Man 29 hangs himself using a mosquito net in Chilubi


A 29 year old man of Chilubi district has committed suicide after hanging himself using a mosquito net.

Pensulo Nkaki of Mutamba village in Chief Chiwanangala’s area hanged himself by the neck to a tree on Tuesday.

The body of Nkaki was discovered by members of the public who later reported the matter to relevant authorities.

The motive behind the suicide has not yet been established.

This is the second suicide case in Chilubi in a space of one month.

Late last month, a school teacher hanged himself using a necktie in his house, reportedly due to financial problems.


  1. These PF story tellers… “hanging by the neck”, did you imagine Nkaki to hang himself by the balls?

    • Ee boyi last evening passed through ninshi ninoona only to find its demolished. Items there used to be cheap indeed. Try Luangwa Bar or Maela G.Hs in Kalingalinga. Very affordable also. Take care.

  2. Dear zambians,the social economic miseries under pathetic PF are really devastating,only a few-,bakachemas, who are resilient & have a strong base will remain! Its really hellish living in zambia under PF especially to those used to government handouts! These majority poor zambians will only be remembered next year towards & during general elections,as for now -survival ni nkondo!

    • You make a good point. There has been an uncommon upswing in suicides among bakolwe and it is not due to accidentally missing branches as they swing from tree to tree. Everything is being used to commit suicide – mosquito nets, guns, poisons.

  3. Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! He should have hanged himself with a belt or ulushishi. A mosquito net! He is misusing the implement

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