Namibia is one of six African countries that migrated from analogue to digital television broadcasting before the deadline of 17 June 2015.

This happened after Namibia successfully switched off the analogue broadcast of its national television some eight days ago.

This means that antennae still on the roofs and television sets of some houses in Namibia must be replaced with satellite dishes as part of the shift to digital broadcasting.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) deadline to migrate from analogue to digital broadcasting system was 17 June 2015, as set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

“We are proud as Namibia to have been amongst only six African countries to meet the DTT deadline and wish to also congratulate other SADC members states for beating the deadline,” said the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Tjekero Tweya on Friday.

He was officiating at the SADC Communications, Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) and Postal Services Ministers meeting in Walvis Bay.

Other SADC member states that successfully switched to digital broadcasting are Malawi, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zambia and Rwanda.

Those who missed the deadline are expected to switch over by June 2016.

“We are equally encouraged that other countries have their foot at the doorstep of successful migration. As they say: ‘better late than never’,” said Tweya.

Between 21 and 26 June 2015, more than 100 African leaders converged in Walvis Bay, where the SADC DTT Steering Committee meeting took place, followed by the ninth SADC Digital Broadcasting Migration Forum and the SADC Communications ICT and Postal Ministers’ meeting.

Discussions provided opportunities for member states to share personal experiences on the migration from analogue to DTT.

Participants also discussed analogue switch-off strategies and digital platform operating models, funding models and development of local content.

The SADC Communications ICT and Postal Ministers’ meeting discussed the implementation of the SADC Roadmap on Digital Broadcasting Migration.

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    • And can this useless PF tell us how we are going to watch TV with NO ZESCO POWER????

      They are too busy with by-elections to even understand the problem!

      At least all the PF MPs are being paid enough taxpayers money to buy generators.


  1. Zambia has not switched over. We are currently on the trial phase. The analogue and digital broadcasts are running concurrently, and our digital broadcast is only along the line of rail.

    By the way, when did Rwanda join SADC?


  2. Zambia has made significant progress in digital migration and those that hopped that the country would fail have their evil hopes dashed! @WS is asking whether you can eat DTT, he/she represents those people who don’t understand how things work.

    DTT will enable creation of more channels, more channels means more content and more content will lead to people/companies creating the content. Do you see jobs there @WS? Do you see more economic activity in the creative industry? When you say economy what do you mean, creative industry is part of the economy bwana. Don’t just criticize


  3. guys this story is incorrect
    have switched
    Mozambique; Tanzania; Rwanda; Mauritius and Malawi plus Nambia

    Countries that have been designated as on-going, which include Nigeria, are India; Zambia; Zimbabwe, South Africa; Togo; Mexico; Korea Republic; Kenya; Cameroon among others.

    we havent switched over to digital completely stop getting excited we missed the deadline! …..what this means is that if there is interference from another country using the same band for lets say HSDPA or LTE we cant complain



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