The Judiciary is independent, Government has charged


Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

GOVERNMENT says the Judiciary reserves the right to make its own decisions without any undue pressure or influence from other arms of government or indeed individuals.

Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili in a statement said that it is government’s conviction that the judiciary is in the hands of highly professional and competent people.

Reacting to Lubansenshi independent Member of Parliament Patrick Muchelekeka who was quoted in the Post Newspaper saying that it was expected that former President Rupiah Banda was going to be acquitted, Mr Kambwili said Mr Mucheleka’s insinuation that the judiciary is compromised, is preposterous in the extreme.

“The Patriotic Front government is a firm believer in the separation of powers and has no hand in the decisions of the judiciary in dispensing justice,” Mr Kambwili said.

He added that President Lungu has made it clear that he wants all wings of government to operate professionally, devoid of interference from any quarter.

“Mr Mucheleka, as a member of parliament, should not stoop so low as to be used by newspapers owned by people with the sole and narrow agenda of denting President Lungu’s image.”

Mr Kambwili added that Government is disappointed with Mr Mucheleka who it says has made it his pre-occupation to attack President Edgar Lungu.

“Mr Mucheleka’s latest attack on president Lungu and the Judiciary over the acquittal of former president Rupiah Banda yet again shows his frustration that his preferred candidate in the January presidential poll did not carry the day.”

Mr Kambwili said Zambia’s democracy is built on separation of powers among the three arms of government, namely the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature and that Mr Muchelaka’s wanton denigration of the judiciary is mischievous, to say the least.

“As a member of the legislature, Mr Mucheleka is not expected to interfere in the operations of the judiciary and to make unfounded inferences.”


  1. E BWAFYA. Why don’t they question the acquittals of many persons. By the way who initiated the oil charges against RB? Wasn’t it Mutembo and Mmembe ?

  2. The Judge read the reasons in support of the consequent judgment.

    Mr. Mucheleka, on the other hand, did not outline reasons why he thinks judgement should have been otherwise apart from wild accusations.

    The problem is that the Post and Mutembo had reached a level where they thought they were in total control of Government affairs, including all the three arms of Govt.

    Once Lungu wins again next year, let him bring back all the people in foreign service that were sent by Kabimba, Mmembe and Nchito and make sure that our 14 Billion is paid back with immediate effect.

  3. One doesn’t have to be interfered with in their operations to be partisan. Why was Lungu’s misappropriation case suddenly dropped by LAZ? The invisible hand works more than declarations as in Kambwili’s words above!

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