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Focussing on Trivia at the expense at serious issues currently affecting Zambia is tragic – Hakainde Hichilema

Headlines Focussing on Trivia at the expense at serious issues currently affecting Zambia...

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema  interacts with residents in Linda compound
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema interacts with residents in Linda compound

Fellow countrymen and women,

We are once again back to trivia debates that are totally unproductive like we have wrongly done so in the past at the expense of focusing on real issues that are currently affecting our nation.
I personally have never seriously commented on the trivia issue of Davies Chama because I don’t believe that’s the way to preoccupy ourselves at the expense of serious national issues.
I was personally at Lwiindi traditional ceremony in Monze and proceeded for another one at Chief Mukuni’s Palace in Livingstone and at no time did I ever hear any debate about people of Southern Province intentions to secede from the rest of Zambia. Perhaps I missed something very important there.

But the point is that as long as we keep preoccupying ourselves with trivia and unproductive debates, we are really doomed as a nation.
Let’s not divert our attention from what should be real issues that we need serious solutions as a united country.
We need to put our heads together and find solutions on why we are accruing huge debts as a country when we have the capacity to locally generate resources and create employment for our people, especially mainly the majority jobless youths. That’s what should be preoccupying us.

The debate should be how we avoid closures at institutions of higher learning such as CBU, UNZA, Evelyn Hone, and others.
And of course the huge debate should be the current massive and highly inconveniencing Zesco loadshedding and why we could not foresee such a national disaster. This is what should be keeping our heads spinning looking for answers. As a businessman myself, I’m agonising how production levels in the country have gone down with people being laid off as a result of loss of business due to loadshedding.

I’m thinking of that woman who cooks in the market and how they will meet their rentals, pay for domestic bills and survive because they have not been able to generate enough income. The small business people owning barbershop, welding machines, electric hammer mills, irrigation systems etc. Big businesses such as mining houses that have now been told to cut their electricity consumption by 30 percent and obviously that will mean reducing production and laying off workers. That’s what should preoccupy us instead of diverting attention to trivia issues based on malice, and pure lies.

Just yesterday we were told government has finally cancelled KCM permit to bring toxic copper concentrate substances all the way from Chile and that it should be shipped back to that country now. The debate should be where was the entire government machinery when these toxic and harmful substance were being imported thousands of kilometres away until it found itself on the Copperbelt only to now realise it is dangerous and must be taken back?

Since we have developed the propensity to travel around the world, one would have thought by now we should be sending a serious delegation to Kenya and learn how they have attracted massive foreign investment in wind power electricity generation under the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) which will be one of the biggest in entire Africa. That’s what should be enriching our debate as a country with serious leadership.
Majority of people currently originating from Southern and indeed other provinces are residing all over various parts of the country and happily married everywhere for them to think of such trivia issues as seceding.

One would have thought if there were such intentions they would not have entertained the Choma declaration that brought about One Party State at the time perhaps it was even more volatile.
My worry is we are lost as a nation if we keep ignoring and don’t address serious issues of even denouncing violence by gun trotting cadres in the streets.
Please may we debate on the ever rising cost of living and the Kwacha is again fast falling against major world currencies standing at K7.7 to $1 and rising inflation etc.

Have a productive day and God bless.

Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President

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  1. Southerners, don’t fall right in their trap! This is just another well-crafted strategy by the PF as they have realised that the tribal tug is now outdated and no longer working wonders for them and no one can buy it. The strategy to stop HH and UPND forming government next year is to keep on shouting that southerners want to secede and so electing HH and UPND into government would be a mistake as they would, once in government, divide the country into small countries. This has the effect of bringing fear in the hearts of those whose livelihood depends only on eating masuku on other people’s heads; so they would not vote for HH and UPND. You will hear this statement more and more until elections. This is the new breakthrough strategy for the PF. There is no basis whatsoever for southern…

    • There is no basis whatsoever for southern province people to demand for secession as they allege. What law or historical situation are they going to use? It amounts to treason to do that as Zambia which has always included southern province is a unitary and constitutional state. Yes, Barotseland has legal basis to demand for secession and the PF wants to use this as a basis to say southerners too are thinking of that. So it is just politics of deception.

    • Thanks HH, you are the man! We need to address issues. PF are trying to divert attention from load shedding, depreciating Kwacha, unemployment.

    • People must listen this time around! kachema HH is right!…. if you what have a glass of fresh milk every morning, have beef beef for lunch and nice brais/bbque during weekends when you are drinking jameson,,, listen to the kachema,,,

      signed uncle ndobo

    • This is definite falsehood from the GRZ. If there was real intelligence information of the discussion, by now the entire police force would have been in Southern Province shooting and arresting everyone.

    • Recently the entire vp informed the nation that GRZ will issue a statement on Davies Chama speech when she knew that she was telling a blue lie. Mark my words, there will be no GRZ statement and Chama will not be disciplined because he was speaking on behalf of the his boss.

    • @ insider

      In so far only mentioning of secession comes from pathetic f00ls. If they had REAL EVIDENCE, do you really think that there was going to be warning or swift action by state security services?
      Instead of issuing comprehensive statement regarding Chama 1diotical utterances based on tribalism, as promised by VP, “secession” issue has been tabled to confuse issue of constant tribalism perpetuated bu panga family.

    • True that Mr. President with a VISION not PF VISIONLESS bandits!

      I totally agree with you that, “the debate should be how we avoid closures at institutions of higher learning such as CBU, UNZA, Evelyn Hone, and others.
      And of course the huge debate should be the current massive and highly inconveniencing Zesco loadshedding and why we could not foresee such a national disaster. This is what should be keeping our heads spinning looking for answers”.

      The visionless PF is intoxicated with political mudslinging of opponents & have no idea of how to govern the state.

      All what PF BANDITS, plus RBs MMD ones is CONFUSION, CORRUPTION, LIES & VIOLENCE. The BANDITS have realized that TIME for them being KICKED OUTTA is less than 12 months. Poor Visionless PF!

      The Skeleton Key

    • Its this same idi0t called HH who wants to split Zambia because he is so power hungry!! Even a prophet said he wants to split the country. May God punish you Hakainde!!!! We know behind closed doors that you are the one wanting to split our country…,….may you be exposed!!!

    • @Mu….you are very right hh is just practising PR here and trying to win public sympathy….but he is the who imfact wants Zambia to be didvided just so that he can rule. He is a Demon!!!

    • @Insider. I agree with some of your points. But you seem to lack historical facts. Southern Province was never part of Northern Rhodesia. It was a dependant area that fell within the control of Barotseland. And evidence is there that Barotseland was being paid by the British regime for taking care of Southern Province. In other words, Southern Province was outside Barotseland. So the people of Southern Province have the right to self-determination and can do this by holding a referendum to choose whether to go with Barotseland or remain with Northern Rhodesia or fully determine themselves. But I can assure you that no normal Southerner would want to remain in Northern Rhodesia.

    • Hear Hear the president for all has spoken.HH exudes a lot of wisdom in his statements.

      PF have lamentably failed to run the affairs of this country and therefore want to divert attention to trivia divide and rule tactics of the colonial era to run away from issues of Education, unemployment, wage freeze and load shedding woes.

      PF has totally lost focus. Lungu their leaders is a toothless mole without any moral compass to help his flock of thugs navigate through the mess they have created for Zambia.

      PF should be warned sternly that, any use of divide and rule tactics will not be tolerated by well meaning Zambians up down the country.

      How ever I must stress that, in the absence of good leadership to benefit all Zambians, secession becomes the only option .

      Viva UPND and HH.

    • Even if it means taking ZNBC to court to have HH and UPND to address the nation on this “Public” broadcaster on this issue let it be. ZNBC and the party in government should realise that Zambians have a right to accurate, adequate and understandable information to enable them make informed decisions affecting their lives. This includes political decisions that every voting Zambian must make. Please unite our beloved country. Problems of this nature resurfaced after 2011. President Lungu should address himself to bringing Zambians back together, please.

  2. As long as Zambians continue to judge others by the region they hail from not the content of their character, Zambians are doomed. lets focus on the way forward than what we cant change. i fully support your statement HH. my professor always wondered why we dont elect the right people in our offices every time and all she said was its because we vote for people we generally identify with – meaning if we always vote for people who are stealing, its because we are thieves too. This is the risk with democracy – when the majority (27,000) voted to make that difference, we are where we are now. all of us are suffering except those with road contracts for sale.

  3. The issue of debating the Southerners in the manner PF leaders are doing is so retrogressive. It is sad that in the name of hanging on to power people like Chama can sink so low to insult a group of people for no apparent reason. Anyways, for PF it is clear which people are being favored by the system.

  4. Pf are f00ls & agents of distruction who don’t need to be entertained by well meaning Zambians. They are dunderheads period!

  5. another red herring from the authorities!!! cadres in your language this means we should shift to talking about tribalism instead of real issues such as the depreciating kwacha, load shedding, water rationing, maize floor price, UNZA wrangles, CBU closure etc. Keep your eyes on the ball please!!!

    • ZNBC please give HH a forum so that Zambians in rural areas can hear from HH and Nawakwi directly. At present they only hear what their political opponents say about them, which is negative. Government campaigners are always heard in the remotest parts of Zambia because they are fully covered by ZNBC. Totally unfair to opposition and to voters who are denied views of opposition on campaign issues.

  6. Well said but most Zambians have no capacity to debate real issues.

    How did we get here, Look at Greece and see what is going on and one can ask how did they get to that situation.

    I can see Zambia going the same route, how do you have a Government that does not tell its people on how it will address the Kwacha issue, Zesco issue, Budget deficit issue, Borrowing Issue, Unemployment issue, Universities Issue, the list goes on and on.

    As a people we need to question our leaders, esp EL he has been in office now for more than 6 months and he has not told the nation what he intends to do.

    • @ben
      …esp EL he has been in office now for more than 6 months and he has not told the nation what he intends to do.

      He has shown us what he intends to do…to become Mr Universe by flying around aimlessly!…with that passion for flying, he will definitely be among the millionaires’ waiting list to fly to the moon!

  7. Expect more nonsense from HH followers after he loses for a record 5th time in 2016!!the 6 straight by election defeats since January 2015 have worried a lot of UPND cadres who now believes that HH would need a miracle to defeat PF via democratic elections hence coming up with nonsense like that!!ITS LIKE PEOPLE IN UPND HAVE NOTHING TO DO IN THEIR LIVES APART FROM THINKING ABOUT HH ENTERING STATE HOUSE.WHAT THAT WILL GIVE THEM,IS WHAT I FAIL TO UNDERSTAND!!HH IN STATE HOUSE OR NOT,OUR LIVES WILL BE THE SAME IF WE DO NOT WORK HARD!!ONLY GOD HAS ANSWERS TO OUR DAILY PROBLEMS AND NOT A HUMAN-BEING!!SO STOP MAKING HH YOUR KA god YOU GUYS IN UPND!!

    • Ignorant Eddy, HH will bring prudent management of national resources; HH is already rich and will not be preoccupied with making money for his family; HH will give us a people driven constitution which is the basis for good governance; HH will implement only priority projects unlike demolishing cabinet office in order to create projects; HH will take back RDA where it belongs for professionals to manage multi-billion dollar projects and not cadres; HH as chief kachema himself will ensure that agriculture is boosted and Zambia becomes a food basket for the region; HH will only borrow for real development and not for the sake of making someone rich somewhere; etc. It is not true that Zambias problems can only be solved by God. It is only political will, a vision and skills that are lacking

    • Do not expose such high levels of ignorance here! The leaders of any nation set the course for the nation.If a wicked leader is in power people perish. Zambians work very hard but our incompetent leaders make poor decisions,squander all our earning put us in debt.The systems that govern Zambia need to change. Presidential powers need to be stripped.He appoints judges,police chiefs, ACC director etc no matter how hard these people work the president can fire them any time.A minister can at a whim decide to allow toxic substances into Zambia.such things should not be allowed to happen.These people sign treaties we have no clue about,binding us to laws we did not agree to,this should not be allowed to happen! So Leaders are important.

    • Goodness you guys must be new here. Eddy is the town Id!ot and we are used to his brainless comments. Why would you want to waste your breath commenting on a clear typical non-thinking PF cadre’s post? Notice how he talks about elections when that is not even the subject. Ati shani Eddy mwaiche, keep entertaining us, PF chaps here are dwindling so you are valuable to us.

    • we are not all UPND, and it is PF debating marubbish like this succession issue, HH is right lets waste time on real issues.

    • Eddy, you are an *****. It Is people like who make Zambia poor. Lazy Parasite! God helps those who make an honest effort, not corrupt free loaders of your ilk. Move over and wait for GOD. Let us work diligently and honestly and will succeed. WATCH THIS SPACE!It will happen soon!

    2016 IS COME!!

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen,another day in our beloved country.
    coming to the issue of southern province to be a country own its own,in the first place iam a tonga by tribe and i dont support this issue and i will never support it.Honourable K yesterday said wrath of law will fall on those who calling for seccesion.now i have a question for mr K,which chief in southern province sat to discuss this?let the minister inform the nation its pointless to just raise the issue which has no merit at all.where was the meeting held from?
    which town in southern province?how many chiefs were in attendance?dont hate a tribe merely because it has produced a candidate vying for the high office of the land.Tongas are peaceful people.earliest inhabitant in zambia where can we go?PF accuse us other things not…

  10. HH is right. One does not need to be a UPND sympathiser to agree with what he has said. When a govt fails to govern, it starts threatening people for no real issues to diverts people’s attention to real issues. Chama should have been sacked instead of the PF nonsense we’re hearing.






  13. I wish we had more reasonable and rational people like HH in Zambia, we could have been doing better in many aspects of our country. Indeed we have important issues affecting the lives of majority citizens and yet we have the likes of chama discussing secession, kapata discussing third term when the second is miles away. There is no real plan under pf and we should indeed brace ourselves for even harder times if pf continues governing. We cannot have a bunch of law makers and the cabinet bent on protecting their interest while the national interests are left an attended.

  14. This is well put and we hope PF can close this chapter of Tonga this,Tonga that and start demonstrating leadership on the key issues that HH and other Zambians have been raising. I am not such a keen supporter of HH but he is right on this list of priorities! Another question;why has Edgar Lungu continued with the culture of not addressing the nation to discuss all these vexing issues? Briefings from Cabinet meetings are quite common these days and welcome but are not holistic to explain the state of the nation! That is how a leader looses support. By failing to carry people along by explaining these issues,people start suspecting something wrong. To HH, please tame your cadres especially those on-line who insult other ethnicities as that portrays your party as hating other ethnic groups.



  16. If nothing leads you toward HH as an alternative candidate, at least the economy should. There is a lack of direction over policy matters.


      Welcome to the world of sincere thinkers and analysers.

      Good to know that you have finally realised that PF is a bunch of thugs competing to steal all Zambia ‘s resources and run Zambia down like Zimbabwe under Mugabe.

    • These are the insults which make it difficulty to vote for this southern god called HH. You upnd supporters are so full of yourselves.

  17. We have heard such stories before. We were once told that there was a dangerous terrorist group in Southern Province called “Tongas Under Oath” (TUO). Up to now no member of that organization has been arrested. Now we’re being told about the secession nonsense. Whoever falls for this needs to have their heads examined. The key to retaining power is to work hard and deliver on your promises, not by issuing threats and engaging in divide and rule.

  18. Excuse me………..loading shedding and rationing of water should not be politicised.

    Problems are everywhere in the world. Countries have their own issues. Talking like this will never take anyone, who is not God sent like Edgar Lungu, to State House.

  19. We have heard such stories before. We were once told that there was a dangerous terrorist group in Southern Province called “Tongas Under Oath” (TUO). Up to now no member of that organization has been arrested. Now we’re being told about the secession nonsense. Whoever falls for this needs to have their heads examined. The key to retaining power is to work hard and deliver on your promises, not by issuing threats and engaging in divide & rule

  20. Chama’s tribal remarks against Tongas that they will never rul unless they produce more childrens through polygamy. Generarally Chama meant that no one from small tribes in zambia can rule because zambia is a tribalist country. Therefore,all people from small tribes are affectected . The problem here is the president EL who appointed chama and gave him authority to utter those descriminatory tribal remark against Tongas and who has also supported chama’tribal remarks. This issue of seceding is just another PF DiVIDE AND RULE TACTICS which will result in arresting all political leaders in the southern region. As the head of state EL was suppose to apologize and tell the people of Southern that they are part of this country ‘s leadership as they can be voted inpower like any other.

  21. This is merely a long list of what one says should be debated. The simple question is, why have you not started those debates yourself? Put them forward timely. Take a look at Party Leader Nawakwi, currently with the GMO issues; she has stepped up to the plate with something real and asked for clarity. Challenged the gov’t and forced the debate nationwide. It’s no use just saying we ought to be doing something when you ain’t getting the party started HH, Sir!

    KCM reversal is proof that the gov’t are tackling serious issues that have upset citizens. Chellah being called for corruption investigations is proof that PF are not stopping the race to beat corruption ( though we do need to see more successes).

    If you say Globe trotting is an issue, why do we need to go to Kenya?

    • And look, seriously, Zambian economy is basically an ’empty’ tin as @Jay Jay keeps saying……fact is that we are natural resource rich, but we don’t have the know how …as yet. We are creaking forward a piece and frankly you as President will only do the same but you’ll be talking over us…trying to game us into believing you are doing something new.

  22. UP and DOWN politicians are hypocrites.They try to divide Southern province by confusing our beloved Chiefs and when they feel the heat from the Mighty Kambwili,they pretend as if they are not the ones who chaired the meeting.Watch out cos govt has eyes and ears wide open 24/7.

    • @ Analyser, ati “mighty kabwili”, You are a dunderhead like your useless Kambwili & the whole pathetic f00ls!

  23. Its now apparent that the govt is plotting to marginalise southern province on the basis of their voting pattern. Its one’s right to vote the way he/she wishes. Political propaganda is an outdated style of searching for votes. Try all possible dirty politics but remember that nothing lasts forever.

  24. You have been calling bembas as kolwestans,monkeys etc and people have just laughed it off.Now if Chama calls you polygamists of which you are,so what ? how many times have you called President Lungu names ? EL is a democrat and he has always tolerated you.

    The nonsense of secession talk will see you in trouble and your ka tribal party risk being banned.One Zambia One nation.

    • @ Joseph, you are a typical of a pf mind that cant differentiate btn the right & the left. Your days are numbered, you are the greatest enemy of the Zambian people, you preach hate & division but time is catching up with you. Your dont kubeba has failed, Tongas under oath scam failed, your tribal allegation against HH is failing & now secession accusation will fail. Zambians cant be fooled!

  25. The people who want to be seperated from Zambia are North westerners and not Southerners. A lot of resources have been looted in this part of the country and no development when areas with literally no minerals to talk about are well developed. You cant call a road development. We need to talk about schools colleges hospitals and other social amenities. So north western is justified just as western. After all Nw is part of barotseland.

  26. Stop confusing our beloved Chiefs and all the good people of Southern province with tribal politics at traditional ceremonies.Now that you are exposed,you want to pretend like you are peace makers…..i am disappointed with such dirty tricks with potential divide our country over a simple remark by an individual……yet you have also called others bad names.HYPOCRISY !

  27. North western is very happy with EL so pliz do not talk about us because PF is now doing the right things in terms of development.

    • KB have you been to north western, ignorance is not a good trait to have. Go to south africa or europe then you will know what development is. you think 50 years after independence with the little facilities around you are even proud. shame.

    • @KB kekekeke. That is the most in accurate assessment ever! However you have a right to believe it and express it just excuse us while we laugh. Kekekeke

  28. That is the message, well said, There are more important thinks to think about than talking useless things. Chishimba should have worned Chama first .
    Changwela mumoba again.

  29. I dont think talking cessetion of southern province is trivial matter HH is the one who is talking about trivial matters by politising issues which government is already addressing.Stop talking about CBU!stop talking about electricity as if Edgar is the one who gives rains!Do you get a point HH or else you will never be a councilor in any ward in this country.

    • Being a councillor is job start for grade 7s , and not intellectuals like you and me. Aim high and be positive.

  30. I am from Eastern province and solidly behind what HH is saying. We cant have all these issues in the country and the President is very quiet about them. What is the way forward? How do we address the free falling Kwacha? When is the President assuring the country that there are some inititiatives on the way. You cant run a country like this. I am a core PF supporter and stand by the ideals of the party but i do not stand by the actions of my leaders. You cant run a country like this, with meager resources you are globe trotting.

  31. The so called Clementina stop cheating that you are from Eastern and that you are PF.The truth is that you are a member of Cow dung and you want to hold hostage people of Southern province.You are luck that EL is a true democrat or else you could be rotting in prison now because evidence is there.
    Chama told you the truth that if you continue being tribal,you will never see state house…..what other magic can you use apart from producing more children if your negative trend continues ? Make a difference by appreciating what leaders from other regions are doing for you.

    • Stick to one name you brainless cadre. I know you are desperate to show that there are a lot of people supporting PF here but the truth is YOU ARE ALONE.

    • Judging from the way you degrade some of your fellow Zambians says a lot about your simple mind. Unfortunately, some sh!t like you has a way of floating to the top.

  32. Chama is a true democrat and a frank leader unlike those who are doing wrong things in the dark and yet during day time they want to pretend and cheat Zambians.Mighty Kambwili has spoken and so be careful or else………!

  33. I dont think the guy trying to use chiefs can be a better Presido than EL…..In Southern province,he can not point at any thing that he has done for us despite….You shall know them by their……Guys do not be fooled by hypocrites ! We are better off with PF after all.In particular,i am happy with the tarring of roads in my district.Keep it up !

  34. UPND cadres and cadres from the rest of the parties, HH has told us all that discussing Davies Chama’s and Mumbi Phiri’s comments is trivia. I agree with HH entirely, and we should take his wise counsel seriously. Honestly, how can an entire nation spend weeks discussing and debating trivia when we have serious issues on our hands? And Vernon Mwaanga of all people has joined the band wagon!

    And coming to Nawakwi……no moral standing to comment on things that she did not do when she was Minister. And when she opens her mouth it is to please the Post!

  35. Well spoken HH. Totally agree. Lets focus on solutions to critical issues affecting our Country. This is what separates men and women from boys and girls. Boys and girls indulge in Trivial and petty things, whereas men and women focus on serious issues affecting the Country. Even on this blog, one can tell a boy or girl from a man or woman comment.
    On the ‘To Do list’ for Zambia, in addition to what HH has touched on lets include: –
    1.) Shortage of Energy:- What’s the short, medium and long term solution at household level?, at community level? at National level? Answer:- Lets move away from the mindset of centralised source of energy feeding the national grid and everyone drawing from there. Why not reverse the trend like in other Countries, and encourage the ….

    • Cont’d … encourage the population i.e. individuals, household, community to generate/capture Energy and feed into the national grid as a self sustaining business.
      2.) Copper is a wasting asset. It will run out and/or prices will be pushed down by materials like Fibre Optics. What’s plan ‘B’ for Zambia’s economy post Copper years? Answer:- is it agriculture since we have more rivers than any other Country in Sub-Sahara Africa?

      These are some of the serious issues we should be debating on. And lets debate WITH suggested solutions, not just negative comments and nothing to offer.

  36. Good ideas Cactus, brilliant ideas, but not necessarily practical, economical, nor optimal.

    • @Terrible,
      What do you mean ‘not practical’? I live in UK and I’ve worked with two the big six Energy supplying companies for a number of years now. Among other things, I have been inspecting domestic and non-domestic energy meters. As more and more home owners are now selling surplus energy they capture via solar panels. They are certified producers and assisted by Govt scheme to install the solar photo-voltaic panes on their roofs. Thats decentralizing, and creating subsistence for citizens.
      Please clarify what you mean by ‘not practical’.

  37. As usual blah blah blah. Apart from condemning what solution has he offered? He appears more blank than the people he is condemning. What does he think is the reason why new hydro stations like Lumwana, Kabompo and the one recently commissioned are four. If he has realised now, it is too late because the govt is ahead of him. But well, he is politicking as usual. Condemning every thing will not inspire intellectuals. If he does not see anything good in what PF is doing, then he is living in his own world. Not all is well but Zambia is daily improving and HH and the voters know.

  38. What makes a policy issue is defining it and not listing it. Show your understanding of what the issue content involves. Listing a menu is called introduction to politics 110. Start to identify and ripen the issue by defining its dimensions. This affords people to assess your own capacity to offer solutions. You can list all the perceived wrongs of your opponent but it says little about your public policy understanding and what clarity you shall bring to bear on solving the issue. You have to make yourself believable on account of your reasoning. That is what I can say about this as Forrest Gump would put it!

  39. UPND God will never allow your party to form government as that would be a cursee to our beloved country! Mwalibipa imitima!!! All these years that we’ve had presidents and opposition leaders and there’s been no problems but just because of one DOG called HH you want to plunge the country into chaos?!! Fusekeni!!!

  40. Pretender HH has felt the heat of Zambians. Now he wants to appear innocent when in fact he is the instigator of the all dull strategy of acceding to power. Please lecture your chiefs and cadres on this issue coz its them with the post who started it.

    Even your blind cadres on this blog supported it vehemently but today they have U-turned. What a butch of dull hypocrites. Shame on you all . Shaa.

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