PF have now resorted to using guns- UPND

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma
UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma

We are saddened that our colleagues in the PF again resorted to using fire arms against our defenceless supporters in Mulobezi bye election campaigns.

It is now clear that our friends in the PF have now graduated from using pangas, machets, and have now taken up guns against the Zambian people.

The incident in Mulobezi coming shortly after the PF Secretary General Davies Chama shot our youth shows clearly a system new approach of using guns against our people.

So far our investigations shows that the vehicle that was used in the latest Mulobezi incident was being driven by one of the District Commissioners.

The number plate on it is ABF 2741, but the disc bears the same number plate but the chassis number on the disc is different from the one on the vehicle.

The disc shows Chassis number is AHTFZZ29G109116334, we now demand for RATSA and other security wings to confirm the real owner of this vehicle.

Our information so far shows this is a government vehicle with registration number GRZ 536CL.

The vehicle was last serviced on 26/05/14 by Toyota Zambia at KM 29865

But surprisingly, instead of dealing with these issues, Police again at night,instead arrested our officials among then UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s driver, Mr. Batuke Imenda, Mr. Musiyalela, and several other people who were resting at the UPND camp.

Charles Kakoma
UPND Chairperson for Information and Publicity


  1. UNPD can not turn itself into a police or para-military wing. If they impounded that vehicle without the help of law enforcement officers, things can easily turn against them as it can be assumed that they interfered with evidence and that all their claims are a mere fabrication.

    What I want to say is that UPND is being careless and doing things without thinking of the consequences. At times even if you are right in an issues, but if you fail to reason or act properly, you may end up jeopardising your own case.

    • Winterkambashi, I do not mean that UPND should stand sheepishly as you say when under threat of violence. It is how you react to it without injuring your reputation and destroying a case which is in your favour by being the judge, jury and executioner. People will not believe you.

      UPND should also not be violent if the do not want violence. In this case, it is difficult to rule out the possibility of UPND being on the offence too. UPND had never condemned its cadres whenever they are involved in violence or other bad behaviours. UPND has always defended its violent actions. PF on the other hand has been talking to its cadres not to be violent. By being silent or stopping its cadres from violent behaviour, UPND is actually promoting it.

      Violence bigots violence.

    • What lie is there? And as for the police, tell us whose vehicle was that which was pursued and impounded by UPND? Who shot the three people reported earlier? Can we be given updates on these issues instead of picking only those loose ends.

  2. It is very surprising and sad that a well meaning Zambian can condemn UPND who are at the receiving end of the PF violence in Mulobezi.
    All well meaning Zambians should condemn political violence with the contempt it deserves. There is no need of being partisan about it as lives are unnecessarily at stake here. Its a pity the police force is partisan as well.

    The problem Zambia has is that all departmental heads, the police force included are political appointees. They all know the truth, but because they need to put food on the table, it is extremely difficulty for them to bite the finger that feeds them. The solution to this menacing disease is for politicians to allow professionalism to rein in all government departments bring sanity, level headedness and development in the…

    • You liar, now Zambians know that UPND is always violent in elections taking place in its strong hold. Count all the elections that have taken place in UPND strong hold, you will find that there has been violence in all. You also count elections taking place in the PF strong hold…there has been peace. UPND campain peacefully in the PF strong hold but it is opposite for PF. So its clear now that UPND is violent due to desperation. Let UPND be strong for come 2016, the nega nega formula will be used by other provinces.

    • Was Shiwang’andu a UPND stronghold or is our memory so short? It is where ever PF is scared of an embarrassing loss that violence is recorded. It won’t help turning a blind eye to truth!

  3. UPND is always violent whenever an election takes place in its strong hold. Their strategy is to intimidate PF but this is turning to be a dull strategy as it is backfiring on UPND always. Why is it that there is peace in elections taking place in the PF strong hold? UPND campaign peacefully in the PF strong hold with no any violence. Is it not clear that UPND is violent? Zambians have come to know this fact now and UPND is just wasting time for it is losing many voters for 2016. Remember that the nega nega formula will be used by other provinces.

    • you just have to look at the way they ransacked those trucks through chirundu border prior to January presidential bye elections when they believed that they were winning the elections to know there true nature! Am told their leader was even accommodated by a witchdoctor in mulobezi! We must be careful with them,another mushala in the making!

  4. We are all able to judge our selves but the truth is insulting one onother and name calling has never made anyone win votes zambian are peaceful and you can manipulate a few foolish carders but not everyone is foolish so let’s all value our brothers and sisters we claim we want to represent and improve their life when at the end of the day we just want to improve our lives. Our politics are becoming very cheap with very huge cost to the poor masses in villages it’s true poverty is a curse.

  5. Today is not the first time a party from Southern Province has attacked a non Tongas party. Ask ANC and UP members. That’s why KK banned them.

  6. UPND is simply showing leadership where there is none but chaos, deception n fraud under pf. Pf police can’t secure anything for opposition. Pf are economic and political murderers. Wake up Zambia don’t remain divided on account of regional or tribal hatreds. Chagwa is promoting ‘wako ni wako’ and you don’t condemn him. RB has taken over political leadership in Zambia and you are celebrating. You people are too simple and your country is headed for disaster because you Zambians are dull.

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