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Allow President Lungu to serve more than two terms-Jean Kapata


Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata speaking at a panel discussion on Investment and Tourism in Africa on 8 Sept 2014 in New York. PHOTO | Chibaula D. Silwamba | Zambia UN Mission
Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata

Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata has supported calls to allow President Edgar Lungu to go for another term if he completes his second term as Head of State after winning the 2021 elections.

In an interview, Mrs Kapata said President Lungu’s current term should not be counted as his because he is merely completing late President Michael Sata’s first five year term.

She said President Lungu is not looking at deferring the 2016 elections but that the constitution should allow him to go for his full two terms beyond 2021.

“As PF we are not scared of 2016 elections because we know we have a strong candidate, all we are saying is that allow our President to serve his full terms as the constitution prescribes,” Mrs Kapata said.

“Everybody knows that President Lungu is only finishing the term for the late after which his full terms will start counting. This is a non issue and there should not be any debate on this matter,” she said.


    • Bandit Jean Kapata

      This is not PF constitution where you choose your leadership by way of lifting hands up. This Kapata nalimupata Sana mambala!

      Visionless PF you’re remaining with less than 12 months. In PF yes you can give the visionless Lungu to be its dictator, but not the state, waunfwa bandit Kapata. Lungu can finish Sata’s legacy until 2021 in PF b’coz 2016, all PF BANDITS destroying the economy & kwacha will be voted off, straight to Chainama or Chimbokaila bakawalala imwe!

      Kapata, Luo & Mumbi Phiri, chatterboxes of PF cadres, yapping day in & out but have failed to fix the problems of the economy & kwacha. Infintu Ni visionless?

      12 months left Kapata et al PF bandits, time is catching up with your illusions of Donchi Kubeba sickness.

      The Skeleton Key

  1. Its imperative that Chainama Hospital be expanded to accommodate the increasing number of politicians who display tell tale symptoms in the media everyday.


    • What?

      What she should say is amend the constitution, not ‘allow’ we follow the constitution, of it doesn’t permit that, then this is a baseless point by Kapita and the Police should arrest her for political distablisation of the country which belongs to the citizens and not the politicians

      She is basically advocating and demanding something to be condoned which is against the constitution.

      This is the same constitution that her president Lungu relied upon to refuse being expelled by Guy Scott.

      You cant have both way, this is a serious coming from someone in Government and she should be ashamed and relieved of her position


    • And this is a serving member of Parliament! Why do we even argue when people say that Zambia is a cursed nation?
      Jean should know (sorry…giving a Zambian politician too much credit) the contents of the constitution and how to go about proposing changes? Why should we “allow” Lungu alone?
      She should be calling for changes to the constitution…in fact it is not too late since the draft version has not gone anywhere just yet.
      On the whole…some changes (if not already included may well be needed). Any election (by election or general) should allow the winner to a full 5 year term. Any by election arising from defections and resignations should allow the sponsoring party to complete the term. These two measures will help save money in a bankrupt state.

  2. Atase indeed, my vote is supposed to be secret and who are you to tell me what to do and who to vote for? Ububi kumenso nafima wigs!

    Enjoy your corruption whilst the sun shines. Our time is equally coming and won’t be long when our new President will be in office.

  3. Just buy a shop at kawata or city market. Only 11 months to go , so you counting stealing from as poor Zambians .

  4. Your education is really low your arront, selfish lady . Counting stealing from as poor Zambians and putting own economy in deit.

  5. Kapata, sure, is it because you can’t survive without PF in GRZ that you are bringing your fo-oo-lishness with your suggestion? instead of promoting tourism and cleanness in our towns and cities where tourists are supposed to go you want to promote a dead issue . Sata was right that most of his MPs were

  6. Would rather vote for pilato for president. Most corrupt and lawless government since independence, if that was the point of get it then your minds as foolish . Good things don’t last for forever . Corruption and your lawless government won’t last for ever Ka Jean .

  7. This ugly woman, what is her head kanshi? Ati minister even my two old daughter can do far much better. Kuya bebele 2016, you are disconnected from reality. Go back to the grassroot and find out what people are saying about PF.

  8. This is what happens when you elect vision less leaders into State House; they go abroad to celebrate pointless independence celebrations whilst they leave behind dull cadres like Kapata…silly woman couldn’t even articulate why she was lifting the ban on cat hunting when numbers are low and govt its not like they need the money when they’re spending more on accommodating one family in a lodge.

  9. Ba Jean Kapata naimwe be serious. what happened in 2008 with LPM and RB? did RB go for 5 years. please dont insult and assault our constitution. even if EL was a very good president, we should by all means respect our constitution at all times. if he is popular as you claim, let him do the honourable thing, go for re-election in 2016 and that will be his last IF he wins. even the staunch PF supporters are not with you on this one. even yourself deep down your own corrupt soul, you know that this is wrong

  10. Why?

    We don’t do Third Terms in Zambia at the moment.

    Try again another time in the future, Jean Kapata.

  11. Please extract from One George Kunda after the death of Mwanawasa:On the availability of resources for the elections, he said that the country had no choice because constitutionally, the presidential election was inevitable and that Government believed in constitutionalism.

    He, however, said that according to the Constitution, any person who would be elected under these circumstances would only finish President Mwanawasa’s term and thereafter become eligible for a single five-year term according to Article 35 (2).

    “Such a person could potentially only hold office for a maximum period of eight years. Such person will have twice been elected and will not be eligible to seek a further term,” he said.

  12. Politics of the stomach! She has become used to eating masuku on our heads. A piece of advice – save whatever you are now taking for the future. We do not want to laugh at you when you no longer in these positions.

  13. “Everybody knows that President Lungu is only finishing the term for the late after which his full terms will start counting. This is a non issue and there should not be any debate on this matter,” she said.

    Come on pipo she said no debate!

  14. Ati merely completing late President Michael Sata’s term… Sata had a vision and working with RB (actually under RB ) was not something he envisioned. And he sure wouldn’t tolerate the excessive borrowing turning the party’s manifesto from pro-poor to anti-poor. Karma will surely get rid of Lungu’s short lived presidency,just like his corrupt mentor,whose charges he helped acquit, RB.

  15. I agree with this genius woman madam Kapata.President Lungu is indeed a like it or not he will be a president beyond 2016.UPND continue voting for yourselves in southern province u cant win any election with this trend.

    • @Kalulu: Wawa f00l. Am I southern province when I voted for mighty UPND?. UPND WAY-FORWARD. PF for People with Failed Minds. Our issue is economy improvement not your massive looting through massive borrowing.

  16. 1mbecility combined with disrespect of the Constitution by Minister who did swear oath to protect Constitution.


  17. Kapata go back to school to improve on your communication skills, especially on speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Jean skirt Kapata, you are the most dullest minister in the commonwealth countries rather in the whole world. Zambia is not your country, this country belongs to everyone, you are a very selfish woman, stop talking nonsense.

  18. Nonsense!!! we wule we (we ule) Kuti walanda fi.

    Kapata, Jameson and every PF member you are selfish ba kolwe m****** mwe.

  19. That is what Field Ruwe meant before some of us cursed him yesterday. It begins as rumours where the key players operate from a distance. You can hardly detect their involvement but they stay alert eagerly waiting for possible positive outcome and the real participants are rewarded handsomely. How did the Burundi court interprete the law at the last minute? I hope your guess is as good as mine. A stitch in time saves nine. Be on the lookout! Peace is valuable.

  20. Ba UP and DOWN are very bitter with Jean for stating the truth.Lungu is currently the man of the people whether you like it or not and Zambians will give him the mandate even beyond 2016.

  21. You mad people which man of the people. Go on the ground and get the views of the people you will know the truth. 2016 pf thugs pack your bags and go. Am in CB research on the ground has shown that pf kuyabebele.

  22. PF is being appreciated because people are able to see the development.They are borrowing for the right cause and come 2016 i will vote for them again.

  23. That fake research you have done can not be trusted by any one.If you are dreaming of cow dung or wynter maize,you are greatly mistaken.C/B is the bedroom for PF……a known fact.

  24. They are day dreaming thinking that biased newspaper or the online one will help them win elections……zero.PF is on course because within a short period,the face of the country is changing.

  25. Viva EL Viva man of the people and God bless you ! Forget about these haters who always talk and write about RB.Zambia has gained respect even on the international scene…..keep it up !

  26. Who will allow him so that you can get rich and fat. Shame on you woman. We will vote as good citizens and you will steal big time, this around, as this is your game!!

  27. Iam a stauch PF cadre and supporter, i hate Lungu and i love the party PF. Edgar Lungu was voted in as presidential candidate at Mulungushi by raising hands, as if chosing a grade 4 class captain at Kamwala primary school. Kapata twapapata.

  28. Zambians will allow him because he is a humble and hard working President… hate him for reasons best known to your self,that’s your fault !

  29. Jean Kapata and her thoughts aside, I find this idea of electing a President into office to finish the term of a deceased President rather stupid and wasteful of scarce resources. It makes more sense to simply allow the ruling party to make an internal election to fill the gap until next election.
    But then on second thoughts, BUT, how would you ensure that the likes of Guy Scott are kept away from the corridors of power? Certainly the Constitution and God, saved Zambia from that colonial master and his cartel of evil men and women. Zambian voters also take credit for showing Scott the door, otherwise we would today have Kaseba and cartel mutilating our beloved country.

    • Scott actually wanted to save this nation from the thugs currently leading us but you thickheads wouldn’t listen to him

  30. The will of the people spoke at Mulungushi and the cartel lost it .Stop using the name Mongu my home town.How do you hate a President spreading development thru out the country ?

    • Have you been to your home town lately? What development is there to talk about in Mongu? And when did Chakolwa Chagwa develop Mongu? Usike kuambola sina munungu. Alulati sipinya kafa ni kafa.

  31. The Cartel regardless of which ever platform they use every day for propaganda,they will never rule Zambia.

  32. She combines stupidity and courage well – she is even saying ‘it’s not debatable’; as if she is the best and only interpreter of the law!

  33. Who is this Jean, Jin or Jane Kapata dressed like a Nyau woman sounding selereque with less than one sense loss.
    Can some confirm if she is a minister as allegedly reported?, does she represent PF calibre of intelligence or masquarading as a man in a woman’s attire? of ‘Donchi Kubeba’ , deception of PF ‘Logo’.

  34. she is just yapping. she hans’t used any section in the constitution which allow the presdo to go on beyond 2021. am sure it is because they know that the initial bid has failed the need to push another one.

    she should be sited for..what is that famous charge for pilato…

  35. Good point Ba kapata. This is the sort of caliber of women we need.

    If Zambia had three of you, I tell you we should have been miles ahead.

    This is the character I refer to “yakwa Ireen Mambilima”.

    People who are not scared to say this is nice. Ala nafiwama pa Zedi.

    • @ Tutu

      And yet, after 50 years of this “sort of caliber” women and man, we have not moved a single inch forward.

      Have guess why?

      Because of 1mbecility of voters like you

  36. I think, it is a good idea in the context that, after 2016, we shall go into ‘state of Emergency’ should we not find a less destructive Opposition Leader than the current 2nd most popular of UPND.

    If you think about it, all UPND have to do to prevent this is to elect a new Party Head!

    It is constitutionally dubious, and in any other circumstances, I would be howling like mad, but……..we do have a problem in that the possibility of a divisive party entering Office will lead to internal war of the tribes.

    Just think about it ……before knocking it!!

  37. Kapata,lest your case please for goodness sake. What you are saying is nonsense stop it period. You think we are happy the way you are running the county? Wait 2016 is just around the corner. We will teach you a reason come what may. We will, believe that.

  38. This woman is mad, does she know what she is doing. That’s why we won’t develop , how can you have a minister with such level of thinking

  39. Ladies and gentlemen! Let me take you back to 2000/01 when then Minister without Portifolio Michael Sata, gathered all the MMD cadres to secure FTJ a third term in office. All government activities virtually came to a standstill as all energies and resources were spent on the then ‘senseless’ debate. All the ministers who supported the 3rd term just wanted to secure their positions. It is a shame that Jean Kapata is today calling for a third time for a man who has clearly failed to show leadership when the country needs it. I challenge Ministry of Finance to produce records in terms of how much government spent on that third term debate! I guarantee you that much of the debt we have today was for money borrowed to finance that unfortunate debate.

    • Don’t cheat (ubufi tabwawama).None has ever provided evidence to show Sata supported Chiluba’s third term bid despite him throwing a challenge for anyone to do so.Perhaps just goes to show what a great politician he was.No wonder It would take the likes of you a thousand years to catch up.

  40. Sometimes, I blame us as Zambians for allowing few selfish people to manipulate the system to their advantage. We, the elite have distanced ourselves from politics claiming that it is dirty. Yes, politics in Zambia and perhaps the worldover is dirty simply becuase people have made it dirty! We can ‘clean’ politics if we get involved and flush out ‘dirty’ elements like JK, FB and the like. We could bring standards in politics – politics should not be for those who failed in high school or those who failed five times in primary school. But that is what we have allowed in Zambia! We even argue that councillors need not be grade twelve certificate holders! But these are they that make policies, and what do you expect learned men and women? Rise up and be counted! YES WE CAN!

  41. This one is a failed nurse and a failed politician. She has no clue on how to manage tourism and runs to lifting of the ban as a solution. She has no say and the Ba Sungu’s are the one’s running the show. Do you know who comes to hunt our animals? Rich people from abroad with money. But do you know how it is arranged? They have Ba Sungu’s who have hunting companies in Germany, Canada, USA, UK and Asia. Canada, USA and Europe in particular already have hunting companies established. Everything is prepaid and arranged in their destinations. They have these people come as tourists and they spend peanuts on hotels, food, entertainment etc. Meanwhile the real transaction has already taken place. This is leakage, they kill our animals and run away with the real money. Tell your minister.

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