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Kitwe football administrator urges Zambians to cherish Kalusha

Sports Kitwe football administrator urges Zambians to cherish Kalusha

Kitwe-based football administrator Kelvin Chipili says Zambians must appreciate Kalusha Bwalya’s contribution to the sport while he is alive.

Chipili, the secretary of FAZ Division Two side Zanama Brave Rovers, said Kalusha has made great contribution to Zambian football both as a player and administrator.

Kalusha, who is the president of FAZ, is some times criticised for his style of leadership while at the helm of Football House.

In an interview in Kitwe, Chipili said Zambians should not wait for the ex-Chipolopolo captain and coach to die before acknowledging the vital role he has played in the sport.

“Kalusha Bwalya’s contribution to Zambian football as a player or administrator cannot and should not be ignored by all well meaning soccer lovers,” he said.

“His efforts must not be permanently forgotten or deleted as if people are blind,” Chipili said.

He defended Kalusha’s football administration credentials.

“Under Kalusha’s leadership at FAZ we have seen Zambia win the Africa Cup of Nations. The league sponsorship by MTN is another vote of confidence in his administration and we have seen our junior national teams qualifying for major tournaments,” Chipili added.

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  1. This is the thing with bootlickers they blindly worship without thinking if he has done all that where is all the money gone to why does the ministry of sport have to bankroll FAZ with taxpayers money for everything.
    Have you seen what sponsors are paying for other African leagues? The Galu negotiates his cut first before footballs…if he had done a good job FAZ would self sufficient…in all honesty what type of a title is Liciencing Manager for Eric Mwanza? Really laughable.

    • Jay Jay as much as Kalu as his weakness we all have even you, but to say he has done nothing you are exposing yourself as armchair critic,when did you see clubs in zambia getting monthly payments from Faz ever,it is because of Kalu’s connections with companies like supersport and mtn if you mention Kalu they will know him who know Simata Simata for example, Kalu has used his connections to get sponsors, tell me which national teams in Africa which are not sponsored by their government if i am not mistaken it is only south Africa to a certain extent let’s give credit where is due and stop being personal on some issues,Zambia was camping in mine guest houses for big tournaments with no water but since Kalu came things have changed i always visit the National team when they are camping…

    • Camping in hotels and you leave nkogole?
      Kalu has done great things its true,but its time for him to move on.
      Are you sure Mine guest houses were not having water?maybe you said council guest houses,

  2. I failed to catch the point. I hope he should lobby gvt to tell the nation what happened to 1993 plane crash that killed the then glorious national team.





  4. U *****s….and you will be the first fools to praise him posthumously!!!! The man has done a lot for Zambian football….very few soccer legends have achieved what kalu has done in respective to other countries…Much as the man has his own flaws, he deserves to be admired and cherished now and beyond!!! Well done Kalu!!!

  5. Kalusha should not depend on FAZ for his well being if he is broke that is his business this thing of worship any one is nonsense how many African footballers have retired and getting on with their life?

    • Rubbish point that’s why football can’t develop in Africa, we need a lot of ex soccer players to run football associations in their countries because the understand how a player feels because they have been there not these soccer politicians whose only interest is there pocket they don’t even understand how it feels to be in the dressing room as a player.

    • No one is denying the fact that “great Galu” was a great player, among many greats! He has done his part, and we will forever remember his contribution to Zambian Football, up to a certain point! It is now time for him to get out! He has failed lamentably as an administrator, perhaps as a consequence of his failure to manage his personal finances and/or life, such that he cannot sustain himself outside FAZ! He is fleecing/bleeding FAZ to death because he has no other stable source of income to sustain his extravagant lifestyle. Player selection, professional player deals, etc, have become his main stay, hence the poor results the national team is delivering! Yes, some people will insist on coaches’ independence in player selection, but that is neither here nor there!

  6. Great Kalu was known pa Shinde as “Lushya” for scoring in dying minutes. KK and Kalu are icons of Zambia.

  7. Great Kalu was known pa Shinde as “Lwisha” for scoring in dying minutes. KK and Kalu are icons of Zambia.

  8. He did his best on the field and represented mother Zambia with pride. He has done his best as administrator. Maybe it’s time to leave the stage while the audience is still applauding. He should not wait too long, otherwise even his admirers will start baying for his blood.

    Look at Blatter, for all the good he might have done in world football, his ending is turning out to be terrible. That’s what happens when you overstay……

  9. i respect Kalu the footballer not Kalu the administrator. so mixing the 2 is not possible for me. Kalu was a good footballer no doubt about it and he is our hero AS A FOOTBALLER on the soccer pitch – WHERE i have problems is with KALU THE ADMINISTRATOR.

  10. Indeed we cherished him as a footballer. He cant continue riding on that field performance. As an adminstrator he has to work for us to cherish him

    • Totally agree mate, though even as a player, he never wanted to help anyone break into the european leagues lest they stole the show from him. As for his admistrative capability, sorry he’s a proper GALU.

  11. Those apploding kalu the Administrator are apploding some one for doing his job his paid to do, which is not done well in any case. We have the team arriving late for matches and all sorts of infighting at FAZ.

  12. If you want Kalu out sorry you ‘ll need more than a bulldozer to dig him out of the CAF/FIFA entrenchment. The guy is safely covered and for that the best the country can do is to utilise his position at this level to its advantage. Talk of why W.African teams have excelled, they ‘ve ayatou. Leave Kalu alone

  13. Pali ba kalu nshilala utulo umuntima ulapelela. Ba Kalu nkonke pembeleniko nde konka. Touch not the anointed, David and Solomon despite their shortcomings still had God’s favour. Haters your hate is in vain. Long live Great Kalu ,long Zambia.
    Great Kalu is the KK of Zambian football and Zambia is well known because of the two.

  14. Kalusha has many weaknesses like most of us, but, that he has achieved more than any Zambian for the country in football terms is irrefutable and only a devil’s advocate can deny this. Kalu is known all over the world and is very well connected. Zambians you should stop the PHD syndrome and give praise where it is due.
    By the way, I am suspicious he lost the court case at a time when RB is in charge of courts. RB had a bone to chew with Great Kalu because of the Bonnett issue, the latter having been forced onto FAZ by RB. Bonnett was contracted thru RB’s corrupt son Henry but Kalu “chased” him.

  15. Jealous people never prosper in life.Y hate kalu wen u evn knw dat wat u’re sayin makes no sense, he’s done a lot 4 dis country in whatever way u might think.Viva GREAT KALU,they’ll continue crying.

    • Unfortunately he has disappointed me because his genes are not strong! All his other top player friends have off springs who have even better editions! Charlie Musonda 3 boys at Chelsea; Abedi Pele 3 boys in France; all the Nigerians who payed in his time have internation standards football academies. Kalusha not even a ball picker!

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