepo” say HH

      Just wait, you will hear HH asking EL to do this. These guys are ready to do and say things belonging to Jupiter.

  7. Some comments lack intelligence.Maybe they think we can fall for their political patronage. Learn what is happening in RSA and make a comparison.Our load shedding has just started but in RSA they started way back.Please UPND understand the weather patterns before you expose yourselves as some “thinkless” things.

  8. PF and your supporters stop blaming the rain, for hydro power that is why you have a reserve of water. Unless this drought has been going on for yrs and the dam has not filled in yrs then u can blame the rain. Just admit poor managment including previous GRZs.

  9. To those who had started sympathizing with UPND this statement must be a disappointing development. Mundende was talking about developing Zambia as a hub for power export or trading of power in the future when new generation is developed. And UPND reads this as Zesco exporting power today. Can’t you think or see beyond today? Or pushers did you learn your English ba UPND?
    As for the load shedding due to poor rainfall, can UPND tell us how to force God to always give Zambia enough rainfall despite climate change pease?

  10. Most of the comment seem to come from people who probably never learned geography and cannot use common sense. To generate electricity water needs to flow from the reserviour, naturally you don’t expect the capacity to remain the same over time. Let say, if 1,500,000 litres of water was allowed to flow to generate electricity each day, at Kariba, 45,000,000 litres would flow out of the dam each month. what about the months coming before we have rains? I believe ZESCO is rationing so that the reserviour doesn’t run dry before rain season. As of solar and wind power, this needs huge investment to satisfy Zambia’s demand.

    • So when are you friends in govt going to start investing in solar and wind energy? UNIP, MMD & PF all are responsible for this Power Failure. In 4 years of govt something could have been done to mitigate poor cuts, but they decided to bloat cabinet and buy GX V8.

    • @ Joseph Mvula.
      The question is why export when you are busy rationing and doing all those calculations? Whats the question.

  11. Guys,
    The problem starts with the deforestation along the banks of the Zambezi River, this has led to the following problems:
    1) Soil erosion. That soil is now lying at the bottom of Lake Kariba. This gives a false sense of security We measure the water surface level in the lake but forget that the bottom is now closer to that surface, ie less water in the lake, and
    2) The trees which arrest meteoric precipitation and recharge the water table, are no longer there. So when it rains, we get flash floods, as is evidenced by flooding every year in North Western province. With a “dry” water table, the river bank springs cannot release water into the river during the dry season. It is for this reason that Victoria falls runs dry every October/November.
    The solution is revegetation along…

  12. I have told you people time and time that Zambia is just one bad rain season from absolute disaster you rely too much on maize instead of diversifying your diets (you have already forgotten the USAID yellow maize) and hydro-generated electricity instead of diversifying in sustainable energy like wind and solar.
    The Chief was right in a Critical Analysis of the Imperialist Driven Constitution by Chief Chitimukulu Part 6. we read the same books hence doing the same things over and over again.

    Wake up!!

  13. Am shocked at the shallowness of some Zambians. I don’t blame the woman for her comments. Who told you that you can generate electricity only by water??? How do countries in deserts such as Libya, Algeria, Chad etc generate power??? They have invested heavily in commercial power generators. ZESCO can also have plan B to produce additional power than waiting for rains. You need to know that with climate change we are not guaranteed of the same amount of rain so our brains must work to adapt. Some countries are even using nuclear energy. Wake up and don’t laugh at the woman as you’re the one requiring help. Going forward, ZESCO must think of investing in alternative power sources to supplement the hydro-power. It’s like going hungry due to no rain When you can irrigate easily

    • Badai – Well said. But UPND also needs to know (as accomplished businessmen and economic managers) that here is a sector they can invest in. It’s all about crying to Govt. – nobody has been stopped from investing in this sector.

    • Badai you are spot on! We can generate electricity by using other means. We have sunlight throughout the year yet we don’t harness it. Governments have always looked for the easy way out and concentrated on one thing. It is the same with copper and maize. ZESCO as the main supplier of electricity should not only invest in the infrastructure but also invest in solar. Sadly they would not allow another company to invest in solar power because they fear competition. It is our failing!

  14. It does not mean that if RSA is loading shedding then that should be the stadard for Zambia.Thats where i gave late Sata credit the load shedding reduced so much the period he was president but now its free for all.

    • Satas stupidity, appointment of relatives and cadres, and irresponsible campaign promises are what CAUSED THIS!

      He is to blame more than any other person.

      He had a chance to fix it, but instead he wasted that chance fighting with Chiefs, renaming airports, creating new districts.

      Styupit FOOL!

  15. Unfortunately guys,
    The payback period for power generation is long. The return on investment is lower than banks’ interest rate!

  16. I get concerned about the reasoning of HH and UPND. PF did not cause the poor rain fall. This is nature. By saying that EL should not have agreed to supply electricity to Mozambique is wrongly placed or our friends do not understand simple things.
    The agreement is not for immediate implementation. It will take time maybe 2 years for this deal to work due to logistical matters to be handled. By that time the situation would have improved. HH and his UPND are wrongly saying that this will implemented today or tomorrow. This is simple logic and the so called learned HH is failing to reason just because he wants to criticize, then he is a wrong person for leadership because he will do nothing when he comes to power.
    An agreement like this one can suspended if it affects our supply…

    • Wynter Kabimba for President!!!

      Fred Membe for Vice President!!

      Viva progressives….abash politics of the belly…..abash government looters….abash government contract tenderprenuers…..abash politics of lumpen proletariats….abash politics of tribal hegemony / supremacists!!!


  17. Am not certain this problem has arisen because of low rainfall. Incompetence and the dam’s structural weakness. Those two have landed us in pig s.hit. Plus these guys are probably exporting for forex.

    • Your denialism is destructive to yourself. How do you expect a generating plant to function effectively when our rivers are low. Even your taps in this situation are affected, are you going to deny that as well.

      There is nothing wrong with exporting for forex. The nation needs that money. How else do you expect to participate in international trade. Even HH is uttering this negativity, deep down he knows he is misleading you for his selfish benefit.

      The dam is owned by Zambia and Zimbabwe and at times bilateral issues take time to resolve common ownerships. So there are various dynamics to consider. HH wants to believe he is a magician. To me he is only a liar.

    • @Yebo Nkhosi

      You are on the right track. Ask EL to export more power to Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and RSA. The country will earn a lot of forex. In return most homes will only have power for less than 6 hours per day and industries and farmers will curtail production. You are a clever economist…..and no one will blame Lungu PF because they didnt cause low rainfall.

  18. The load shedding has nothing to do with low rainfall. It has everything to do with export of power to neighbouring countries. Wake up some of you chaps who are fast asleep. I am proud to be PF but I will not support hopeless things

  19. Zesco must be privatised. The PF must leave the stage as well. They are wasting everybody’s time. Economy is worsening and you claim to be ruling. And some dunder heads can’t notice that the country is in serious decline

    • ZESCO will never be privatized because it has always been the government’s cash cow. Hence the reason why every government appoints the MD for them to manipulate. Kaunda had ZCCM as his cash cow didn’t he? But ZESCO has always been the favourite.

  20. PF please start governing or at least pretend you are governing. People don’t have food In their homes, you are busy Kuli Pilato. And you want the mandate in 2016, to come and do what. You are busy mentioning HH, instead of telling us how you will stabilise the exchange rate

  21. Constitution making-fail, Exchange rate-fail, Electricity supply-fail, paying retirees- fail, job creation-fail,university funding-fail, health care-fail(go to UTH to see). The world bank has spoken. And due to insolence you are still arguing. The credit rating has been revised to negative. Mbuzi chaiyo this thing called PF

  22. We ‘ve always had drought but Still had some power. 2016 ,please Sprint, we would like to show the CEO of Zambia that yours was a short-lived presidency

  23. While dreamers in tribal UPND are yapping,thousands of Zambians in Malambo and Petauke were busy attending president Edgar Lungu’s rallies!!hope the opposition saw those large rallies on ZNBC!I KEEP ON WONDERING HOW THE OPPOSITION SAY ZAMBIANS WONT VOTE FOR PF IN 2016!!DO UPND CADRES REALLY LIVE IN ZAMBIA?GO AND ASK FOR RECORDED RALLIES FROM ZNBC OF ECL’S RALLIES IN EASTERN TODAY!!from what i have seen,Malambo and Petauke are already PF’s seats!!!

  24. @ Eddey & Co. That is no surprise to any Zambian. Zambia’s voting pattern has been regional from time immemorial except when people were competing with frogs… What is surprising however is the fact that you have selective acceptance and condemnation for your perceived enemies for the same vice. Statistics showing the same being practiced by all regions has been shown time and again, but you choose to ignore it when it suits you.
    Our Problem as a country is that 60% of Zambia’s population/voters living in rural areas are not yet able to understand the linkages between various ideologies and issues affecting them. I believe it is the duty of those of us who understand these linkages to help them understand them also for the benefit of mother Zambia. Let us think bigger, think Zambia

    • We don’t have ideological inclinations in Zambia. This why MPs etc change parties all the time. We don’t believe in any particular idea.

  25. It is Salon not Saloon! Mistake no 1. Next? This a poor campaign gimmick. The President who ever it may be is not in charge weather patterns upon which our power generation depends. We talk too much that is why Zambia will never go forward. RSA has power problems due to aging equipment but this is not the case with us here.

  26. Wynter Kabimba for Zambian President!!

    Rainbow is socialist and like China will deliver prudent all inclusive development.

    Abash cheap gossip and insults……pamberi ne Rainbow!!!

    • The Chinese Communist party is bigger than the individuals in it;in reality like most political parties in Zambia, Rainbow will be dwarfed by Kabimba and Mweembe and serve nothing more than a tool to safeguard and multiply their interests! You cant compare the Chinese peoples and govt to the bunch of rogues and wolves in Zambia’s politics! The Chinese peoples and govt are patriotic and selfless in their push for a greater China whilst he have wolves whose only interest is to see how they can savage us for their next meal! Politics in Zambia is a corrupt dirty, lurid, dance for the greedy and unprincipled; even clergy men are enticed to out of their cloaks, lawyers, journalists, newspaper proprietors, businessmen, crash worthy engineers, and others, all abandon their professions in search…

  27. The only sensible intervention to offset the depletion of adequate water flowing in our perennial rivers that drive our electric generators at Iteshi teshi, Victoria Falls, Kariba, Lusiwasi, Musonda Falls, Lunzuwa Falls, Chishimba Falls and elsewhere, is to ban the cutting of trees in the catchment areas and sources of the our major rivers.

    Natural woodlands capture a lot of rain water and allow it slowly discharge it into our streams and rivers on a perennial basis. The culture of charcoal burning, which actually originated from Tanzania, is contributing to transforming our natural woodlands into deserts. This gives rise to surface run-off and consequent flooding with little water sinking into the ground.

    Advice charcoal burners to go into agriculture to get their hard cash.

    • Kavindele had proposed that a channel be made from the Luapula waters to connect into the Kafue and people called him a mad person. It is time some brains were stormed on this idea.

  28. The problem in Zambia is that we never plan and we stopped planning in the early eighties. During the time the population was small and we never had this problem. Since the 1990s the population has increased with mass exodus from the rural to urban areas. Urban areas have been growing at an alarming rate with the birth of new shanty compounds. None of these were planned. The compounds which were planned such as Libala, Kabwata or Chilenje, they have been extended within themselves. Therefore, electricity consumption has increased beyond the planned capacity. It is high time we started planning to curb this alarming situation. We must learn to change with time, it is actually unrealistic to even put the entire blame on PF instead we must find a lasting solution period.

  29. Hard truths about Zesco:
    The has been rampant corruption at zesco by successive govts from mmd 1991 onwards! To address zescos problems, you have to address corruption and the is no will in govt or in opposition, a good number in opposition and govt are children of corruption! HH can not, with a straight face, tell us he will address corruption at zesco whilst his right hand man, Felix Mutati, is one of the biggest zesco crooks! HH can’t tell us he, with honesty and patriotism, will look into the privatization of zesco given his at best thoroughly opportunistic and unpatriotic dealings in the murky privatization of Zambia’s assets! HH cant tell us the middle class jobs and the businesses occupied by indians will be diverted to Zambians whilst his next right hand man is a CorruptDipak…

  30. Although thermal power stations produce GHG responsible for climate change and are being used unabated in the USA, China, India and South Africa, among others, it is still desirable to have some thermal power stations generating electricity in Zambia’s energy mix to combat the effect of drought which it experiences from time to time. Zambia is about to commission the privately owned 300MW thermal power plant. The Minister should hurry up its completion. Zambia’s hydropower capacity has increased to about 2,200 MW because of improvements at Kariba North Bank and Kafue Gorge and new units at Karibaa North Bank from about 1,700 MW. Blame the present load shedding on climate?

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