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Kapita lashes out at UPND senior leaders still serving under HH

Headlines Kapita lashes out at UPND senior leaders still serving under HH

Former UPND vice president-political  Richard Kapita
Former UPND vice president-political Richard Kapita

Former United Party for National Development-UPND Vice President Richard Kapita has advised senior officials still serving under UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to take courage and resign because the opposition party is destined for doom.

Mr Kapita said there is no need for the senior UPND officials to cling on to a political party that will never form government.

He has advised senior UPND officials to instead join the Patriotic Front under its visionary leader Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Mr Kapita said after his defection to the PF, North Western province has seen various development projects being initiated and implemented for the good of the people.

He was speaking in Mulobezi in Western Province when President Lungu addressed a campaign meeting to drum up support for PF candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda Mambeya in the June 30 Mulobezi parliamentary by-election.

Mr Kapita claimed that the UPND and its leadership have gone on a smear campaign to malign him in the social media.

He said because of this negative campaign following his defection from the UPND, he is now compelled to seek legal redress.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has lashed out at critics who have been accusing the PF of doing nothing to improve the operations of the Mulobezi railway line.

President Lungu is concerned at the level of vandalism on the Mulobezi railway line saying it was not good as the rail line is for public good.

The president told the campaign meeting the PF has since assuming government implemented a robust programme of action to revatilise the once ailing operations of the Mulobezi railway.

He said previously it used to take one week for people to travel from Mulobezi to Livingstone.

President Lungu said there is now decency as people are no longer being transported with livestock as the case was before.

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    • “He has advised senior UPND officials to instead join the Patriotic Front under its visionary leader Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”
      What is the key word in the quote VISIONARY. This same Kapita during campaign in January said that Lungu had no vision today suddenly Lungu has become visionary . This is the crop of leaders in Zambia a very big let down.

    • Kapita, that is all you have become, a mouth piece without a position in the PF. Your being knows it that you have no place in that party other than being used. Tell the people what PF is doing to address they day to day issues and stop worrying about UPND which is not ruling. You are in PF now, develop the economy, address the under development of your rich province.

    • Whenever somebody joins the PF, Their thinking capacity goes “bonkus” and drops to that of below a retard. There is something really wrong with the ruling party. Look at Katele Kalumba, Sakwiba Sikota and all other once upon a time intellectual persons on the political scene. Some have join the PF but upon leaving and going back into opposition, they start thinking properly again like Mike Mulongoti, Nason Msoni etc.

    • This Kapita of a person is causing more harm to the PF and if the PF thought it was a wise idea to buy him then they have lost it out. Every one knows who Kapita is, a let down, a fluke, slanderer, trickery and a retard and this is how people destroy themselves.

    • Must be really sad for Kapita that HH or any other senior UPND official are ignoring him as he tries desperately to elicit a response from them. He is like a fly too close to the ears which one absently waves away.

    • Kapita is a loose goose trying too much to please Lungu.

      However, the truth remains that there are senior UPND members who believe that HH has taken the party as far as he can. And it was time for some new that can bring in a lot if new members from other provinces if Zambia.

      The second truth is that there is an EMERGING CARTEL within UPND. Those hired to disrupt HH and those who think he is not the man to lead them.

      Truth of the matter is in 2016 when he looses, he will be forced to step aside.

    • Kapita its better 2just keep quite. Uve joined Pf. That’s yo democratic right. U shudn’t be seen demonizing HH who has never issued any comment since yo departure. Kapita ur a nonentity. U shud be thankful 2UPND for building U. Even for PF to notice &poach U is bcos UPND & HH in particular raised U up against all odds. Ur not popular even yo own Mwinilunga constituency rejected U after just one MP term 2001-2006. As UPND V/P U resigned at a rally addressed by ECL with shamefully only 3family members. Ur lowly educated but HH went out of his way just 2support u all the way to become speaker of the N/A where u lost by 1vote. Had u won wud uhav resigned as Speaker even if UPND can’t win? Just enjoy yo $5m bribery income. Remember 22 PF rebel MPs! Ask Machungwa & CO wud havbn Ministers.

    • What else do you expect to come out of a mouth of a house nigger? Kapita will say even things that will make him sound like a toddler in a bid to please his new master. He should be reminded that there is freedom of choice and freedom of association. Furthermore, he should know that some people are principled hence they will never jump from party to party like a monkey jumping from one tree branch to another. I didn’t know this man had no sense. How on earth did UPND have such a baffoon for a Vice President? Zambian political parties must be a total joke!

  1. Its a shame to see him trying very hard to win electrotes but the truth of the matter is the man has no support in Zambia. People dont see PF the same way they did in 2011

    • You will judge pfs acceptance and performance in tomorrow by elections. Its not by how many insults you hurl against pf on the on line media but what is actually obtaining on the grassroots

  2. It pains me to see a grown man stoop so low. Mr Kapita, your defection has long since been forgotten, you have relegated yourself to the level of Frank Bwalya, only useful for campaign rhetoric…its a big shame.

  3. Can’t we have principled politicians. Why worry about those senior members who have not joined the “UNruling” party. Sure your “deflection” to the ruling party has brought development to NWP? Amazing grace…..for sure.

  4. Kapita you’re forgiven and forgotten, just concentrate on your newly found party, will meet with you head on in your province next year during campaigns and see who has been telling the truth between my party UPND and you with PF

  5. Kapita should just shut up because he is the one who used to depend on HH’s money and he is doing the same even in pf.

  6. Just for today, forgive me for saying stu-pi.d i.dio.t to this Kapita man. don’t drag the good people of NWP into your foolish defection and politics of the belly. what massive development is there in NWP? at least Mukombwe has been more honest and honourable than you.

  7. Just thinking out loud!
    I wonder had U.P.N.D won the race to State House, would this “BELLY POLITICIAN” be eating with U.P.N.D, as we speak, or would he have defected to the opposition P.F, & started shouting from the rafters about “Lungu’s wise & visionary leadership”??
    Just wondering.

    • Can you say the about Canicious Banda? PF will full Zmbia for the next 20 solid years like it or get out! Sela tubombeko iwe, tukolope!

      It’s ECL all the way

  8. Kapita, you mean development is now visible in N.W province since you defected to PF? Therefore, opposition zones are deliberately neglected unless you are doublespeaking.

  9. ?

    Dora is an individual… one of the many people that insulted Sata. Some even went further and beat up Sata. Sata himself would be doing what EL has done … to welcome Dora in PF just as she was taken back to Parliament after insulting (middle finger) she raised remember?.

    Zambia is a Christian nation with tolerance whereby even wrong doers are given a second chance. My friend your cry is in vain specially that everything is pointing to Dora’s win tomorrow. Dora is PF now, and there should be no bygones come back.

    • @moonga
      Its Kabova Nsanda who beat BaSata(MHSRIP) in July-August 2001 at radio Ichengelo only shamefully to become PF member and looted big time more than BaSata himself. What with the reported sacks of cash found in Nsanda’s bedroom! Even BaSata had dignity to bank all his loot if any. Remember Zambia reports last year showed some dubious deposits from Chinese Firms into BaSata’s family accounts at Finance Bank!

  10. The money you stole from the UPND during the January 2015 elections campaigns is haunting you. Try and Go back to Mwinilunga to seek re-election as MP from your own people, you will have a shock of your life when they flush and throw you out like a rotten PIG. Stop talking about HH and UPND if it has no political value in your life. Be Man enough enjoy your new found marriage with the PF.

  11. Mr. Kapita, stop this nonsense if u want to be relevant in your new political party. The war you have started with the UPND will not help you in any way and that of your party. In-fact if you feel you are such a powerful politician in North western province TRY to contest as an MP on pf ticket in Mwinilunga your own home town!

  12. It’s common sense to stick with PF. Likewise it makes sense for decent acceptable UPND seniors to join PF; (except Mwanawasa for the misappropriation of funds for the weakest among us).

    HH should, ‘totally’ disband UPND. It hurts to see a good mind go to waste. He can master our economy as a senior respected Gov’t Minister in PF ( we just have to remove his sharp fangs before we play with him)!!

    • @Patriot abroad

      It’s common sense to stick with PF…… for those who are in govt and party to plunder the economy. The Kwacha is now headed to K10/US$.
      it makes sense for decent acceptable UPND seniors to join PF……in Zambia, there abound spineless people who at the smell of a bowl of soup sell their souls to the devil.
      HH should, ‘totally’ disband UPND……ever heard of the Republican (GOP) party in USA disbanding because they are in opposition?
      It hurts to see a good mind (HH) go to waste………. rebeased billionaire (HH) life is secured; it is Zambia which is worse without his leadership in government.
      He can master our economy …….. you are 190% correct!!
      we just have to remove his sharp fangs ….he needs them to fight corruption!!

  13. I can’t wait to hear one day that hh has defected to pf, am sure that’s the time we are going to hear how a thief he has been and a political failure from these mafias calling themselves as upnd clowns. To them anyone with a contra view is called all sorts of unprintables just to satisfy their selfish ego. Am praying has for hh defection maybe we will hear some hidden truths about him too.

  14. Kapita is a wise man.It does not make sense for any one to stick to UP and DOWN which will never form govt.They think they can win elections on social media….never.The tribal UPND is actually losing the three by elections tomorrow.

    • Does Mugabe winning the elections in Zimbabwe make his party any better than a world pariah it is?
      Does Nkurunzinza reign of terror and subsequent sweeping of all parliamentary seats in Burundi make him a better leader?
      Has the 94% electoral victory of Bashir of Sudan made him a great and respected leader?
      Is Paul Kagame’s expected third term bid and impending landslide victory something any sane person should admire?

      PF brutality and abuse of opposition and media may hand them victory in all bye elections in Zambia, but that doesnt for a small moment make this failed government any better. PF could even win next years election by 98% by blotting out all oppositiion, KK wamuyaya style, but that wont make PF any better a government nor party!!

  15. When UPND loses in 2016,that will be end and HH will now become a full time Kachema.The tribal tag seemingly is permanent and Zambians cant allow a tribal party to form govt.How do you explain a situation where people are given good roads,schools,hospitals,bore holes etc and you still give the ruling party a zero at polling station because the President is not Tonga ?

    • How about Luapula, Mchinga, Northern Province combined which gave UPND less than 10 000 votes (three provinces…their level of tribalism is worse than cancer but they are quick to point a finger at a province which in one Counstituency ie. Choma gave their Bemba led party more than 8 000 votes!!!)

      And consider the tribal talk of gorilla Chama of the Congo and now you of his kind rediculing the wealthiest tribe in Zed calling them ba kachema……did it occur to your small brain that the Bush family are ba kachema and that Carter is from an agricultural background that we grow the sugar you eat and the maize, etc whilst your preoccuptation is theft through government contracts??

      Southerners are the pround Texans of Zed!!

    • I would rather be a ful full time kachema, and contribute to the economic growth of my country, than be chagwa’s praise singer, and depend on him for my survival like a freeloader parasite kapita.

  16. Why is it that all those who defect to pf, are thief’s? Like this same kapita, kapita if you think you have joined a correct group in politics of zambia, just contest at the next convention to,even challenge your fellow thievies,you will see how they will treat you, a man like, ,,you are only good at spoon feed.

  17. Kapita is a man of great vision.He evaluated UP and DOWN for 17 years and a logical conclusion was arrived at that the small tribal party has no capacity to form govt.Those who are stuck to it like lice will realize rather too late after the 2016 elections.North western and Western province which used to supplement the tribal party vote have opted to work with Lungu who is undoubtedly accepted country wide.Those who have eyes and ears make a wise decision now in the best interest of mother Zambia.

  18. A traitor on top of a hill preaching to others on how sweet it is to be a traitor. Is anyone listening to this stupe I wonder?

  19. Kapita is not a thief.Thieves are those who stole in the name of privatization and today they want to boast as if they worked for the money.Results will show in 2016.We know that they are busy registering even children who are under age hoping to give PF zero in Southern so that they win……it wont work cos all reasonable Tongas are now working with PF.I passed thru Southern prov yesterday and roads in Choma and Monze are well tarred.Zambians should always appreciate when govt is doing well.

    • @John
      Like E Mumbi was long referred to as Fmr PF secretary General until Sata questioned him on election day why he had nothing else 2b called than being associated with PF. In fact that tiff made me think it might spoil Sata’s presidential chances given that it was dramatized on ZNBC.
      @Kaluweluwe @23
      Indeed the promised job has delayed!
      Let him ask Fwaza HaBwalya, Masumba, Hapunda,Mulongoti, Msoni, Taima & Mpombo. Promised jobs are not always honoured esp if ur Tonga/Lamba/Lunda/Kaonde! Mpombo was reduced from Def Minister to Dep Ambassador to Nigeria by PF only to be later jailed by PF. Forget about the case against him having been initiated by RB. If he was a darling of PF they wud still hav found a way out for him & rewarded him handsomely. But now he is permanently damaged.

  20. Making a wise decision does not make one a traitor.Kapita in my view made a very good decision.Those who are still procrastinating will realize when it will be too late after 2016.

    • John, too late for what?

      Stifling opposition?
      Eroding democracy?
      One party state?
      Lungu wamuyaya campaign?
      Wako in wako gravy train?

  21. Why lashing at them to follow you, you think they are easily bought like you. You cheated PF that there will be mass defections from UPND, now that you have seen none, you are panicking because lies have caught up with you.

    • Just wait, you will find that you will be the only one left on that tribal train you idyot Mufasa!

  22. We will wait for the results after voting tomorrow.we will see if PF has lost popularity or not!!BUT THE FACT IS EXPECT 2-1 OR 3-0 SCORES IN FAVOUR OF PF!!THEN IN 2016 PF WILL EASILY RETAIN POWER!!!

  23. Why lashing at them to follow you? good one mufasa! that’s what pf is all about brutal force or is it join us or else type of party. They can’t learn to win through convincing ideas.

  24. SG Chama just stated a fact and some people who are myopic want to pretend and say he insulted.Today you are insulting Kapita because you are feeling the heat.Western province is gone and NWP too have bid farewell to UP and DOWN.Concentrate on what you know best……..being stubborn Kachemas.

  25. President Lungu is an all inclusive leader ….. despite the Post and ZWD being negative about him every day,us the majority Zambians are seeing the good works he is doing.We shall give him a full 5 years mandate in 2016.Cow dung will not stand a chance….it will be time for them to disband.

  26. 2016 Nega nega formula ! 10 animals 10 bags of cow dung manure x 100 percent vote…..Grand total 18 percent.Its ironic but true !

  27. Guys I have to say, are there no other words you can use to describe what is happening here. I have noticed two stories within this LT news feed that use the term “lashes out” in the headline. Are there no alternative terms to use to describe the so called “lashing out”? Like “lambastes”, “castigates” , “reprimands”. Just a simple thesaurus check will help with that. It seems like when certain Zambian journalists happen upon a word or phrase they just ride that phrase to exhaustion. Some time before this, that word was “rubbishes”.

  28. In Kikaonde we say “Batuka kouya kechi batuka koufumane” Mean Never insult were you are coming from ,but were you are going. We know of the past but we do not know of the future.

  29. Mr. Kapita it is normally advisable that after divorcing your spouse never talk ill of them,; dont be a mercenary like the once infamous former PF secretary general Edward Mumbi! Just concentrate on your PF business coz you are already prooving to be a liability in the ruling party.


  31. Kapita its better you shut your mouth and appear wise than open your mouth and convince some fools that they are better than you!

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