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There is no PF-MMD alliance- Nevers Mumba insists

Headlines There is no PF-MMD alliance- Nevers Mumba insists

Dr Mumba answering questions from journalists
Dr Mumba answering questions from journalists

The opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba says it is disturbing for some people to insist that there is a political alliance between the PF and the MMD.

Dr. Mumba said he does not know how many times he will say that the two political parties have never sat to discuss for a possible political alliance.

Dr. Mumba maintains that it should be noted that former Republican President Rupiah Banda does not represent the MMD and if he is working with the PF then that is his interest and not the interest of the former ruling party.

Dr. Mumba has admonished his critics asking him to go back to the pulpit saying that is like telling him to go back to primary education.

He states that he has been in politics for eighteen years and he cannot stop political affairs and those championing calls for him to go back to the pulpit do not mean well.

Dr. Mumba says life is a process and God prepared him through the church work to have a passion and the love for his people.

The MMD Leader has since emphasized that people should stop spreading reports that the MMD has entered into a political alliance with the ruling party saying there is no alliance between the two political giants.

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  1. No for you there is no pack but you should also know that lupiyas mmd has more members that mumbas mmds boss you are a shell come 2016 you will see that mmd doesn’t exist if I where you I would have joined upnd or the party for mr msoni in which he is the only one but he as a lot of media coverage becouse what he says sells to some of us but he has no structures such that people don’t know him on the ground but makes a lot of sensible noise but very lazy man I wonder where he even get the food he eats becouse he doesn’t travel.may be at a by presidential by election he may get so spoiled votes not general.

  2. Nevers Mumba living in the dwellings of denial.

    Well, Dr Scott said he was part & parcel of the talks before the amalgamation of PF~MMD.

    Denialist Mumba!

    The Skeleton Key

  3. Dr Scott is on the fence. Lungu is in the driving seat and calling the shots. Lungu is more wary and it will take a smart move to outshine him. Right now he’s thinking of a big fish to field for Lusaka central come 2016. He would cherish landing DIPAK PATEL which would also destabilise UPND. He’s also looking at Rainbow. The Cartel is handicapped and any dissenting Ministers are being watched day and night.

  4. Sorry I forgot to mention Dr Mumba because I find him irrelevant on the ZAMBIAN political arena. I findt the ENDORSERS i.e. Mangani, Molongoti, Mpombo,Katele etc.more useful. Nawakwi makes ZAMBIAN democracy seem real.

  5. Ba Pastor Mumba please face and accept reality, you are now becoming an embarrassment. Banda has cannibalized you and your party, You and your party are done. Please sir stop being stubborn.

    • There are a lot of things thats happen that I am not happy with but refusing to accept reality is folly.

  6. True blues are with RB and PF so Nevers Mumba is just wasting his team.he lost it long ago!!this man is just alone with Nakachinda because even Bowman Lusambo is now backing Edgar Lungu’s PF!!

  7. Pastor Nevers the sad reality in this country is that political parties are personal to holder. Their identity is related to the “owner”.
    UNIP was identified with KK, without him its dead. Mr Anamela & TK are still there because KK left a sound base (financially).
    MMD will always identify with FTJ. It survived for ten years after him because it was in govt. You will have to be strong to keep it alive beyond 2016 if you lose contributions from MPs.
    See how PF is struggling with identity after MCS’s death.
    Credit should be given to HH for having held UPND for 8 years after the death of the “owner” maybe its because of the strong SP base but if they lose next year I do not see it going forward.

  8. Always the last to find out.

    The shock is that you think going back to preaching is a step backwards. MMD is not worth forsaking God’s work for.

  9. With 10000 votes, boss you have nothing to bargain with. You sold out in your usual turncoat fashion at the time you should have demonstrated how strong you are. God is still giving you one last chance to be on the right side. I rarely make mistakes when I peep into the future.

  10. Pastor Mumba you are not stable in your politicking. A quick reminder, you were once a leader of opposition you left for quick returns in the then ruling party MMD, now you are leader of MMD but somehow gave it to PF. Perhaps your alliance with PF would have worked well without RB in PF.
    MMD now has a split personality as a party because of you.
    Members are now like sheep without a shepherd. You are a vibrant and vocal person but you have not defined yourself and seriously lack organizational skills in politics. Take a position and stand by it.

  11. Brother Mumba,
    Whatever happens do not go to PF. You will be honoured as the last MMD President. Who knows – next season people may realized that RB did you an uppercut and give you sympathetic vote.

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