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Guy Scott challenges local contractors to build quality infrastructure

Economy Guy Scott challenges local contractors to build quality infrastructure

Dr Scott casting his vote
FILE: Dr Scott casting his vote

Lusaka Central Member of Parliament (MP) Guy Scott says local contractors should be building quality infrastructure as a way of proving their ability to build the country.

Dr. Scott, who is former republican vice president, says it is the desire of government to first engage local contractors before considering foreign ones.

He said this in a speech ready for him by Lubwa Ward Councillor Humphrey Kapapula during the official handover of a refurbished school hall and an ablution block at Woodlands ‘A’ Secondary School in Lusaka.

The total cost of rehabilitating the hall and the ablution was K295, 000 which came from the Lusaka Central Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Dr. Scott said it was not true that only foreign contractors can produce quality works.

He said government attaches great importance to improving the education sector for in the country.

And Mr. Kapapula inspected the renovated facility and expressed satisfaction at the quality of works done by a named local contractor that was engaged by government.

Speaking earlier, Woodlands ‘A’ Secondary School Head teacher Henry Kampwita assured the constituency officials that the infrastructures will be looked after properly.

Mr. Kampwita however appealed to government for more funds to construct a science laboratory which is on halt due to lack of money.

Meanwhile Woodlands ‘A’ Secondary School Parents Teachers Association Chairman Dennis Chooba disclosed that government was constructing a one by three classroom block at the school to cater for the growing population of pupils.

Mr. Chooba has since commended government for the free-education policy at primary level saying this serves as a relief to parents and guardians across the country.

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  1. This life… why didn’t that man born white?? He could have been best ever president of Zambia.
    But Zambians decided to contract a low quality president, what is his name? A name like a soccer player sure..

    • Only two president cared for the people mwanawasa and guy scott . During KK was early so don’t know much , FTJ , SATA,RB and lungu head bandits of zambian history

    • You are the stupidest African that ever existed. You and other morons with an inferiority complex. When Guy Scott was acting president, the economy was in a down ward spiral. It would be great if ones like yourself were moved to Mongolia. You are a man, stand up as you were created and be counted. I am disgusted.

    • Obama is black, he corrected an economy a multitude of white people almost destroyed. It is not the color of your skin, but the content of your character.

    • @ Nzelu

      Ignoring facts and hiding behind color of the skin is not just an act of 5tupidity, moe likely than not, politically induced 1mbecility

  2. I like it when none Zambians post and try to discredit our leaders. Yes Lungu has his short comings, a lot of them might I add. Just stand there pretending like Guy Scott is not the reason the PF and Zambia almost fragmented. Unlike you, a lot of us are not blind. We know that Zambia needs more than a Lungu, Nawakwi or HH. It needs all of us to work hard and rid our nation of uneducated but learned tin cans. We need people with General Miyanda’s Ideals, but with a democratic Capitalist-social awareness.

    • Sorry I insulted. It irks me a lot when I see Zambians that have better opportunities than Zambians at home not see a blatant fallacy. Inferior tenets are worse than ignorance. They will prevent the whole Africa from ever developing. It is better we have little than bow down to other humans based on color.

  3. Why should we let this guy go scott free from Zambian when he is our very own? Forget Dr David Livingstone. Am talking about Dr Guy Scott. This man has wits, this man is a realistic ZAMBIAN than the ZAMBIAN ‘patriot abroad’ like me. Second on the list is Kalaki Roy. Really don’t care if he ran away from bills/council estates in West Kirby, where he has friends, I know personally. The guys has a heart, a seasoned political animal. A challenge for you Scott; To see you engage HH, who called you MUZUNGU WOPUSA, and Kabimba,get together to be part of a ZAMBIAN ‘political project’ to take ZAMBIA ahead. HH Kabimba and Guy are the men to take on the mantle. NB: DON’T respond craps to this if you have not read between the lines. And forget swine flu-gate.

    • Good point.
      However, do you really think that Kabimba’s “one party state”, Scott’s “social-democracy” and HH “capitalism with human face” can be “bundled” together for interest of all Zambians?
      There is more chance in “second coming” of late Sata (MHSRIP) than our politicians coming together for the interest of People.

  4. I have a lot of respect Guy Scott! He is/was the only sober and forward looking voice in PF! The rest are either empty tins (like Kambwili/ Frank Bwalya) just chancers (EL) and belly politicians (Dora/Frank Bwalya)!

  5. Imagine if all the money paid to Chinese contractors for infrastructure development was paid to Zambian contractors. It is the job of the government to solve the problems faced by Zambian contractors. It is simply not sustainable to use foreign contractors who take most of the money outside the country.

  6. Today we are all praising Mwanawasa,mhsrip. Becouse his late, lets plse learn to apreciate presidents when they are stil alive, mwanawasa was called al sorts of bad names,when he was in power,even acused of rigging electioms,by almost all of us zambians,today we are all saying he was the best ever president we had,and Lungu today has no plan tomorow wil be the best. (today cabbage tomorow steaky)

  7. Dear Guy, power crisis, exchange rate crisis, university crisis, youth unemployment crisis, more money in the pockets still not seen. Are you still in this party that can’t deliver. Please advise when you are moving to Rainbow, we move together. Osatisiya please, tiyembekeza

  8. Truly lauahable ….that school is still called Woodlands ‘A’ primary school…if only you knew why? This colonial mindset will never end..

    • Call the school Chimbokaila, Chadiza, China town or Patel no one cares. Let it give ZAMBIANS benefits and that’s fine by me.

  9. Whenever someone is in power we say Bad things whenever they got non we say good things just like and same to praising the dead!

  10. Scott, how can kaponyas suddenly become builders when all the think of is cash in pockets in 90 days?. The majority of contracts go to Pf caders corruptly who have no building expertise what so ever. Keep dreaming.

  11. Ifwe ni Scott,, fye he should stand again as a member of parliament, madam, charlotte , will give them a vote. Ebaume aba, ni forward fye.

  12. He is no longer president, I expected muzungu opusa to have officiated but he was no where y, this guy is divider. Take it or leave it, I ll never be muzungu anikonde type. Look elections are around the corner, he ll start making noise again.

  13. Dr. Scott is right in challenging Zambian contractors. Most of the work by Zambian contractors is ugly and of very poor quality. If you were to go to Hillcrest High School in Livingstone you will certainly see the glaring difference in quality between the buildings constructed in the pre-independence era, obviously by foreign contractors, and the ones put up after independence by Zambian contractors. Clearly, there is no quality control in Zambia; anything goes. How sad!

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