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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Women for Change condemn defilement of a 7 year old pupil by Headteacher

General News Women for Change condemn defilement of a 7 year old pupil by...

Women for Change Executive, Lumba Siyanga has condemned the alleged defiling of a 7 year old female pupil from a Kindergarten Private School in Mtendere township by a 50-year-old headmaster of the same school.

Ms Siyanga said it is saddening that the incident happened in a school environment where children are supposed to be protected from such vices.

She said if perpetrators of defilement can be found in schools then children will not be protected because schools are supposed to be the second safest place for them.

Ms Sianga told ZANIS in an interview that it is shocking that the Headmaster who should lead as a good example by ensuring that the children are protected and secured can be involved in such an act.

She observed that if the rights of the girl child can be violated in a school environment then the children will be demoralised and can result into some of them dropping out of school for fear of being abused.

Ms Sianga said standards of child protection in all schools should be enhanced so that children are well protected and secured whilst in school.

The girl in question is alleged to have been defiled by the Head teacher a Mr Banda last Monday within the school premises during lunch hour.

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  1. There you go. Easterner at it again.

    Defilement=Eastern Province
    Thieving=Northern Province
    Armed Bandits=Copperbelt
    Conmen & Deceit=Luapula Province
    Rape + Incest=Southern Province
    Food based murders(Greed) = Western Province
    Lusaka all the above
    Last but not the least:
    North western, Cant really fault them apart from Alcoholism but they are hard workers.

  2. Tha really stinks! I can’t imagine undressing in front of a young girl who is of that age not even an 18year old. With this I say shame, and hope justice will be done accordingly. To the girl, I feel sorry with what she will go through for the rest of her life.

    • @Nubian, I really don’t believe such stories so plainly, and cut his tiny…
      1. It is at lunch hour, what made him have such uncontrolled erection, as if it was 03:00 am on a Friday.
      2. She is just 7 yrs old, even for ubwanga (juju), there is no way a 50 year-old can unzip… not even to show for attempt to scare a crying child.
      My point is even most of you grown women, some of us have to ask you 5 time “…. are you ready, are sure!?”.
      Even if you say “… go ahead Ba Nostra…. do it please do it”, we feel for you that you will SCREAM once the… And will continue checking on you “… are you ok, are you sure” while you are shaking your head.
      So a man on a 7 year old?? I don’t buy such allegations in Zambia.

  3. No, no this is tragic. Send that headmaster if he is found guilty by the courts for flogging and then castration. The offence is too serious to only get a custodial sentence. Corporal punishment must also be given to this animal of a headmaster.

  4. Allow justice to trevail this is not the jungle. Women for change learn to allow the courts of law to do what they know. Best. If found guilty cut his balls and suture his anus. Burn his dick n make him eat it. If innocent let him **** all senior members of women for change in their mouths so dat they realise the courts can speak for them sleves.

  5. What type of schools are these? What type of people are these? This is definately not the Zambia I grew up in.

    But what do you expect when people discard their traditions and culture in exchange for western “free” lifestyle? Gayism and lesbianism open the door to all types of perversions. When you allow inhibitions to fall away in your society, how do you protect your children from being molested?

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