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President Lungu thanks voters in Malambo, Petauke and Mulobezi

Headlines President Lungu thanks voters in Malambo, Petauke and Mulobezi

Zambian President Mr Edgar Lungu at the Dr David Livingstone Safari in Livingstone The Summit of the African Union Committee of Ten Heads of State on the Reform of the Security Council on Saturday 10th May2015 . Pictures By EDDIE MWANALEZA/STATEHOUSE.
Zambian President Mr Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has thanked the voters in Malambo, Petauke and Mulobezi for giving Patriotic Front(PF) victories in the just ended By Elections.

In a statement released to the media by his assistant for press Mr Amos Chanda, the President also thanked the opposition, for putting up a good run but wished them better luck next time

Below is the full statement


LUSAKA (Wednesday, July 1, 2015) — His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, has thanked voters in Malambo, Petauke and Mulobezi constituencies for honouring the Patriotic Front (PF) with resounding victories in yesterday’s parliamentary by-elections.

“The victory is neither mine nor the PFs alone. It is victory of the people of Zambia that have continued to show us immense support as the ruling party. I congratulate all PF members for the job well done. To the opposition, let me say thank you for putting up a good run but better luck next time.”

The President is confident that the support the people have shown him will be sustained until the 2016 Presidential election, which he is eagerly looking forward to.

“Speaking for my party, the PF, and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to state that we do not take this honour for granted. It is a demonstration of the faith and confidence Zambians have in us,” President Lungu said.

“With these three parliamentary by-elections behind us, I urge all our supporters to be magnanimous in victory and to those who lost, to be gracious in defeat. This is the reality of democracy. There is always the next time.”

The President said Zambians will always choose their leaders in a free and fair atmosphere, a situation that characterized the campaigns save for a few incidents, which he said police must ensure, do not recur.

“I am also mindful that the opposition UPND won a ward seat in Mulobezi and I therefore congratulate them. While these elections have been free and fair and while Malambo and Petauke remained incident-free, there were those of our brothers and sisters in Mulobezi who attempted to stand in the way of democracy by exhibiting intolerance. They must accept that the people have spoken and vox populi, vox dei (the voice of the people, is the voice of God.”

There are many lessons to be drawn from the just-ended Parliamentary by- elections, one of which is that Zambians have rejected regionalism and tribal politics because they believe in the “One Zambia, One Nation” motto.With this conviction on the part of Zambians, they remain ready to dismantle any regionally based political strongholds, because that kind of politics negates the gains of our democracy, freedom and unity as a country.

“As President, I will continue to champion national unity across tribe, political, religious and all other affiliations because this is why you elected me. There is no North-westerner, Southerner, Westerner, Northerner or Easterner, there is only One Zambia, One Nation, we are all Zambians…that is our tribe!”

The President will continue to perform his duties by bringing together the cream of the nation from different political and professional backgrounds because everyone is called to do their best in serving mother Zambia. “We must always remember that we all have a particular duty to perform in society. That is what gives practical expression to the very idea of the concept of citizenship.”

To those who seek to sow seeds of discord by spreading falsehoods and hate speech, the outcome of the three by-elections is yet another reminder that to them the goodwill of the people will always triumph over the merchants of ill-will and senseless malice against others.

“We have won seats in two important regions that some narrow-minded individuals would want to consider as opposition strongholds. Zambians will not fall for falsehoods because this country has cherished unity for the past 50 years and will continue to do so,” the President said.

“There is nothing of incremental value to the nation about sheer malice, hatred and petty jealousies. The PF administration shall continue to soldier on with developing our country and creating better lives for all our citizens, convinced that even when we experience temporal setbacks, no challenge will be insurmountable, because as a united people, we shall overcome!”

The PF has recorded six straight wins at parliamentary level and more than 20 local government seats in the last four months.

Issued by:
Amos Chanda

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    • “With these three parliamentary by-elections behind us, I urge all our supporters to be magnanimous in victory and to those who lost, to be gracious in defeat. This is the reality of democracy. There is always the next time.” that is the Mark of leadership

    • Who is Edgar Lungu by the way? A drunkard from Chawama who is good at nothing but encouraging violence against opposition members of the public.

      Shooting defenseless citizens is his legacy.

      I can’t congratulate a president who feels good seeing blood being shed by his party. He must have body parts of Human Beings in his fridge.

    • Oh president Jamasoni Lungu, what is it you have promised those poor patapata wearing voters? Jobs, lower cost of living, education and a bright future for their children? We hear no such things from you oh president.

      We challenge you to tell the nation what your plan and timeline is for lowering the unemployment rate(that is if you even know what the rate is at the moment).

      Those patapata wearing voters cannot eat new roads built on borrowed money nor afford first class medical facilities which you enjoy abroad.

      There is no victory at all for the Zambian people from this election as long as we continue to be poor and you have no concrete solution to this problem. PF1:Poor people of Zambia 0

    • What would have been an excellent speech was spoiled when it was punctuated by tribal and regional remarks. Let us get away from honouring that perception by depriving it of any space Mr. President.

    • Hypocrisy at its best. After preaching and using tribalism he has the audacity to pretend that he is an angel of light. We know him well now. Wako ni wako. Judgement day is coming.

    • Now compare and contrast ECL’s with the press release from Mr. HH entitled ”HH draws positives from the losses”. ECL truly has a mark of leadership!

    • Visionary, I totally agree with you! Dead, check your statement again. Are you genuinely calling ECL a marked leader? the man is simply delusive, cunning and sly, to say the least. What do you make of “Wako ni wako” in the light of “One Zambia one Nation”? and you call that a “mark of leadership”!

    • Nice words but does it change anything for better? I need convincing that what is contained therein is straight from the heart! My belief is what is being said is not what is being meant!

      I still await Mr Presidents remarks on his party SG’s disparaging language directed at Tonga’s.

    Let me take this opportunity to warn all Bloggers that are hostile against HH to desists from making negative comments agaist HH and the UPND or face life curses.

    HH is the man anointed by God to rule Zambia while Edgar Lungu was apppointed by Lucifa the devil to destroy Zambia’s economy. See now, the drunkard has appointed all tribesmen to head the judiciary leaving us Bembas alone.

    Edgar Lungu represents EVIL while HH represents BLESSINGS. AS long as Edgar Lungu is the president of Zambia, Zambia will remain under a curse untill HH comes to liberate us.

    HH is forming government next year.

    No negative blogger against HH is allowed to comment.


    • I got this from one of the bloggers and i feel going forward Lizard HH can read through “My advise to HH

      1. Transform UPND into a National not regional party.

      2. Stop going to bed with Mmembe out of desperation.

      3. Explain how you made your money. This question is dodging you

      4. Build a team that can criticism you and NOT followers who Hero – worship you because of your money.

      5. Please re brand your image. Dude times have changed.

      Have a modern hair cut. With all that money you look like you just dropped from the village or a village rodent. If not put some quality hair cream in your scalp.”

    • So if HH is anointed how come he keeps failing. Is that what God personally told you. You delusional false prophet

      Let me remind you. HH is cursed from becoming the president. He stole a lot of money during Privatisation of The Mines. This is the money that has built his business empire.

      He becomes very defensive when asked about how he accumulated his wealth. Rather fails just to give a simple explaination.

    • watchout man, HH is not a factor in Zambian politics…He is self centred and thinks he is the best candidate…

    • You are a reincarnation of Lucifer yourself. HH is a selfish power hungry novice politician with no heart for Zambia Your bitterness will choke you and your curses will come back to you. Come 2016 you will cry again because zambias will not vote for your tribal selfish devil worshipper HH

  2. The economy please. We do not eat by elections, nor our schools thrive on “caderisms” Mr. President deliver and all shall be well.

  3. The writer must not masquerade as bemba mune Bufi obo niwe kachema .God appointed Edgar just like God choose Nebuchadnezzar though he drinks beer ,but not blood .The bible say no leader becomes a leader unless God allow’s so for Edgar to be president it was God who allowed ,if he had not allowed the man would not have become. so dont cheat people that the devil runs this world it is God the Bible is very plain about leaders the book of Daniel 2:37-38,Roman13:1-8 , even the most wicked king is put by God dont cheat people without facts . Even for God to Give us chagwa he has a good reason. you will be cursing yourself if you do not repent and allow him to lead. if wicked kings impose themself Daniel a prophet would have been the first not to save wicked Babylon repent mune .Kachema.

    • @ musonda banda:

      My dear i have seen that you don’t understand Biblical concepts.
      Surely who told you that ‘ALL’ Leaders are appointed by God?
      Let me educate you, you proper fuul, unless you are saying Shekau Albubaka the Boko Haram Leader was appointed by God, then you are a lost soul.

      My dear, not all leaders are appointed by God. ISSL Leaders were not appointed by God by the devil. In the same manner, I dont think Edgar Lungu a man who uses guns to win elections was appointed by God. Lucifa the devil is behind his appointment.

    • Chi Hildah uli chikopo zoona! Leaders who lead nations are chosen by God only that man’s selfishness ends to corrupt them sometimes! What a silly example from a proper fo.o.l, are Boko Haram and ISSl nations? Styopet makaka!

  4. Well well well,so which party is more popular on the actual voting ground not online? Remember that politics is a game of numbers not bloggers.

    • Very good question, Zamcab. Look at the votes and what they mean. 2000+votes in “Wako ni wako’s” backyard is a sign of glowing and growing popularity!!!!

  5. That is a speech coming from the head of state. True leader indeed, congratulating the. opposition parties and also takin a swipe at violence. Not akamuntu we are making inroads without accepting defeat as though upend had no challenger. HH you are not a leader. To be rich is no guarantee that you can be president or a best leader. GBM is equally rich but leadership wise blank.

    • I’m sure this speech was written by someone other than Lungu. Why hasn’t he given a state of the country press hearing. I’m sure for the same reason he didn’t show up for the presidential debate, because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself. He loves to talk about how he will deal with people on certain issues, but he won’t discuss the real issues that is facing the country, e.g the constitution, corruption, party violence, failing health care(which is why he himself goes to another country to see a doctor…I would be embarrassed to travels hours away from my country to see a doctor).. how the mining companies are bullying Zed when it comes to taxes, failing kwacha, continuing power outages, water shortages, and failing education programmes.

    • Actions speak louder than words. Intimidating poor voters with guns is really not being popular. It is raping democracy from the core and it really hurts.

  6. A mis fortunate hildah malama. if you tell me who appointed Nebuchadnezzar ? God or the Devil .if it was the devil your write Bro kachema.

  7. A mis fortunate hildah malama. if you tell me who appointed Nebuchadnezzar ? God or the Devil .if it was the devil your right Bro kachema.

  8. @musonda Banda
    don’t mislead pipo into GOD ,s providence,GOD gave man a portion of responsibility to fulfill,its not GOD wish to see poverty in majority of our citizens.GOD doesn’t control man like a robot but he can guide man if man lean towards his will of goodness.infact GOD always warns us as the bible says test the spirit to determine whether the msg is from God or the devil.john 8.44.clearly states the ruler of this world is satan,so if ECL didn’t condemn the shoting or violence in mulobezi and no action has been done then I have reservations as GOD ,s hand in his rule.i know he is a good man.for Zambia to develop we need a GOD fearing leader not the use of GOD in campaigns.close to 270 million has been spent on parliamentary by elections since 2012.

  9. predestination is one word which a lot of pastors have struggled to explain and this has lead into a belief that the bible contract itself.GOD ;s predestination is ALWAYS OF GOODNESS the problem lies into man as we lose track ,like most Zambians lose tract when they sell their voting rights for k50.its for this reason that the people GOD chose to use who didn’t lose their focus and understood their mission left great marks in this world,like mother Theresa,martin Luther king JNR,nelson mandele,jesus Christ and other notable persons thru out history.

  10. One a Tribe!

    Thank you your Excellency!

    Fact is, your good Leadership attracts the right people into gov’t. Zambians have very good intellectual capabilities to understand Unity will save us. Detractors will be frustrated.

    One large family Tribe forms a united Zambia as we walk together towards a better life for all!

    Trust, Faith in good gov’t will see a successful Zambia, being a future regional leader.

    Your team will deliver if you hold the heart of Zambians seriously. We support you! Sir!

    • Even Mugabe and Nkurunzinza and Museveni and Al Bashir are busy winning by-elections!!! Al Bashir just got re-elected by 94% and Kaunda used to get 99% whilst FTJ hit the 80% mark!!

    • Patriot Abroad, you don’t need to be at home to see the hypocrite in your hero. “Give your enemy a beer and he will tell you from deep down his heart what he thinks about you.” Relate this to “Wako ni wako”. The man ECL was drunk and told Zambians what he believes in. Unfortunately even those who design his speeches can’t make him condemn Chama for both his insults and guns, nor the other shooting in Mulobezi! and that’s a uniting president????

  11. The mighty NGO upnd at it again! Loosing even in their so called backyard! Awe sure! The big Kachema hh slept in a cow’s kraal over the weekend thinking that he can deceive the great people of Mulobezi! Woe to this useless NGO and that stiuped man who calls himself Hilda Malama! By the way, Bangweulu Constituency is vacant, start warming up!

    • PF working togetheer with MMD retained the Mulobezi seat with 24 votes ahead of UPND. Barotseland/NWR has given PF a majority!

      In wako ni wako Lungu’s North Eastern Rhodesia, PF got 16 000 votes compared to UPND’s 2300 votes in Petauke. And then PF says it Kolopa; yes its a might tribal wako in wako wamuvumo yako ni wako kolopa.

      My fellow Barotse compatriots…..bana bahesu…PF kimasipa!!

  12. Ukutangila tekufika, ifintu filament chinja. Ifwe ni forward fye, olo mwa ponta. Time is coming!

  13. Lungu is too quick in responding to by-election victories than in addressing real national issues. People want to be addressed on for example: unemployment, high cost of living, load shading, education and health etc. The tragedy that has befallen Zambia is that we have a mass of voters from the Chiluba created street kids who are now street adults deciding for the nation because they are now the nation going by statistics. Unfortunately these men and women did not have the privilege of free and quality education like their predecessors. Because of selfishness some of the people who benefited from this free quality education have abandoned their professions to join politics to exploit the ignorance of these street adults who grew up in the nchekeleko era who see no wrong in corruption.

    • And therein, in your statement, lies your failure to get a grip on reality.
      1. Solutions to challenges that the nation is facing shall never be sorted by long speeches, addresses or debates. Rhetoric is countered by action. While opposition is talking, PF is engaged in action with the people on the ground.
      2. Those ‘street adults’ (as you call them) need to be engaged with in seeking a solution as normal people other than believing that ONLY you can think on their behalf because they are in patapata and you are in a paulo maldini branded shoe.
      That is where you and your upnd have lost it. Your leader is presented as a saviour while our leaders are partners. FREE ADVICE!!

  14. It seems he is saying any opposition must be against One Zambia One Nation and the only way is The Party. Unfortunately too familiar from the 1980s… Ifintu ni Boma? Who is progressive here and who is retrogressive?

  15. Democracy is working in Zambia. The people are speaking. Let us teach other African countries about the rule of law.

    • Too bad. Zambia has nothing to teach Africa because Zambia is learning from African corruption and lack of respect to the rule of law. e.g. Mulobezi where gun trotting cadres go scot free as just one example.

    • Actions speak louder than words. Intimidating poor voters with guns, especially opposition supporters, instilling fear in them rounding them up in order to disenfranchise them is being undemocratic.

  16. As usual this lazy empty tin Edgar is speedy to respond to useless issues than issues of importance like the state of the economy, rampant corruption, the reckless spending of his government, the utterly careless decisions of his cabinet ministers ie. Jean at Tourism who lifted the ban on hunting cats for sport when countries like Chile are doing the opposite, the lack of a clear roadmap..etc.

  17. @jay
    Bitterness has never won favour for anyone. If you want hh to be president advise him to join pf and we will vote for him because there is no tribal tag in pf. If you want to see upend win presidency you to an expertriate leader to win you an election. Otherwise opposition is yours forever and ever.

    • We all heard the tribal campaign speeches for Petauke and Malambo, so stop the nonsense you are saying when none of the opposition politicians uses the WW slogan as we head it day before yesterday. Mulekwata koensoni limolimo.

  18. UPND accept that there are people in our country who can do better than you. kaingu was like you ask him how he is feeling. Time for opposing will come not now. you will die opposing my dear

  19. The people of zambia don’t mind suffering. As long as the ones enjoying are telling them that it is normal for them to lead the kind of life they are leading. It is God’s wish that you suffer and they enjoy.
    They go shop from the mushrooming malls all over the place, but you should continue trading along Lumumba Rd and eat the food dropping from their tables. Its God’s wish. Please enjoy suffering because it’s God’s wish.

  20. Africa has Presidents with no morals, the man knows that the elections were not free and fair. If my friend was gunned down you think I will go out to vote, life is more than politics. Lungu knows if he has any conscious that he has cheated all the way from Mulungushi to each by-election. God have mercy on Zambia, they are looting our resources at the speed of light.

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