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ZESCO electricity tariffs will not go up for now-Inonge Wina

Economy ZESCO electricity tariffs will not go up for now-Inonge Wina

Inonge Wina
Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina says ZESCO electricity tariffs are not going to be increased, owing to the current challenges that the power utility company is facing.

Mrs. Wina says the tariffs will not increase for now as ZESCO is still working on modalities to increase productivity.

She says government does not want Zambians to bear the cost of the problems that ZESCO is going through.

Mrs. Wina was responding to a question from Mpongwe MP Gabriel Namulambe who wanted to know whether ZESCO will increase its electricity tariffs during the Vice President’s question Time.

And Mrs. Wina says complaints that ZESCO management is corrupt are mere perception.

She says those that feel they have evidence of corruption at ZESCO should report to the Anti Corruption Commission -ACC- and other relevant authorities so that the power utility can be investigated.

Mrs. Wina was responding to a question from Lubansenshi MP Patrick Mucheleka who alleged that there was corruption at ZESCO.


    • “Mrs. Wina says the tariffs will not increase for now as ZESCO is still working on modalities to increase productivity”.

      Its a warning sign that PF will soon increase the tariffs on electricity and for sure the people shall bear the burden.

      Bo Inonge, where is PF going to get money for importation of electricity as the economy & kwacha are in limbo?

      The $193 million PF is hiding should have facilitated the future plans, but alas, PF is Chimbwi Without a single plan, indeed visionless leadership. Also the $25 million missing out to the rehabilitation of the airport could have acquired brand new turbines in preparation than blaming the rain. Too much excuses PF!

      Now explain how PF is fixing the ECONOMY & KWACHA melting please Bo Inonge.

      The Skeleton Key

    • This is PF stup!ty at its best

      Obviously this woman has NO understanding of economics at all!

      The solution is to increase the price.

      It is called the LAW of supply and demand.

    • Mrs Wina and all other PF Ministers, including President Lungu are feeling the effects of old shedding. They have genesis at home paid for by our taxes. She represents a No Plan government. Reading various contradicting statements one just wonders where we are heading too. The silence and inaction from the President proves he is clueless

    • Latest


      To our esteemed customer,

      By now you have heard or known that Kariba and Itezhi Itezhi dams have low water levels thereby affecting the generation capacity of our turbines to give you that adequate electricty needed to live a hassle free life.

      So by now you have realised that the current power shortages and long and regular load-shedding you are experiencing or suffering (depending on your anger levels) is not our fault, and not our making.

      We have also heard your ridiculous blame on us and accusing us of poor planning that we should have installed Solar Power plants, or wind turbines, Thermal or Nuclear plants to avert the current crisis.

      You must know that we are Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation(ZESCO)…

    • the pro-poor party is in govt, and increasing cost of living is the order of the day. The vice president is saying sooner than later the tariffs will be increased. So madam veep what are the problems at ZESCO, if they are not corruption related? One can only wander if her excellence was not just responding from her personal perception.

  1. We are really hemmed in with limited fund sourcing options. Hopefully the citizens will find a way to kill off this monopoly by resorting to solar energy and, hopefully, gas for cooking. That way we will begin to rationalize political abuse of our resources…

    • You must know that we are Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation(ZESCO) and we are not Zambia Solar or Zambia Thermal or Zambia Nuclear Corporation. We are ZESCO.

      So we thank you for your brilliant idea. However, with your brilliant ideas of solar and thermal energies as source of our energy, we urge you as a tax payer to walk the talk and invest in them so that we can succesfully supply the electricity thus generated to you.

      Meanwhile stop whinning, complaining and cursing ZESCO this and ZESCO that.

      We will not accept the ZESCO nyonyo..nyo nyo going around.

      Please enjoy the power we are able to supply so far and use it appropriately when you have it.

      Kindly help with conservation of power when you have it by switching off your geysers, security lights and those giants…

  2. Assuming you win elections next year, are the electricity tarrifs going to remain the same, ha ha ha. And we know immediately you win 2016, assuming miracles still happen, you will vigorously push the 10% landlord tax. What is cushioning us for now is just your fear to loose elections next year. After elections, we know that you will go flat out to raise money and pay the vinkongoles and we will be in trouble as Zambians from the tax perspective. This is the real prophecy. Only Zambians who are fast asleep are not alive to the fact to say should PF go through in 2016 Presidential elections , they will implement all the things we fear the most right now. The only cushion though already tough is between now and 2016 elections, after that it will be gloves out and bare knuckles from taxes

  3. Mulila malaiti, zuba ili nga!!! Ma coverter ni mbwee! Think outside the box ala! Come to my farm, siti iziba zesco.

  4. Mrs. Wina,

    Nice “spin”.
    Now, if you may remember, a week ago you promised statement by the PF/Government on the matter of unbecoming utterances of Mr. Chama.
    Can you please clarify if his oral diarrhea was caused by 1mbecility or real hatred of other tribes and most importantly, what action (if any) PF leadership is taking to address issue.
    Thank you.

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