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Woman collapses on her wedding day and goes into a coma

General News Woman collapses on her wedding day and goes into a coma


A Ndola woman who collapsed during her wedding over the weekend has been admitted at Ndola’s Central Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for high blood pressure and is in a comatose state.

Theresa Bwalya Kabaso, who is 66, was scheduled to get married to Eli Kayula, 75. The two have been in a relationship for more than 40 years.

Ms Kabaso fell ill as the duo were exchanging wedding vows at Pamodzi Catholic Church in Ndola on Saturday and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.Mr Kayula said in an interview yesterday that his bride, who had a history of high blood pressure, was in a critical but stable condition, as informed health specialists.

“She has not gained consciousness from Saturday and she is just breathing with the aid of an oxygen support machine. The medical personnel are however optimistic that she will pull through and begin to talk soon as she still has the sense of hearing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kayula said the last two days have been unbearable for him after a weekend that started on a brighter note promising a lot of joy.

“I didn’t anticipate such an outcome because she was fine on Friday and Saturday until we got to the church where she complained of having a black-out before falling ill,” he said.


    • two possible reasons:
      1. Limbi nabakwata ifumo ba mbuya aba, so ili muma complications (old age)
      2. Limbi baletina ukubalasa live( kaili for 40 years balebomfyafe ama condoms)

    • Eli Kayula caused the collapse by taking too long to decide to marry Theresa Kabaso. She became ‘too’ overjoyed that she forgot she is Hypertensive & her BP shot up. She became ‘too’ overjoyed that at long last she was marrying in old age & will die a married woman.
      But since it happened before the nuptial/Connubial ceremony was concluded she may as well be unmarried, don’t you think?

    • i dont blame most of most you making these comments, its because the journalist dd not do his job properly to inform you . the couple has been married under customary arrangement, at this time they wanted a church marriage blessing.the have children and grand children, this couple is one of most respected in ndola in that community. so its not that they were just in a relationship of boy and girl or man and woman. no they are a married couple. unfortunately we lost her. condolences mwebafyashi ba kayula. Lesa alebafye naimwe lyonse

  1. This is amazing- marrying after spending over 40 years in a relationship!
    I guess they have been cohabiting and have children but simply wanted to formalise their marriage.

  2. Chabulanda sana kwena! Ama pressure yaso tefintu kubukulu mwe. They are as good as married after spending all those years together.

  3. May she get well soon and best wishes to her suitor at this very trying moment, their past cohabiting history notwithstanding.

  4. Is it true Patricia Mulasikwanda was caught red-handed by her mother having s.e.x with her own biological dad and when the old girl protested, the PF lumpen descended on her with a kang’oto until the old one “nyelad the katanafu, twaaa wa mulilima”. This was the reason PF adopted her, they’re all cursed, ba pongolezwi kiba mukuto!

    • I hope this is not true, this should have been some juju she was doing what would she look for at her age even from a step father. I am disgusted that I used to speak to this woman in the past I thought she was human. Any sexual sin can be pardoned but incest at her age with the father mai mai

  5. They are legalizing their marriage; in catholic church it is a normal practice so that batampe ukulya umukate.

  6. This Man Must be arrested for late marriage, this is a very big case all over the world. stake holders have been advocating for this for too long. we must also sensitize our chiefs not to entertain such a thing in our villages. it’s a taboo to get marriage at 75. the law must take it’s course period!

  7. Its a pity most of the commentators are doing so out of ignorance! In catholic doctrine, this marriage is called Sacrament of Marriage, in bemba we say ukukaka ichupo! Someone who is a catholic could be legally married but if such a marriage is not sanctioned or blessed by the church, then there is no Sacrament of marriage and a person in such a union may not receive eucharist or participate in certain leadreship positions!
    Most people like this couple could stay for a long period of time without receiving the sacrament but that shows that a person is not strong in his faith!

  8. They did not finish exchanging their vows Mrs. Kayula was taken to the hospital . Now is the marriage valid or they will continue to complete the matrimonial consent (right) ?

  9. In the Catholic Church we have what’s called the Sacrament of marriage.
    A marriage will only be recognized in the Church if it is blessed in the Church.
    So these our parents must have been legally married but were seeking recognition in the Church for them to partake in the Holy Communion.
    40years is just stuff dreams are made off.

  10. bushe mwe bantu do u jst comment with out understanding the story? this couple married and have children and grandchildren bt they wanted their marriage to be blessed and be formal

  11. The latest is that the old lady passed away on Sunday night in Ndola Central Hospital. Very sad development. Sincere condolences to all affected by this lady’s passing on.

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