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Christopher Yaluma says that load shedding will end soon

Economy Christopher Yaluma says that load shedding will end soon

Christopher Yaluma
Christopher Yaluma

Government has assured Zambians that the long periods of power rationing will end as soon as possible.

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma has told ZNBC’s Joy Siatubi in Kinshasa that government is in the process of modifying the current load shedding time-table to reduce the long periods of power outage.

Mr. Yaluma says this is one of the ways that government is trying to correct the power deficit.

He has also disclosed that government is engaging Mozambique to look at possibilities of importing power from that country.

And the Minister attended official talks ahead of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of the hydro power sites on the Luapula river between Zambia and the DRC.

The MoU will encompass three hydro power sites on the Luapula river, which are expected to generate a total of one thousand megawatts of power to cushion the deficit the country is currently facing.

Mr. Yaluma is expected to sign the MoU tomorrow with his counterpart, the Congolese minister of Hydraulic Resources and Electricity, Jeannot Gamanda.

And Energy Permanent Secretary Emmelda Chola says soon after the signing of the MoU, technocrats from both countries will come up with urgent measures to implement the project.

Brigadier General Chola is hopeful that the plan will mitigate the power challenges faced by both Zambia and DR Congo.


  1. Quite laughable. Zambia needs people who have a modern 21st century education. Using mathematical optimization and modelling, a load shedding timetable can be easily formulated to ensure electricity supply is uniform. And for the life of me, is it so hard to invest in alternative forms of energy during the months of no rainfall? There is so much land available to build solar panel plantations given the availability of the intense sun all year round except in June and July. The Kariba dam is not in good shape, and ZESCO needs to keep that in mind. Geothermal energy could be looked into, and if you’re not that concerned about the environment, coal can be used as well. It is leadership that is lacking and corruption that is rife in government and in the private sector.

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      Christopher Yaluma
      Government has assured Zambians that the long periods of power rationing will end as soon as possible.

      Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma has told ZNBC’s Joy Siatubi in Kinshasa that government is in the process of modifying the current load shedding time-table to reduce the long periods of power outage.

      Mr. Yaluma says this is one of the ways that government is trying to correct the power deficit.

      He has…

    • When Edgar Lungu said, “I have no vision”, he meant just that. These jokers in Govt knew there would be a power deficit and did nothing to mitigate.No they are panicking running around like headless chickens. 2016, please vote them out

    • This is highly comical. I’m just wondering whether the water levels in the river have started rising. The truth is that all our power is being exported to cushion our budget deficit. Useless government!!

    • Halelujah, its a miracle the Kariba dam will be full soon. There I was thinking we would have to wait for rains to fill the dam.

  2. hmmm imwe, wasnt lungu just from assuring the mozambiquan president ati zambia will export electricity to tht country. Nomba yashni iyi nomba mulelanda ati, mozambique is now going to give us power? Am confused mwebantu ba PF. One of you has to be telling us a lie. Pali iwe Mukanga nakateka Lungu Lungusha!!!

    • PF govt is run by liars and PFools. None of these statements makes sense. It is just a reason to steal from Zambians. They are telling the mines to reduce their power use by 30%.This is a first in Zambia’s history and you will see the consequences of reduced export proceeds on Kwacha depreciation. Expect the Kwacha to hit K10/USD by year end. LIES, LIES, ALL LIES! Consequences are coming.

  3. Uncoordinated statements. Bwana Minister you told the nation that, ZESCO cannot generate sufficient power because of insufficient rainfall hence low water levels in dams. Then you then say load shedding will end soon as if you have fixed the low level water problem. Then you say a MOU to generate the deficit power, meaning to build another hydro power plant has been signed.

    And you call all this soon. Is it sooner than Christmas?

    • Zambians should refuse any shared resource agreements with the Congolese. Only Bembas can faintly understand the Congolese as they are of the same stock. DRC will arbitrarily shut down the shared power stations on the Luapula River, increase fees and tariffs and create artificial problems. Look at their behaviour on the Pedicle Road where transit fees have been arbitrarily set at USD50 by the Congolese. Much as PF do not want Southern Province to have alk the big power projects, Batoka Gorge and Kafue Lower are better prospects to pursue than agreeing anything with Congolese maniacs.

  4. Has it started raining heavily in Zambia now? Because according to Zesco, it’s only rain which will reduce Loadshedding.

  5. Palibe Future (PF), party of flip floppers. One week ati Zambia will export power to Mozambique today ati vice versa. Which is which?

  6. a MOU signed today will result in a new hydro power source in how many years from now?? … years! @flawless is correct in his assessment. To solve today’s power failures we need a diversification of electrical production: coal, solar, wind, hydro. Let Zambia lead the way! Solar is likely the quickest short term solution.

  7. Even if we went without power for the whole year, Kaponyas will still Vote for Lungu. These are people who have no power in their homes and can’t see the difference! They don’t understand anything economically! Its business as usual to them, ‘ifintu ni Lungu’. These idi0ts will continue sleeping with hunger and go and vote for a sick drunkard on voting day coz they speak the same language! Just that reason! Those are the levels of illiteracy in Zambia!

  8. Now I understand why the WHITEMAN refused to give voting rights to BLACK NATIVES. Just look at what is happening in South Africa 21 years after being allowed to vote in what is called a democratic government. They spend all their time demonstrating over none delivery of this and that, yet come voting time, they still extend their suffering by voting in same people. Zambia is the same. BLACKMAN YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

  9. The only solution to the power shortage in Zambia is unbundling ZESCO and sell the units to private companies. As long as Zesco remains a cash cow for the ruling party the number of hydroelectric installations will not solve the problem. An MD of zesco does not attend the interview to get the job but just appointed by the power that maybe. So his loyalty is not to the customers but the appointing authority

  10. People with no vision are talking about third term:leaving the issues at hand,very important such as the electricity,poverty,unemployment and main more issues to talk about.Some of our member of parliament does not deserve to be in the house for goodness.

  11. What have been saying all these years about diversification of energy sources and even diet…we have turned from exporter to importer merely after one poor rainy season.

    “….that government is in the process of modifying the current load shedding time-table to reduce the long periods of power outage.
    Mr. Yaluma says this is one of the ways that government is trying to correct the power deficit.”

    These are the silly statements you will always get when you elect people with no vision and who are utterly very dull…in all honesty how does he correct deficit by moving a loadshedding schedule….truly laughable indeed. You pay these empty tins how much again?

  12. Ubupuba bweke Kuli Ba Chistopher Yaluma. I worked for Zesco from 1992 to 2000, zesco management team have visiting Electricity Supply Board of Ireland, have seen how it manages the water which pass through the turbines is pumped out to storage dams and reused for generation. Zesco has had information to spread generators along the Kafue and the Zambezi to increase the capacity by using the same water passing through 3 to 6 turbines (series) rather than placing 6 generators in parallel, thus require 6 times water compared to series, then the minister says there the water is no enough, that’s water mismanagement Zesco has been earning £222.4 million in export power since 2004/5 for 10 years that is £2224. No need for govern. to borrow money to build more power stations if this money used

    • In Zambia its always a case of praying for the best and simply not preparing for the worst….look at Germany it produces for solar to cover is deficit and a percentage of it comes from domestic residents who have installed panels on their roofs.

    • And if Cold German can generate solar power…what about Hot sunny Zambia…ala African Leaders …just in power the belly

    • A site with a fall of say 400m the maximum power it can generate is the discharge times 400 and a constant. If you put another turbine/generator in series there will be no head to generate power as the 400m head has already been exhausted by the first turbine unless you did not use all of it. The other aspect you have talked about is called a cascade arrangement. On the Kafue river the power station at Itezhtezhi under construction, the existing Kafue Gorge Upper and the proposed Kafue Gorge Lower would form a cascade arrangement. With some modification a turbine can be used as a pump as well. During the night it pumps water using a low tariff to storage and generates electricity using this same water in the day to get a higher tariff. Zambian night load js high because of the mines.

  13. I expect GRZ to encourage use of solar energy by removing all taxes and fees on solar energy installations for use at household level (as a short term measure) and not to focus on hydro schemes that take years to come on stream!

  14. No matter what you say you haters in UPND,come 2016 we will vote for PF and Edgar Lungu because its not ECL has caused load shedding.You must be blaming MMD who did almost nothing in 20yrs apart from selling you houses and your HH making billions from the sale of Govnt Firms!!

    PF will develop Zambia and wise people can easily see this.Yes us Kaponyas( with european degrees) will vote for PF come 2016 than voting for your leader HH because of your insults.Edgar Lungu speaks our language and is able to mix with majority poor Zambians than your educated leader who cannot speak bemba or any other languages apart from proken Nyanja.

    2016 elections will be won by PF mark my words due to projects initiated by late Sata.Mighty PF is very loved in about 6 or 7 provinces!!

    • @eddy, you are an ID1OT….

      When someone steals your money you ask him if he needs a loan as well????????????? And if he wants to f**k your wife too???!!

      Wake up fool, before it is too late and you are a beggar on the street corners!

  15. What is Yaluma saying?

    He is not making sense whatsoever!

    Importing power from Mozambique, then sell some to DRC? Also, ZESCO as a business entity should be telling us what their developmental plan is. At the moment, it looks like they are depending on politicians to give them power generation plans.
    The politicians are not the experts.

    Mawe, ba ZESCO sure.

  16. @eddy! So the only reason you can’t vote for HH is because he can’t speak bemba and he speaks in broken Nyanja! Did you say u have a European degree! With your level of reasoning, I doubt that very much! Your PF has borrowed and continues to borrow for unbudgeted for projects of which some them (projects) have stalled due to lack of funds! By the time u will finish the road project, there will be pot holes where u started from, and there will be no funds to repair these roads. it is only visionless, directionless, selfish leaders who can borrow huge sums at high cost to buy luxury cars! Even lenders have now decided to give u money at a higher rate of interest coz they have seen the irresponsibility on the part of your Govt! Ati ‘Ifintu ni Lungu’.

  17. There was a ministerial statement on the energy crisis not long ago and this Yaluma did not say what he is saying now! Does he really know what is happening and what needs to be done or he is another one without a vision?

  18. Comedy! Stories that don’t make sense. 1. Load shedding is due to low water level. 2. Henry Kapata says Zambia is not exporting power. 3. Yaluma says we are exporting 90 megawatts of electricity. 4. Yaluma says load shedding will end soon. Are these statements jokes or are these people trying to outdo each other as being the most comical?

  19. Yaluma says, “government is in the process of modifying the timetable……” Is this really a solution to the problem? It is unbelievable what the Hon Minister sees as a solution. We are inconvenienced by this issue but the govt us not taking it seriously. An MoU with Congo will not be a solution. Why was Tuta Rd built? Zambians suffered when using Pedicle. We were at the mercy of the Congolese border officials. Men were charged for keeping a beard! What are we doing?

  20. Import power, no we should stop exporting it to the DRC and Zimbabwe. Besides in the short term solar power is an option. Wind, but most importantly waste can be turned into energy. However this requires quite a few authorities to collaborate. Lusaka would at least be clean, and there would be no need for a timetable.

  21. I question yaluma, how are he has gone in school, dull chap, I won’t even go in details. This is enough to describe him.

  22. Pf has failed to run the country let UPND come in power next year cause we can let thz failures keep on running this country!!!!!!

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