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Government orders demolition of Ultra-modern Mpongwe Mission Hospital’s mortuary

General News Government orders demolition of Ultra-modern Mpongwe Mission Hospital’s mortuary

Government has ordered the demolition of the ultra-modern Mpongwe mission hospital mortuary currently being constructed in the district failure to which legal action would be taken.

This follows an inspection conducted on 26th June, 2015 by Public Health and environmental officers to ascertain the safety and quality standards of the super structure being constructed at the mission hospital.

The local authority last year disbursed a total of K115, 000 from its 2014 constituency development fund (CDF) towards the construction of an ultra-modern mortuary unit at Mpongwe mission hospital.

This is according to a letter dated 29th June 2015 issued by the ministry of community development, mother and child health , addressed to Nis-matt contractors of Kitwe and made available to ZANIS, today.

The letter revealed that the slab for the structure was not constructed according to the building standards.

“The building is at roof level, however it was discovered that the slab was not constructed according to the building standards.

“ For example, the simple test of dropping the size of half a concrete block from a short distance was able to break the concrete. Thereafter, using bare hands we were able to separate the concrete, ” the Letter read in part.

“From this simple test, it was proved that the building is resting on a weak base and therefore the building will have a short life span.”

“Therefore, in accordance with this section, we direct the contractor to demolish the super structure in order rebuild the slab, failure to which legal action shall be taken.” Said the letter.

Meanwhile, the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in Mpongwe District has expressed disappointment at substandard works being exhibited at the construction the mortuary unit.

Mpongwe PF district Chairperson Judah Munemesha said in an interview that it is disheartening for a local contractor to exhibit substandard works at a project that is expected to benefit the entire community.

Mr. Munemesha said a mortuary is a dignified and respectable place hence the need for the contractor to pay maximum attention towards its construction.

He has further called for the local authority and buildings department to intervene in the matter stating that substandard works have continued to dent government’s efforts to provide social and economic development to the masses.

And efforts to get a comment from the local authority’s director of works proved futile by press time as his phone went unanswered.


    • To hell with these PFs… they never do anything permanent. MPs are gongas, hence by-elections every week.
      That foundation is like Edgar, you drop a half trusted RB, he breaks down. And comes with her bare hands … therefore we demand demolishing the PF.


    • So where is the Project Manager of this project? It is appalling that a poor country like Zambai has so much wastage. Was the Project Manager given a brown envelope or just too lazy to onion the project. He should be fired!

  1. Terms like “super structure” and “ultra-modern” should have been left aside in this report. Misleading and innapropriate.

    Another thing is why did the officers wait so long with inspection? They should have been present during the initial stage of construction, in order to stop the project and avoid further waste.

    • No not that way, there is nothing they could inspect. Inspection is done when construction has been finished or nearing finishing. However inspection of building materials could have been done before it is used. The bricklayers produced poor quality blocks.. Kikikiki

    • ba Nine,
      I’m also puzzled by the ultra modern bit. Perhaps the LT writer had heard that phrase recently and he was just so eager to spit it out. Even inappropriately ka.

      ha ha! dear LT, I’m only joking, alright. Please don’t ban my bum from LT!

  2. “For example, the simple test of dropping the size of half a concrete block from a short distance was able to break the concrete. Thereafter, using bare hands we were able to separate the concrete, ” the Letter read in part”

    Nako ku Zambia!!

    1. Why were no concrete cubes taken for testing
    2. What were the specified concrete thickness’ and strengths
    3. Where was the structural engineer during construction and why didn’t he insist on the QC checks
    4. There are more scientific methods for testing concrete strength (cube tests / Schmidt Hammer tests)
    I concur with 9 Chale that the word “ultra modern” is a misnomer in this instance. 9 Chale should however be informed that the word super structure refers to tbuilding above slab level.

  3. This is indeed a very “wasteful system in our country” A cross the Limpopo, our neighbours in South Africa, a normal dwelling house built in a suburb will need a minimum of four certificates from the local municipality before the structure is declared habitable (occupation certificate). This does not mean delays, it simply means that at the end of the day you stop the waste at slab or even foundation level. Our inspectors come when the structure is at roof level, it is a shame if we cannot even benchmark from our nearby neighbours but instead we want to invent the wheel. To make the matters worse this is a public place which, at all times will house people dead or alive.

  4. How do we allow something to be perceived as ultra modern be given to useless contractors …..crazy…this should not be happening.

  5. K115, 000 to do an ultra modern structure, I think the problem was people who had awarded the contract. Please engage professionals to advise you on the cost and engineering aspects of buildings. Where is the Districts Works Supervise from the Ministry of Works and Supply??. Can we get a report why the building reached roof level without a certified Substructure. Who is the Supervisor of these works is it the direct of works at Mpongwe District Council. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE How much has the contractor being paid.

  6. @Destiny, actually, the reality is that everything (Destiny) is wasteful and cursed to this cursed name – Destiny.

  7. Anyway if a TB Joshua happens there will only be corpses dying so we wont even declare national mourning

  8. corruption! the sad thing is that tax payers money has gone to waste. in construction a certificate of completion is issued by the consultants in order for payments to be processed and a the next chunk of money released for the next phase. How then did the building reach roof level with all these controls in place. Guys there is big money in construction but there is a lot of corruption also. We appreciate all the projects being under taken but if controls are weak, we are getting one from where we would have gotten four! what do i mean? you get 1 km of road when you would have gotten 4 km from the same amount. We need an intensive audit after all is said and done, this is tax payers money which demands maximum accountability. otherwise we are condemning future generations.

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