The installation of Chitimukulu to be held at the end of this month

-Paramount Chief Chitimukulu designate Henry Kanyanta Sosala
Paramount Chief Chitimukulu designate Henry Kanyanta Sosala

THE long awaited public installation of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the thirty-eighth Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people will be held this month end, a royal establishment representative has said.

Lubemba Traditional Council spokesperson Washanga Mpika said in an interview yesterday that Republican President Edgar Lungu and Chief Mukulumpe from the Democratic Republic of Congo had been invited to attend the event.

“We have invited the president and many other Government officials including many chiefs from across Zambia to come and celebrate with us.

“And as you may be aware, the Bemba speaking people originated from DR Congo as King Mukulumpe of the olden days was the father of our first Chitimukulu and his siblings. So it will be a great honour to have him and all our other invited guests in our midst,” Mr Washanga said.

The installation- which should have occurred last year- was delayed due to some misunderstanding between Government and the traditional council responsible for the appointment of the Chitimukulu.

The said misunderstanding now cleared between the two parties following Presidents Lungu’s recognition of Mr Sosala as the bona-fide paramount chief has since paved way for this month end’s event.

The installation on July 31 will be followed by the Kusefya pa Ng’wena traditional ceremony which will be from August 1 to 3.

Chitimukulu (the head of uLuBemba, the Bemba nation) calls his subjects to the original Ng’wena Village to celebrate the formation of the Bemba people and nation, and their subsequent achievements. The highlight of “Ukusefya pa Ng’wena” is the re-enactment of the journey from Kola to Lubemba.

Mr Washanga, however, appealed to the corporate world and individual members of the public to contribute resources to help the traditional council hold a successful event.


  1. Mweo a Bemba nzeru muliye….ndimwe vikopo ngako. Lomba ngw’ena ili kuni shaa? Congrats guys at last we have Chitimukulu to share ibange with Mpezeni!

    • Congrats to Chitimukulu and all people of bembaland. May the grace of God be with the Chitimukulu as he leads his subjects .

    • Imwe mwe fiba Ngoni with your fwaka yachingoni mwalitonowila abantu besu. Just look at Pilato and the like. They talk too much after smoking your fwaka. Maybe even our Mwine Lubemba partakes. How come he is so controversial?

  2. if u dont invite mpezeni sorry obaba tikuza kwamene uko even without invitation we are the owners ov the bamba kingdom.

  3. You should wait to see how this Chitimukulu will outdo himself. Since he is a politician, you should see how much he loves attention. He is no longer a Chief but a politician.

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