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Ambassador Chiti refutes claims of attempted murder

Headlines Ambassador Chiti refutes claims of attempted murder

Bwalya Stanley Kasonde Chiti, the Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia
Bwalya Stanley Kasonde Chiti, the Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany Bwalya Chiti has refuted claims of an attempted murder on his life by Mrs. Rosaria Vosa, who is claimed to be his wife, describing the media reports as outrageously false.

Ambassador Chiti said he wishes it to be known that there has been a heinous disregard for the truth in the story.

This is a statement issued by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at Zambian Embassy in Germany Yvonne Shibemba.

‘The reports erroneously claim that Ambassador Chiti was knocked down by Mrs. Vosa with a vehicle after a marital dispute, stressing further that Mrs Vosa has been arrested by the Lusaka Police for attempted murder. The reports also state that Ambassador Chiti is presently hospitalised at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka after sustaining serious injury on his head,’ Ms Shibemba said.

‘To state it categorically, the allegations are false and insidious as Ambassador Chiti and his wife Mrs. Beauty Chiti are presently in Berlin, Germany and at no stage has he had a confrontation with Mrs Vosa who is also not his wife as alleged.’

She said Ambassador Chiti who has not been to Zambia for a couple of months, received the news with shock and dismay and therefore assures the general public that he is well and fit.

Ms Shibemba said the Embassy of Zambia in Berlin demands that an immediate apology, a retraction and a correction be issued by the respective news agencies, the Zambia Daily Mail and Lusaka Times.

Editor’s Note

Lusaka Times Stands by the Press Statement released by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at Zambian Embassy in Germany Yvonne Shibemba as the whole truth. The earlier story from Zambia Daily Mail cannot be true as the Zambia Daily Mail has deleted it from their Website . However, Google and other content aggregating sites like Zambiahash.com still have the story and original link of the story from Zambia Daily Mail (http://www.zambiahash.com/murder-attempted-ambassador-injured-chiti/bf10ca3c927be423fb5ea06396b57453 ). The Story was originally on this link ( https://www.daily-mail.co.zm/?p=35454 )

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  1. Zambia for you! They can Cook Nshima on imaginary flame and believe you me….. everyone would sing loudly in different Painful tunes on how real and tasty it is! Wonder if there is something in their water or nshima.

    • Its interesting to see how your own wife would knock you down! I don’t think she was learning how to drive and he was giving directions.
      We will probably learn more once divorce proceedings start that will be interesting.
      Only in a fools paradise does time last in perpetuity.

    • In first story there was Charity Katanga, so where did the ZP get the story?
      So who is that Ms. Vosa they arrested?

    • Zambian Journalists are lazy. How much time will it take to call a hospital and police station to verify this story. Ba LT instead of wasting time ukushila imi-line across the “false” story, you could have verified it to be true by now! Journalism ya copy and paste!

  2. You always deny the truth anyway. We now dont know what to believe. When Sata was ill you all refuted until he died. So we the readers are confused as we dont know the truth unless we have visual images to say he is fine. Nothing is working very well in this gvt

    • Confused weka! We just responded too quickly to an article brought on the table by an online medium that thinks it is fast but does not care to check for the facts. Question is “who does the police have?”

  3. LT. Carrying two conflicting articles. Please tell us which story to believe. Are you still standing by your earlier story or not?

  4. @Kakolwe: Blame the game, not the players. Why should you blame the bloggers for responding instead of LT for the authenticity of the subject. We just played our part as we are entitled to. What other excuse did you expect from the ambassador from such a rare embarassment in our African culture.

  5. There appear to be a mix up of the story and the names. Bwalya Chiti shown in the photograph one of the founders of Goldman Insurance and Zambian Ambassador in Germany is married to Beauty Mbewe Chiti. He has not been divorced, as far as known.
    Lusaka Times, verify, correct and apologise for the mix up in names.

  6. Thats where curtailing the press freedom comes into play, if the defensive statement by the ambassador is anything to go by. Just practise responsible journalism to avoid defamation charges in future. As things stand now, the ambassador has the right sue the editor/ editorial for the script and the blogs derived therefrom. Potray professionalism!

  7. Who is the wife in this stroy…….

    Is it Mrs Rosaria Vosa or.

    Mrs Beauty Chiti

    Or does it mean the ambassador, Mr Bwalya Chiti has more than one wife????????????????????????????????????

    If Mrs Rosaria Vosa is not his wife what was he doing at her house for her to bush him with a car??????????????

  8. So, who’s wife is detained and who’s husband is admitted in the UTH according to the police service confirmation?

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Mrs Vosa is Chiti’s wife. This man is a lawyer but he has two wives already. Mrs Beauty Chiti is the first wife. He has always been a womaniser. No smog
    No smoke without fire!

    • Bwalya Chiti has two wives Beauty who went with him to Berlin and the other a lawyer and nasty chick. He wanted to marry a third one bit second wife refused

  10. Bwalya Chiti is legally married to Beauty and therefore the second nasty lawyer wife is not recognized by modern society.

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