The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested two Chinese nationals and a Zambian for corrupt practices involving K180, 000. 00

The two Chinese nationals namely, Hebai li aged 25, Mai Jiang aged 40 who are both businessmen and residents of Makeni in Lusaka, while Kelvin Siame their driver aged 43, is a Zambian of John Lang compound in Lusaka.

The trio were arrested and charged with Corrupt Practices contrary to Section 20 subsection 2 of the Anti-Corruption Act Number 3 of 2012.

ACC Acting Public Relations Manager Dorothy Mwanza confirmed this in a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka, today.

Ms. Mwanza said that details are that the Task Force on Illegal Trade in Biological Resources set up by government to curb illegal trading in Mukula tree impounded four trucks belonging to unnamed Chinese nationals loaded with Mukula tree at Chanida Border post in Eastern Province.

She said that the Chinese businessmen then offered K180, 000.00 to the officers on Task Force as inducement and actually gave K90,000.00 as down payment to have the four trucks released.

The trucks were en route to Mozambique through Malawi.

The three will appear in court soon.

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  1. Big up to the upright officers! Not so easy a temptation to shrug off given the deplorable working conditions in the civil service versus high cost of living but these officers still chose to do what’s right for mother Zambia. If only such upright conduct was wide spread in public service from top to bottom, we couldn’t be wallowing in this gigantic deficit


  2. you are right. Imagine this stupid Chinese leaving there five children to commit suicide. GRZ should scan them.


  3. Policy Where Client Data on Accounts is Being Kept and Managed

    Observe that there is violation in case of Barclays Stan chart and Stanbic including Eco Bank

    Its not right Its risk and any subduing mwemba issue of Barclays long acres replicated across in those countries is disastrous especially for Barclays ATM

    Imagine and Indian Keeping the entire data base of clients money in Zambia together with some …….and very heavily indebted

    Its write that is why there are selling client details to criminals these days


  4. Wherever you find Chinese you are sure to discover that they are involved in a myriad of crimes, in West Africa it’s illegal mining of gold, in East Africa, it’s the illegal killing of elephants and rhinos. At government level the Chinese are involved in the corruption of many levels of local officials. These are but false friends of Africa and should be told so to their faces.



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