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Police determined to investigate leaked documents – Libongani


Presidential salute...Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani salutes during President Lungu's innauguration
Presidential salute…Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani salutes during President Lungu’s innauguration

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani says the Zambia Police Service is determined to bring to book people in the habit of leaking government classified documents to the media.

Ms Libongani said the Zambia Police Service is still investigating the recent cases of leaked government classified documents to the media.

She said the police service is determined to get to the bottom of the matter and find out which individuals are in the habit of leaking such important documents to the general public.

Ms Libongani says people in the habit of leaking such classified documents ought to know that they can face stern action.She said it is criminal for anyone leak classified government documents.



  1. Stella see how God is great. By being the first female IG you can go down in history as one who made the police force a people’s service.
    Age & education is also on your side so issues of pension should not worry you.


    • How many times? Oh, and I like the contrast between the glove and the jacket. You call it ‘Timbilila?’ Lol.

  2. Ms. Libongani et al PF police have lambently failed to arrest BANDIT Davies Chama, the PF Secretary General for attempted murder of a UPND member. Shame!

    Again another PF used gun violence & shot at the other 2 UPND members in Mulobezi, as usual the Libongani PF police have been eloquently blind & mute about all these human rights violations perpetrated by PF regrettable cadres.

    Ms. Libongani & the entire fraternity of PF, when is BANDITS of Chama et al being CAGED & what are you still waiting for?

    Lingering on media freedom is just a shield Bwana, moreover, people WANT the Media Act: BILL ~ Freedom to info!

    Lets NOT shy away from the violence exhibited by PF SG, BANDIT Chama please. Show some leadership for once, Chama needs to face the law!

    The Skeleton Key

  3. Sounds like admission of failure to solve the problem. Could be the police themselves involved in the leakages.

    Persons in important offices also ought to know that regular and in person press briefs can keep to a minimum the so called classified documents.

  4. You have a person who published classified documents in the name of Fred Namakando Mmembe and you are still investigating. He will give you the names of individuals involved. The former Press aid to late president Sata (MHSRIP)was cought napping as he still had access to the postnews paper as a member of Satff at state house, and you are still investigating. These guys will give you all the information you need like yesterday. Cartels form because of these powers outside that which the people of Zambia have mandated. This boy Chella was busy threatening everyone in the streets of Lusaka. As well as editing and submitting articles to the post news paper everyone knows this except the Z police

    • It is dangerous to have a biased sectarian mind. Why should anyone automatically think it is someone from the south? It is careless statements like this that have potential to ignite chaos in a country.

  5. What I do not understand is why people could in possession of pangas and the like without fear of the police?

  6. HH style of politicking, he pays people to leak information to him before being published and later boosts that he gets infor first hand. I know some UPND cadres will feel offended but be strong and get it as such.

  7. Stella, stop harassing citizens who expose corruption while you let PF thugs harass pipo through out the country.

  8. Give Zambians newsworthy statements.
    Parroting investigation of leakages of official documents as public news just goes to prove low intelligence I Q of police officers in Zambia. Criminality and lawliness is all over the nation and police are like lame ducks, can not even believe themselves as police officers with responsibilities to the nation. Instead act as door guards to open and shut the door and told to go away.
    What a shame!

  9. Stop wasting taxpayers money investigating political nonsense. Investigate crimes you fat Libongani

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