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ZESCO is still exporting up to 90 megawatts – Yaluma


Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma
Christopher Yaluma

Government has disclosed that ZESCO is still exporting up to 90 megawatts of electricity despite the deficit that the country is currently experiencing.

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma says the 90 megawatts of electricity is being exported under firm contracts that ZESCO has signed for bilateral benefits.

Mr. Yaluma says unlike non firm contracts which ZESCO was earlier announced to have terminated, firm contracts under which electricity is currently being exported cannot be terminated abruptly.

He explained in a ministerial statement in Parliament this afternoon that this is because there will be some legal complications on ZESCO and the country as a whole if this happens.

Mr. Yaluma has however told the House that the country’s power utility company is presently reviewing the firm contracts with view of managing them better.

He has also assured the nation that government is working tirelessly to improve the current situation in the country by undertaking short to medium term measures.

Mr. Yaluma states that government is among other measures arranging for power imports of between 150 and 200 megawatts, in coordination with developers accelerating the implementation of the 300 megawatts Maamba Collieries power plant to be commissioned by November this year and promoting non water dependant renewable energy technologies for electricity production.

He states that all these measures are meant to ensure that there is enough power in the country to sustain current and future economic activities.

Meanwhile, Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has taken a swipe at Forum for Democracy and Development -FDD President Edith Nawakwi’s remarks on the electricity deficit.

Mr Kambwili was reacting a story in today’s edition of the Post Newspaper where Ms Nawakwi is quote as having uttered derogatory remarks against government.

Mr Kambwili says the current power outages are due to natural causes.

And Patriotic Front-PF Lupososhi Member of Parliament Bwalya Chungu has also condemned Ms Nawakwi’s statement over power outages.

Mr Chungu says political leaders should offer alternative solutions to national challenges instead of issuing disparaging remarks.


  1. PF does not deserve to rule and ruin the future of our young generation.

    How can you export power when you do not have enough for your people?
    Why did you enter into a contract when you knew you did not have enough to supply the markets?
    This guy is a FOOL as if he never been to School. Chipuba sana

    • Edgar Lungu should show leadership and do something at ZESCO. No we are not exporting, yes we are…our neighbors also have blackouts but we shall import from them. Technical team will sit and deliberate on how to mitigate, blah, blah blah. Complete Cimbwi no plan. The story on Zambian Watchdog is the most plausible so far.

    • Please just start living the way we did before the British came. We were happier without the trappings of modern life. Fu-ck ZESCO and Yaluma!

    • You can degrade me all day by saying I clean people’s bottoms for a living but hey my electricity is on all day, roads are paved, free schools for kids, great hospitals, my life expectancy is 78 compared to 38, take care of my parents in Zambia(all from old white people butts). Take trips to Zambia whenever I can while you brag about your new developments in the form of shopping malls and your silly little mansions which my bu.tt money will be scooping in the next five years because your banks will be repossessing them once you default on your loans. So come tell me again how I clean old white people bu.tt!

    • For goodness sake, why can’t we Africans for once have some semblance of an organized society and start solving some of these problems once and for all? I mean, it is simply an insult to our collective intelligence and abilities to be relying on the same infrastructure the colonials left 50 years ago to carter for a population of only about 6 million people!

      Is the problem of power deficit in Zambia so new that we couldn’t have anticipated the current electricity supply challenges? This lack of planning and foresight on the part of our Govts is what has stunted industrial growth in most African countries. There is very little in modern day economies which can be accomplished without adequate and reliable source of energy (electricity).

    • I am sure there are other rivers in Zambia that can be dammed to increase the capacity of hydropower. I am thinking of rivers like Chambeshi in NP. If NOT hydropower, we surely have adequate coal to build at least one huge “clean-coal” power plant in every province. This will in turn provide a huge market for our coal mines and in turn employ a lot of people.

      We don’t even have to build transcontinental rail lines to transport the coal. All we need is short interconnections within to supply these plants with coal. Which already excludes large costs to cover areas along the already existing line of rail (SP, LP, CP, CBP, and NP/MP.) Do this and the problem of entirely relying on mother nature for our energy needs will disappear. That’s NOT too hard to plan for, is it?

    • I think they deserve to rule BUT they have to be careful for they will easily loose their support. The electricty issue is annoying many people and one will not be suprised to see an opration van tourched.

    • You cannot give alternative solutions to thieves and criminals who thrive on lies. So, PF should leave Nkwashi alone. If PF has run out of solutions, they should just get out of govt.

      Every contract must have force majeure provisions, the get-out-of-jail provisions when you cannot meet commitments. It’s only Zesco who do not. Pure incompetence and stoopidity. So Zesco will continue to export and then import at a higher price? What dunderheads!

    • Date: July 2, 2050

      Once upon a time, there was a country named Zambia. It was subdivided into large plots and sold to other countries. Don’t ask me what happened to it’s people because I don’t know. End of story!

    • This is truly a chipatepate team, no clear policy or statement on anything. One day we are exporting, the other day the opposite is said. No wonder Nawakwi said what she said

    • The other day Kapata said ZESCO had stopped exporting electricity. Now Yaluma is saying they are still exporting 90 megawatts.

  2. Zesco only feared Late Sata and if he was around this excessive load shedding was not going to be there this I know for sure.

    • Sata is the cause of this problem. It is the same dictator who promised no powercuts within 90 days in 2011,and he appointed Frank Bwalya as chairman of Zesco. Sata was a total waste of time who appointed the same useless dunderheads who are still running govt.

  3. Adulterous zesco at it again.lets look for a second wife,this will reduce the food our inlaws are receiving.

  4. Zambians are fascinating! Remember when softies and chicken only shows up when visitors show up? Remember when you repair your car only when you want to sell it? Remember when you contribute to buy your neighbor a gate when your sons have no shoes? This behavior at government level comes from these pathetic domestic behaviors, no matter how sophisticated contracts may seem…

  5. The decision we made on 20th January determined our today. The decision we make today will determine our tomorrow. Fellow country men and women, i know we can not predict our future but am sure we can determine it. Let God alone save us.

  6. Minister, please wake up with due respect.Don’t you know that is a contract and you can still buy out the contract. Are you telling us Zesco signed contracts that don’t have exit clauses. This is the best time to terminate the contract as this is a force majeure arising from a natural occurrence

  7. Exporting electricity started Late Chiluba times through Levy, Ruphia, Sata and now the son of corruption Jameson Lungu. Jameson lungu is not a honest man since from practicing from till now

  8. I like the CEC Congo interconnector Strategy CEC and Zesco working together will save close to 10 Billion Dollars and If SAPP the region can save Close to 40 Billion Dollars if optimal projects are taken in resource constrained country and countries Of course there has to be a balance between shorterm electricity accelerating projects but those must be on best case and ranked on sustainability A mix of mega renewable and non renewable like here the maamba is important There is also no need for CEC to be in competition to Zesco on EPC contracts Infact CEC as I have come to learn amongst investors is a much better vehicle to sponsor Kafue Gorge Lower in equity to Zesc

  9. Of course this is a case of force majeure, we don’t have power to export. Government lawyers please Google ‘ force majeure’ immediately and advise government. it is beyond us that we don’t have enough water to produce electricity to export. This is the easiest contract to exit. Let’s keep the little power for our industries please

  10. This is the same Yaluma who said a year ago that this year 2015 load shedding would be a thing of the past. Is he not ashamed of himself now that he is a liar? Anyway these ministers can say and do anything they like because they know how docile and ‘peaceful’ Zambians are. Load shedding has been made to be Zambia’s way of life and can never be solved by chain of lies from the powers-that-be .

  11. Solar and Biomass is not sustainable to support commercial large scale industries

    For long-term Look to congo on the Inga and Mozambique in interconnectors and without sovereign pride and

    simultaneously Develop Kafue lower without Corporate pride LET CEC lead to support the SPV Tap into the potential to finance and actualise Batoka and harness solar farms and wind in green areas supported to add a mega watt not like the ikulileni MTN vehicle

    Avoid Electrification projects to simply act as a shorterm stop gap and no sustainable thereafter after

  12. Yaluma, you must be stupid, to sign a contract, when your people are suffering. Nawakwi, said the fact, and the fact pains. PF, pack and go NOW

  13. The minister never signed any agreement I am sure those Power purchase agreement and bulk supply agreements were signed long time maybe early between 80s and 90s and most of them have never been renegotiated Its not a secrete you can check and reconfirm with SAPP trading flow simply by logging onto your internet browser and see the trades of power which in other countries is far developed similar to futures and forward contracts in the DAM or other settlements simple
    Its a inherent risk in 80% water generated power with little interconnectors to major alternative sources The two lines and power stations concentrated south are not a good energy security for the country

  14. Its not a secrete you can now establish your own power plant as independent power producer others can broker and dealers can arbitrage and sell power to the most energy

    Its not the usual old Generation distribution and transmission of electricity

    Its a commodity with time value and Zambia has to change to import and export when convenient in yield to raise much needed revenue for the country not only copper is the source of potential cash flow but power is actually much more refined a cash flow in times of deficits and most of our industries do not work 24 hrs at the peak

    Its about balancing availability with revenue optimisation

  15. Germany X amount of Tetra watts from merely solar and imagine they have grey winters whereas us in tropics will soon be importors of electricity…really laughable

  16. The only prob is that some people don’t just want to tell us the truth. The moment I read a statement that ZESCO has suspended power export, I knew it is wenye. Contracts can not cancelled over night. By the way if we export so much power, were is the dollar to caution the running K. Oh! sorry anga yende ma light

  17. Germany produces X amount of Tetra watts from merely solar energy and imagine they have grey winters whereas us in tropics all sunshine we will soon be importers of electricity…really laughable…that’s why I say in Africa what is lacking is good leadership and good governance.

    • Someone once said black people are a retrograde human species. Nothing seems to work properly or work at all in black African countries despite the thousands of university degree holders in these countries. It is just excuse after excuse day in day out. We look like awful id1ots to the outside world. Shame!

  18. DURING its 17th-century golden age, the Netherlands was the world’s most enthusiastic exploiter of wind technology. Over 10,000 windmills dotted the landscape; the city walls of Amsterdam were crowned with a row of them. Today many Dutch find the stereotype of their country as the land of windmills irritating—and inaccurate. Wind turbines supplied just 5.2% of the Netherlands’ electricity in 2014, far behind Germany, Spain or Denmark. Renewable sources as a whole make up 4.2% of the country’s energy mix, putting the Netherlands 26th in the European Union, ahead only of Malta and Luxembourg.

  19. Its some place in the far east where every one has a Gen Set without a sound proofer

    Quantity in isolated may not be effectively efficient but well arrayed and coordinated as seen from ERB licencing and Department of Energy

    Then one need to understand the history and time line in power projects In Zambia and Sub Africa I particular and see the funding ,guarantees and escrows made to support those financing in transmission, distributions and generation

    You need to look at the traditional financing methods then and really what was called upon and see how these agreements matched to ensure financing and eventually commitment of power to ensure projects consummation Money is…

  20. sometimes a scare resource and those who may have may exert influence and act as kings to support their masters and the have not will need to bargain to ensure a fairer deal

    Those who where there had the best case if you see and review and read most of these agreements

    They acted to develop in capital scarcity If they had the choice and capital disposal I am sure they could have a huge bargaining power over those agreements as they tied in the contracts of power agreements

    There is also no harm in reviewing and negotiating with current scenarios or even buying back the clauses if money is their to renegotiate favourably

  21. Thus what happens when a country is headed for total shut down. The same dull politicians steal money and have international accounts when poor old women and men are suffering. The good thing is, not a single drop of tear goes un noticed in the eyes of God. He will rescue His people soon. Those who think are wise now will be fools . God help us.

  22. ERB, you are the regulator. Can you please wake up. How does Zesco continue exporting a commodity to the extent of choking the local market and grounding life and production to a halt. You are just there as Energy Regulation Board, regulating what – your fat allowances? Watching like mere spectators like all of us. Completely toothless

  23. It very dangerous to comment on matters you are not knowledgeable in. These attacks on ZESCO over the load shedding are unfounded and its the loudest criticizing ZESCO Management who needs to examine their heads. People like Oliver Saasa, HH and Nawakwi claim to be “very good economists” but where are their fruits? What have they done in their areas of specialization to talk of?
    ZESCO is one of the few local companies that has excelled in Zambia using indigenous engineers unlike the so called economists who cant even add 1 plus 1.
    ZESCO is a complex industry and requires level headed people like its current engineers in the face of a serious water challenge to ensure sustainability. Let these economist say something about the low tariffs and its adverse effect on generation…

    • Very little if any research done in Zambia by Zambians, period! Zesco is nothing more than a crooks tool shed! Having a qualification to ones name doesn’t make one a honorable thief! Zambia can not function in this environment; the environment in govt and the private sector is corrupt therefore no resources for development of the masses!

  24. The power shortage has indeed been caused by natural causes. Poor rainfall. it has further been made worse by a government with NO SENSE OF FUTURE PLANNING. Did you in government really believe Zambia will forever have excess rains and water supply to SOLELY depend on hydro power plants??? Get serious!!! You are leaders for Christ’s sake!


  26. During the times of President Sata when electricity exports were much lower, was he running foul of any of these now sacred agreements that cant be broken! It sounds very strange and to date no mention of how much has been raised form exports of electricity!

  27. Zambians need to pull out all those in higher offices out from their offices and take them to an open area like a stadium…n start questioning them one on one…like this they jus give all sorts of nonsenses knowing they dnt have to be face to face with the citizenz….these guys are just bunch of crooks wearing suits and driving big cars on the expense of ordinary citizens….if need be citizens can perform a mob justice on them and strip them naked on the local streets…as it is it won’t b an embarassment for them to b naked…as wat their are doing is worse…stealing taxpayers…lies..deceipt…etc…

  28. And they declare themselves a christian nation…is this wat the holy bible teaches??? Dat steal…lie to ppl…unbelievable!!!!!!! They have got no shame in conning ppl…they are number 1 in this game…from top to bottom….everyone is corrupt!!! And every zambian knows dat….

  29. Yaluma as Minister of Energy worries me his answers in Parliament leave much to be desired flimsy and poor to say the least. In the event that Kariba Dam or Kafue Gorge or Victoria falls was to collapse God forbid what could happen to our countries energy needs. How much energy would Zambia lose what would happen to our industries. I am also surprised that no single MP asked the Minister that question. What a shame.

  30. There has to be a foreback on all provisional corners with a wide grid code supported by interconnectors

    The single supply line south is an inherent risk Look to Congo and east in pensulo Mozambique and ensure power is not evacuated through other country you know but Zambia to have some spill overs
    One piston in kariba and Kafue and Two tower lines with ageing capacitor banks and auto reclosures is not assuring Uprating is not enough

    Its like pretending to be a wealthy man and yet sitting on chaff

    If fore instance leopards hill transformer station or kabwe step down was to get burnt that will be cater strophic and those transformers have lived capacity as can…

  31. You will vote for yourselves. You have hurt a lot of businesses with this load shedding. If I may ask hat time do you load shed PHI because very day when I am going home in the evening they have power. What is so special about PHI? I have stopped paying for DSTV because it is senseless to do so. I don’t have power in the morning and evenings. Next year when you start your campgains don’t come to the compounds go to the places which you favour. You are forgetting that the majority of votes come from the compounds.

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