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PF Government warns those holding secession discussions in Southern Province


Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Government wishes to strongly warn advocates of secession of Southern Province from the rest of Zambia that they will face the full wrath of the law if they continue with their schemes because their plans are treasonable.

Zambia is a united and indivisible country and will remain so and any talk of secession borders on treason as per law established.

The Preamble of the Republican Constitution states:

WE, THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA by our representatives, assembled in our Parliament, having solemnly resolved to maintain Zambia as a Sovereign Democratic Republic.

The Preamble also states that Zambians:

RESOLVE to uphold the values of democracy, transparency, accountability and good governance;
AND FURTHER RESOLVE that Zambia shall forever remain a unitary, indivisible, multi-party and democratic sovereign state.

Government is, therefore, disappointed that a small clique, purporting to represent the wider majority of people of Southern Province want to ride on one individual’s comments to justify why they should secede from the unitary State of Zambia.

This Government will not tolerate acts that are a serious breach of national security and the Constitution of the land and wishes to warn the culprits that under Zambian Laws they are committing a felony.

CHAPTER SEVEN of the Penal Code under (c) is very clear that;

(1) A person is guilty of treason and shall be liable to suffer death who (c) prepares or endeavours to procure by force the setting up of an independent state in any part of Zambia or the secession of any part of Zambia from the Republic.

Government, therefore, warns those who attended the meeting in Southern Province that they will be answerable for their actions.

The mere fact that Government has tolerated similar dissent in other parts of the country does not amount to weakness on the part of the state.

Government will apply the full force of the law to crash any subversive elements in any part of the country.

Government believes the people of Southern Province as a whole have never been obsessed with power to the extent that they would envision separation from the rest of Zambia.

The orchestrators of these schemes, however, are a frustrated lot that want to form their Government using unconventional and unconstitutional means after failed attempts to win elections.

But Zambia is a democracy where anyone aspiring for leadership should present themselves when elections are due and test their popularity. Therefore, any actions outside these set standards will attract stern punitive action and the people who met on Monday in Southern Province to orchestrate secession are reminded of that.

These people need to be reminded that at 50 years, Zambians are politically mature and cannot entertain politics based on regionalism and tribalism.

Zambia has remained an oasis of peace for time immemorial and no one should be allowed to disrupt the peace and tranquility which have earned the country world-wide respect and admiration.

Government, therefore, calls on all well meaning Zambians to dismiss the secession talk from Southern Province with the contempt it deserves.

The talk is an affront to Zambia’s modern political dispensation which allows for plurality, diversity and equal participation of all Zambians in the affairs of the country.

Government, under the leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, re-affirms its commitment to building an inclusive, united and prosperous Zambia for all.

Hon. Chishimba Kambwili, MP

8th July, 2015


  1. GRZ get priorities RIGHT, deal with implementing options to eliminate/reduce POWER OUTAGE. It is threatening the economy of Zambia.

    • First deal with the people who are uttering hate speech. The Tonga have been hurt by terms such as “Kachema” and other demeaning things said since the January 20th elections. The President needs to public disown those statements. He seems to be protecting the aggressors and chastising the aggrieved. EL show that he is serious about his national building efforts by dealing with Mumbi Phiri and Davies Chama.

    • First of all such a move would be silly and I doubt it represents the view of most Southerners, anyway let us indeed concentrate on more pressing matters some of which are cutting down govt expenditure, we do not need 2 Permanent Seconds for each ministry and as a matter of fact we don’t even need deputy ministers, govt is too bloated we must cut the number of govt workers inorder to finance out economy. This must start at the senior level please! Let’s lead by example for those in Senior positions let’s start to live modestly and do away with extravagance. PF is a party that is meant for the everyday mam or woman, PF is not for people who want to become rich overnight, we need to get back to our roots people! This is why come 2026 if there is no change in attitude I’m going for UNIP!

    • South Sudan was divided. Many countries where one group is marginslised can separate from the rest if they wish to.

      Kambwili no amount of force can subdue southerners if they wish to separate.

      Historically the ngonis and the kololo tried to dislodge the Tongas from their land but they failed.

      If you do not tone down then the tongas will decide their fate and separate ftom Zambia.

      PF is just a bunch of fools without direction.

      Solve electricity and educational woes first before diverging attention to the tongas.

    • The issue which the government is talking about is very serious and any failed politician who has failed to win power through democratic means will not be allowed to set his province ablaze as innocent people will suffer from this stupid action. Bembas have been the most insulted tribe by the Tongas but have ignored every thing.Some Tongas believe that they are the most intellegent, clean and above corruption while the opposite is true. Just a mere joke by Mr Chama which even Hon Miles Sampa joked in parliament is an issue to day? That is why it is people like this who turn presidents into dictators by forcing them to react. Mr President deal with them harshly even Mmembe should be caged because the chap is capable causing genocide if not taken of .

    • Kachiba Chimbwili, just ask your boss to show leadership for once and get rid go that thug Davies Chama, whom you refer to as “one individual” in your statement and please, fix the ZESCO blackouts too

    • HH wants to be president at any cost. So let SP secede with HH as their president. I certainly don’t give a hoot! At least Zambia will be free from this tribalistic lot. The rest of Zambian tribes can go on their merry way.


    • Suit yourselves. Just because of HH you want to create these useless situations which are going nowhere. Why behave like kids. You are adults learn to handle issues in a civilised way. Even when offended, it how you react that shows how mature you are. Here you are displaying gross immaturity. Mature and sobber up!!!

      We warned you that HH is brainwashing you and misleading to your destruction in politics. That guy is not for national unity but division. Ka useless capitalist.

    • Never before has the ZAMBIAN government ever has had so many Key issues on hand and so little has been done to deal with them. Is Lungu cut out for the job?

      Power cuts or load shedding


      Barotse and now Tonga/Chama issue



      ECONOMY in general

      Party (PF/MMD LINK)




      Stalled Projects

      but to mention a few and the president is skating around. Lungu get a grip and deal with some.Am shifting my money on Kabimba’s Rainbow if he distances himself from THE CARTEL and show that he has reformed/reinvented himself.

  2. Total rubbish and lies by a desperate government of liars. PFools never give any logical consequences of the abrogation of BA64. Now all of a sudden, they know the law to use against Tongas. PF are planning genocide against Tongas. That’s why they are creating all these lies and smear about polygamy, tribalism and now secession. LIES, LIES, TOTAL LIES!

    • This is a diversion from a failing state. The writing on the wall is clear – powercuts, falling Kwacha (heading towards K10/USD before year end), closing mines, interest rates over 30%, looming famine etc. Zambia is headed for doom and PFools want a sacrificial lamb. Lungu has decided Tongas must be targeted. That’s what’s happening here. Diversionary tactics!

  3. Don’t use threats, you know what has caused this and it is because of such threats and ill treatment that people are not happy with. Davis Chama is the causer and a few leaders within PF. So is it okay with you to deal with Tonga Chiefs and leaving those you feel they are always Mr and Mrs Rights in whatever they say….No. PF get it right, UNIP was there, it went, MMD was there and they went, so its PF to go. We know it is for political gain that you are there to defend even something which is clear. Is it okay in your tribe to kill innocent people? call others as quarter or half Zambians? Mr Kambwili you should at times try to do things correctly. Ask your selves where all this tribal issue is coming. Sampa was clear when he made his statement, Scot was also very clear, now its Chama.

  4. Sounds more like lies meant to divert attention from real issues affecting the nation. Those that love PF should help them govern well, because propaganda has a short lifespan.

  5. Well spoken Hon Kambwili ! Indeed its just a small clique and they should not be allowed to destroy this wonderful country just because they want political power.

    • You are st.upid! What political power are you talking about when you know well that its Davis Chama who is causing all this?

    • Why should EL or PF hate Southerners. This is unreasonable. This is UPND propaganda and HH is aware and enjoying what he knows best, misleading instead of leading.

      HH is the cause of all this. He is a selfish fella. If he was a genuine Zambian leader, he should accept that there was a mistake for him to be appointed as UPND leader just because he was Tonga. Then, he can start afresh. If he does not accept this error, it will continue to hunt and haunt UPND.

      Why should all of a sudden SP should think they are victims? It is because of regional politics by UPND leadership. UPND should not continue to be a SP party. UPND should rebrand and turn itself into a national entity, but with HH at the helm, this cannot happen because he accepted leadership on regional basis.

  6. In my view Chama was simply telling them the truth that regional politics is bad because it can not send one to state house.You need support from the whole country and not only from nega nega.He used metaphoric language.

    • You are st.upid. Did Edgar Lungu get support from all provinces for him to become President?

  7. He is trying to divert attention from their failure especially with ZESCO, Bad health services, Issues at Universities, Food basket and many more.

    • Southerners plse don’t crucify this speach he was reffering to UPND AS A PARTY AND NOT TONGAS,how come the tongaland is crying for his life this simply shows this party is for Tongas coz not only tongas are polygamists unless UPND IS ONLY FOR TONGAS THEN CRUSIFY CHAMA.

    • Why take a detour when the problem is known? Excuses being advanced to justify Mr Chama’s remarks are more insulting as there is no cousinship with the Tonga nation which Mr Chama can lay claim to have exploited in making the remarks. The Vice President made a better attempt when commenting on what has caused the ripples than the president and Mr Kambwili! The president is talking with tongue in cheek and should not try to down play the fact that Mr Chama’s remarks were inflammatory! It is easy to see the veiled snigger in the presidents comments and disdain for southern province! His dilly dallying on the matter and urging the already hurt people to discuss with Chama does not cut it! Let not the southerners be taken for fools that everything which affects them should be diverted to HH.

  8. Edgar Lungu should exhibit good leadership,does he expect Tongas to keep quiet when they are insulted by Davis Chama and Mumbi Phiri?Miles Sampa also insulted them and Sata didn’t discipline him,so Lungu should be sensible.

    • Perhaps it is high time those in PF leadership learned that some provinces can take sh1t from them but certainly not Southern and Western. Kambwili himself insulted the people of North-Western a few years ago. The meek reaction that Kambwili received from the NWP MPs must have misled other Bemba PF leaders to think that all provinces will react in a similar way, if at all. They are mistaken.

      Kambwili calls the group “a small clique”? Clearly, he does not know Tongas!

  9. People from SP should grow up. Chama says who you are and ( polygamists) and you easily take offence. I think we need researchers to study these people characteristics and carefully analyze their IQ. They like groupings and inseclusions even on trivial matters. Let anyone who will champion this issue face treason. The biggest problem is hh himself who is not telling his tribesmate to descist from such backward thinking. I have failed to support upend because of this. Some of us embrace all tribes but when others isolate themselves you think twice.

    • @Sponge bob.

      Please, do not generalize by saying “people of Southern Province should grow up.” Let us respect one another irrespective of where we come from. Not all people from Southern Province have said they want secession.

    • @sponge bob what is interesting is Miyanda won a serious case of Treason by defending himself! the judge alluded to speaking about separation is not treasonable. taking arms and advocating yes! However that is for another day!

  10. This my friends is dangerous. The fight for Zambia’s independence started in SP. The secession talk is more dangerous in SP than WP because here all Tongas think alike. There is no division in SP, there are tribes like Nkoyas or Mbundas here. The SP is a solid block. If the idea takes root in the mind of these people, forget about a unitary Zambia

  11. What is it that Southerners are benefiting & or benefited from this called Zambia over the years,only assassinations of very radical, rational,liberal & proactive prudent as well as energetic youth leaders with a futuristic helicoptic view of national development agenda! Secession is the only way my foot!

  12. In NP there are Bembas, Namwangas Bisas etc, who do not only always see eye to eye. In EP there are Chewas, Ngonis and Tumbukas who frequently fight. In SP? Tongas, Ilas, Toka Leyas, all one block, same mind. Dangerous, my friends…

  13. Thats not true mr kambwili,most zambians still remember the black mamba propaganda but the truth was chiluba was the lied to pipo and now u want excuses for your failures.

  14. What is it that Southerners are benefiting & or benefited from this called Zambia over the years,only assassinations of very radical, rational,liberal & proactive prudent as well as energetic youth leaders with a futuristic helicoptic view of national development agenda! Secession is the only way my foot!Moreover Southern province is a tiger within Zambia(very resilient,self reliant,progressive with a sustained economy)!

  15. Is there enough evidence to justify the same? I equally guess it is an attention diversional tactic to the reality on the ground. The guilty are always afraid. Chama mentioned the same via a different setting. Table tangible evidence, not rumours.

  16. It’s only a full cycle ***** who to date still remains oblivious to the clear crack of separation that has materialized in Zambia. I mean, soon after coming into power, Lungu asked the Litunga where the boundary of Barotseland is going to be and the King told him to make reference to the voting pattern during the last presidential bye election! It thus should not come as a surprise that both the North-Western and Southern provinces are all now eager to leg it off along with Barotseland away from this failed patchwork called Zambia. Bembas can remain with their cousins the Nyanjas, “iswebo incobeni ncobeni twaunka pe! Mushaleni ni 4!

    • Why are you so obsessed with Bembas kanshi? There has been no Bemba president (okay one Sata) and yet you talk of Bemba domination. If anything there have been more easterner presidents (RB, EL even KK). Don’t kill us for nothing bane!

    • @ Kasaka, forget it you’ll not win, when the people speak Bemba domination their minds is made up in such a way as those who say they can’t vote for a Tonga and if you ask them why? Their answer will be “Umutonga! aawe!” as simple as that without a logical explanation! So no matter how you try to split hairs to explain that there has bee no Bemba president it just does not sink in anyones’ head

  17. But if you do not want an intelligent and healthy Tonga to be president of your country but you would rather vote for an alcoholic with fully blown AIDS for president, why would you be surprised if the Tongas want to leave you alone! Isunwe mwa ujata mubwa ku muchila! You should prepare yourselves for a bitter divorce, nobody wants to be in union with such a lousy bigoted lot eager to loot state coffers everyday retarding development. Whether you like it or not, Tongas will divorce you! Mwaya saana ba kaboke imwe!

  18. HH if you do not have the Caliber to get yourself elected into state house, let another take over the UPND, there solved. Firstly, but withheld to second pronouncement, president Lungu needs to return to Zambia, sit his self down and make a press briefing on the state of the economy. The old man at ministry of finance needs to be retired now! Kambwili needs a new ministry in forestry if there is one, and enough with politicking.

  19. The atheists can be tempted to conclude the guy has not fully evolved from an ape to a modern man. He reasons like an animal.

    Chapter seven of the Penal Code which says a person is guilty of treason if he uses FORCE (terror – violence) to try and set up an independent state in any part of Zambia or the secession of any part of Zambia from the Republic.

    Let him explain to us how these people who gathered and marelly talked about the possibilities of seceding qualify to be criminals.


    • Tribes are known by their main distinguishing features:

      North Westerners are reputed for their circumcision ceremony rites of passage and the magnificent makishi masquerades.

      Easterners are famed for eating bakoswe and being good loyal house boys (‘Kaboyi”)

      Lozis relish their hoppani and look resplendent in their siziba as well as shoulder shaking!

      Bemba are accomplished thieves and of course a good section are batubulu as well as cheats and liars. Bemba men sire so many kids but never bring these bastards to their matrimonial home only to be revealed at graveyard!

      Tongas have the twin distinction of being like the Zulus/Ndebele in being openly polygamous and in fashion of Texan farmers are great ranchers.

      So everyone chill ….and enjoy….your trade mark.

  21. Useless propaganda by the pf thugs. However, this is how revolutions begin and nothing can stop people if they make a decision. Your treason cannot be regarded where people mean business. Just stop your propaganda.

    • Rubbish rants from a dull person. If your HH fails to attract Zambians let him just step down. You Tongas think of yourselves so highly. You insult Bembas day in and out but they keep cool, whom do you think you are as to think you are untouchable? You are full of inferiority complex. Please grow up. Shame on you all.

    • *****, this has nothing to do with HH. Its about the people of Southern province. Dont be jealous of successful people.You hate HH because he is successful. Am not tonga but i know tongas are successful people and self reliant.Try give them independence and watch the space within 10 years and see where the migrants will come from. The same Northerners will start jumping the trees to cross the border to Southern. Look at where these Northerners come from……Congo! where there is total confusion! Then dont expect to have order in the country ruled by the northerners and their cousins.

  22. To rest this case let Edgeh fire Chama from his postion but for you Tongas to talk of secession when you were on the forefront opposing lozis when they were fighting for the secession of Barotseland it is really unfortunatly. Wake up Tongas.

    • For what? Are Tongas untouchable when they insult others day in and out? If they want to be respected let them also respect others.

  23. This government is not serious. The cause of this problem is very simple then you get a dimwit Kambwili to issues an empty press statement. Why can’t Lungu fire Chama?

  24. This is a very childish debate.Tongas joke by calling Bembass Kolwestan,Monkey forest etc and we just laugh it off.Why should UPND capitalize on Chamas political sense of humour on polygamy ? Does it make sense to talk about Southern province to secede ?

  25. There is no wrath of law that has achieved its goal in the abscence of dealing with ideals affecting human beings.

    At the end….it has led to destroying people whose lives the same law seeks to protect. This is human irresponsibility all over the earth.

    Human beings mist be tied by love and consensus… goal….and it is important to see if this is in place in zambia.

    I like the position put forward by our good president to dialogue over any issues as this for we have only one country

  26. ZAMBIA SHOULD NEVER FRAGMENT, as I firmly believe in One Zambia One Nation.
    However Political Clown’s like Davies Chama should be Sacked by Alungu, for statements of a Vile tribalist nature against Tonga people who are equally Zambian as any tribe in our One Zambia.
    Shame on the Tribalist Davies Chama.

  27. Do not politicize Lwindi ceremony.Last year Dr Scott was embarrassed and in future people may shun it for fear of listening to hate speeches.His Royal Highness Chief Monze should be the patron or any other neutral person……..not an opposition political party leader who is always thinking of how to win votes in one province.

  28. Dear Southern Province,
    The move to secede from CHI Zambia is the best-ever decision , because Southern province will go with part of central NWP and WP. In fact Zambia will divide between looters for North Eastern Rhodesia and developers from North Western Rhodesia. Had it not been for this FAKE Zambia Union, North Western Rhodesia would be developed like Botswana, Namibia and South Africa because of similar cultures. Go Magande, Go VJ, GO Munkombwe, Go Nkombo, Go Chief Monze, Go chief Mukuni, Go Chief Mweemba, you are our leaders and GODS.
    Enough of insults and ridicule

    • If you wish, you can trek to Zimbabwe or Botswana! No inch of Zambian land is up for grabs and you better come down to earth and face realities!

  29. First it was “Barotseland”, now it is Tongaland… next? Not that I’m advocating secession. But when different regions begin to feel excluded from the national cake, then it’s time to take stoke of where we are and perhaps rethink our situation as a nation. It is not enough to threaten people with treason. More importantly, consider why they feel aggrieved.

    • Just because your HH fails to attract Zambians then it becomes justifiable to make Southern a country? what a very dull thinking? shame on you. Shaaa.

  30. Would it not be easier to discipline one uncouth cadre–Chama, rather than risk war? Why has Chama not been disciplined? The problem lies not with S/Province but that id*^t Davies Chama! Lungu needs to discipline that unruly d@g before meeting the leaders of the province, otherwise there is really nothing to discuss.

    • War???? By who??? There is completely nothing the so called Successionists can do! All of them are completely impotent and toothless! Try it and you shall see how you will be crashed! Just try It!!!

    • You are just inferior man. How many times have you Tongas insulted Bembas? Bembas just laugh it off, but you one Tonga is insulted the whole clan cries foul? Please spare us from your inferiority complex.

  31. Chama, in effect, insulted the whole country because Zambians have married across tribes. I believe no Zambian has only relatives from one tribe. The best Kambwili and PF should have done is to apologise not only to the people of southern province but to the whole nation. It’s primitive not to condemn what Chama said. I am sure we are a laughing stock by other countries in the way we have handled such primitive remarks; shows the moral barometer of leadership. Remember the lie by PF of “Tonga on Oath”!

  32. Some of these chaps bayandika kwaangwa ka dina nyo akubasiya alisilibi while awaiting the Lozi’ s to sent them some munyopi.

  33. These chaps from southern province are biting more than they can chew! Personally, I have no problem with those who grew up in C/Belt and Lusaka. These have been in contact with civilization! The most notorious and primitive ones are those who grew up in typical villages of Dundumwezi, Magoye, Mapatizya and other villages in southern province!
    We have told these chaps again and again that they can not win national elections with only one province but they still insist that their hh is the only “moses” who can take them to the promised land! Now reality has dawned on them and they think they can employ unconventional means to assume leadership!
    That will not happen! Just brace yourselves for more democratic defeats! Any attempts to misbehave will not do because mwalaponoka bad!…

  34. Every tribe in Zambia needs to be respected and made to feel part of Zambia, STOP HATE SPEECH against tribes. Every tribe is special before God. Everyone will give an account before God concerning every vain word and actions. May the remnant true sanctified Church of Jesus Christ rise up and take their place in Zambia by rejecting tribal hate and divisions caused by politicians without fear of favour.

    • Its you Tongas who speak hate speech against Bembas. What they have done against you we don’t know. You Tongas are the initiators of hate speech, infact we have learnt tri.balism from yourselves. We did not know the word tribalism but because of you Tongas and your un relenting trib.alism we have come to know it. ‘abantu ebalangile nkalamo ukwikaka pa….

    • @ Peter may the Lord forgive you, for your own information I am not a Tonga , and i do not define myself by tribe but as a Zambian. I am a God fearing Christian who believes that tribes, races, nationalities are special before God and have all a divine purpose to fulfill, therefore must all be respected and appreciated. I will not sit down and allow politicians to divide my beautiful country with hate propaganda just like Mordecai said to Esther not to think because she was in the Kings house she would escape. First they came for the Jews and I was not a Jew etc, then they came for me and there was no one to speak for me. May God bless you an may he bless Zambia.

  35. Why should EL or PF hate Southerners. This is unreasonable. This is UPND propaganda and HH is aware and enjoying what he knows best, misleading instead of leading.

    HH is the cause of all this. He is a selfish fella. If he was a genuine Zambian leader, he should accept that there was a mistake for him to be appointed as UPND leader just because he was Tonga. Then, he can start afresh. If he does not accept this error, it will continue to hunt and haunt UPND.

    Why should all of a sudden SP should think they are victims? It is because of regional politics by UPND leadership. UPND should not continue to be a SP party. UPND should rebrand and turn itself into a national entity, but with HH at the helm, this cannot happen because he accepted leadership on regional basis.

    2016 IS COME!!!!!

  37. Bane just campaign hard so that you can stay in power. There is no way of running away from 2016. Dirty approaches like sowing tribal divisions, attempting to cancel elections, propaganda and threatening people with hanging over imaginary treason will not thwart what you fear most-losing power. Your OPPONENTS (not enemies) seem to be tactically wearing you down through a seemingly galvanized political assault.

  38. Yall big necks,big mouths,big tummies found us here,we aint going nowhere,lungu already told you’go away’ to kola if you dont like us,beene chishi,vai via!

  39. I do not believe seceding is the solution to the failed governance by PF. What shall we do of these children we have with Bembas and Ngonis.?

    Putting a Tonga or Lozi or North Westerner in State House should not be the ultimate goal but to ensure good governance for the country. A bad Lozi ruler will just be as reproachable as jamison anabwela.

    Let tempers calm down and focus on the real issues instead of hot air…

  40. When the history of this country is written 2 politicians will stick out as intentionally or inadvertently being responsible for the heightened tribal sentiments in Zambia: Michael Sata and Hakainde Hichilema

  41. Stop insulting Tongas. Separate polities from hate speech. What is happening is hating people of souhtern province. Remember Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula ANCformed a multiparty govt with Keneth Kaunda UINP. If we knew that we were to be insulted like this , Nkumbula was not going to agree to team up with Kaunda to rule Zambia. I don’t blame Tongas who are planning to leave Zambia and form their own country. Don’t think you are clever by insulting Tongas. Deliver to the people of Zambia.Only levy Mwanawasa did something for the country.He was part of Batho-botawe(Tonga,Ila and Lenji) . PF mind your way you speak to people of southern province.

  42. I was just praising kachema when I heard that he had gone to inspect his herd and he was contributing immensely to national development and GDP.

    1. Have they given up on ruling Zambia now?
    2. What are they are gonna do about the support that they claim to have been receiving from the rest of Zambia?
    3. In particular what happens to all those officials like Bandas, Chewes, Chilufyas, Muyundas who have been working hard to build and sell UPND?
    4. What happens to the Mutatis, Muchelekas, Nalumangos, Dr Banda, etc?
    5. Does this confirm what was said about Sakwiba Sikota and Patrick Chisanga?
    5. Is this confirmation that tongas are tribal after all?

    Please UPND bloggers guide since you know southern province better than any of us?

  43. I thought the man Chama said no Tonga will be president for Zambia until after reproducing in 100 years. So one sits down and says Chama is saying 2-3 is it cannot but Tongas know the answer is -1. Then it is treason. Chama should have done his maths well and he has made people to think outside the box.

  44. This nonsense is purely coming from chief tribalist called HH!!after 6 straight by elections defeats since January 2015,he is now sure that through democratic elections,he will never rule Zambia,hence causing all these confusions and its a pity that majority tongas just follow HH blindly!!HOW MANY TIMES ARE BEMBAS INSULTED BY TONGAS?SEVERAL AND NOT EVEN ONE HAS REACTED THIS WAY!!just be strong guys in UPND and wait for KOLOPA.COM RELOADED IN 2016 IN FAVOUR OF PF!!!Davis Chama was only joking.THE GOVNT MUST CAGE FRED M’MEMBE TOO BECAUSE HE HAS REALLY GONE TOO FAR IN HIS REPORTING!!EVERYDAY,ITS LUNGU THIS,LUNGU THAT,WHAT A EVIL ID10T IS FRED M’MEMBE!!!LET GOD PUNISH THIS ID1OT CALLED M’MEMBE AS WE ARE TIRED OF HIM!!!

  45. UPND-HH just campaign for 2016. Your dull talk will not help you given the nega-nega formula which shall befall you come 2016. Zambia is a democratic country in which every person is free to participate, if he loses he has to accept it bwana. Lies will not help UPND-HH.

  46. Very sad that a poor country such as Zambia can be wasting precious time discussing such a useless topic! There are more serious issues such as mineral royalty tax, agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation, green power, which province has potential in which developmental field etc than this hogwash.

    Pf. Clearly doesn’t have leadership capacity to effectively rule this great nation sadly neither the opposition. Prospective leadership Is sitting on the fence watching and applauding incompetent cadres instead of standing up, sacrificing leaving their comfort zone to be counted

  47. Lungu, does not like the tonga and lozi, let them, be independent and have there own chiefdom, let Lungu rule, eastern, northern ancooper belt, then central will go southern, kikikikkikk , no power no water, what a president. Cooper belt students are on strick

    • You writing has alarming spelling errors. This make me doubt you intellectual articulation of political debate or ideas. You just daydreaming. Just get over it, the defeat of UPND and HH. HH is not a politician. He is failing to lure other people apart from those following him due to regional ties. What a shame

      Zambia is bigger than HH and UPND. This a problem of your own creation. You started this tribal talk and now you are failing to contain it and want to run away. Just deal with it and stop insulting other tribes too. You think they do not feel they pain? Surely you have more than insulted other too.

      Do you not call yourselves bulls? I expect you to withstand difficult times and not cry like babies.

  48. PF through your chair Chama started all this and this hippo never challenged him. Even jemason never said anything. Southerners have the right to choose their political stand when need be. PF are full of hatred and remember southern province includes Lusaka and central province

  49. most of you rush into posting your comments minus reading what the article is all about, first your so called minister comes and issues threats to the people of Southern province with little understanding of the law, to make matters worse what kind of a fool jots down threats on a piece of paper and keeps looking at what he has written as he issues threats? Back to mutwe wa nkani, chapter 7 of the penal code under (c) is very clear, it simply says a person is guilty of treason if he endeavors to procure by force, i repeat by force, the setting up of an independent state in any part of this country or secession, what happens if those calling for secession go ahead minus the use of force will chishimba still call it treason? Remember there many ways to kill a monkey.

  50. In short according to the laws of Zambia, you can call for secession minus the use of force, it easier to split a country through secession than to call for unification of two separate entities, lets try secession. It has worked for south Korea, and the former yogoslavian states.

    • thats what people who think on tribe and regionalism resort to when they have failed elections. shame on HH-UPND.

    • Truth hates, relax, you are being emotional, you will hurt yourself with own hate, now that i have made you understand what chapter 7 of the penal code under ( c) remain silent and stop displaying your stupidity in public by accusing HH and UPND. You wasting your brain cells on issues that are bigger than you.

    • Korea and Yugoslavia for bitter wars and some people are being tried in ICJ. Remember Bosnia? Millions died and are forgotten.

      So do not cheat yourself that a government can allow any section to do this without force coming into play. If the Government says no, those guys will use force and treason comes in. Force can be any means than the law that is aimed at arm twisting. It is a matter of semantics my friend. So be careful you may pushing your leaders into prison for nothing. Advise the caution. They can never win in this one. It is a lose -lose situation.

      To bad UPND and HH have taken tribalism to another level. Do not blame Chama. This was started by HH. We never talked tribe in Zambia until HH and UPND taught us.

  51. UPND should just campaign and win square. Reverting to their tribal base to cry fowl will not win them an election. HH has failed to win the confidence of Zambians. UPND should find another candidate on par with Mazoka, Mkumbula or Musokotwane. Then they will win.

  52. Two approaches are needed to respond to calls for sessions in this country. The first approach is dialogue. Government must meet and speak to regional leaders using appropriate methods. Second, the Government has a duty to protect the public by suppressing criminal activities. Criminal elements speak vulgar language innocently or with criminal intentions. In both ways, the criminal statements must be punished because ignorance is not an excuse.

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