Monday, April 15, 2024

Esther Lungu commissions a Multi Media Centre


FIRST lady Esther Lungu has praised Safeworld Trust School for the completion of the Multi Media Centre in a bid to enhance quality education.

Miss Lungu said reading has intangible benefits because young people absorb knowledge, values and perspectives with very little effort adding that when reading habits begin at a young age it could be a life long asset.

The first lady also said that the library that was commissioned yesterday would give children an opportunity to purse knowledge and provided historical, geographical and cultural awareness to readers through well chosen resources.

She was said this in a speech read on her behalf by Suzyo Kaira Simbyakula during the opening of a school librabry at Safeworld Trust School yesterday.

“School libraries are often over-looked, yet have a greater influence on the life of a pupil particularly young ones. We have a fantastic opportunity here to really change the lives of pupils at this school,” first lady said.

She further said that the library would not only enhance the pupil’s learning but would also provide teachers with access to relevant curriculum information and professional development materials within and outside the school as well as opportunities to plan, implement and evaluate learning programes.

She explained the library was an invaluable tool that would assist teachers to keep abreast with factual information and deeper knowledge as teachers would be better educators if and have confidence of knowing that they are well read up and and up to date.

She called on government to expedite the process of enacting library legislation in Zambia and inculcate a culture where all schools from primary to tertiary are mandated to make libraries as core infrastructure .

And speaking at the same event school manager Mr. Wiseman Banda said the facility was build a the right time when the curriculum has been revised to equip pupils with computers skills.

He said the library had three sections including the computer laboratory, science laboratory and a library and was built at the cost of K500.000.

He disclosed that in addition to the above facilities the school has also introduced the ZEDUPAD loaded with all the zambian syllabus in English and all Zambian language for easy learning of computer skills by pupils.

Mr.Banda has since called on the pupils and the teachers to guard the facilities jealously and use them for the intended purposes so as to help the present and the future generation to get acquainted with technology.


  1. First lady Esther lungu………Miss lungu said ….???? Am confused , who commissioned the media centre.

    • Nobody cares if its Ba Ester or Miss Lungu. They can write in any other form to uplift the image of Edgar’s wife, nobody cares. Just let her be where she belongs. I would have loved her commissioning a market for women. What does she know about multi-media? Where are the deputy ministers for such issues, why Ester??

  2. At least her team have more sense than the husband’s…a library is 10 times more sensible than commissioning a shopping mall owned by a foreigner with foreign tenants simply here to fleece the poor masses.

  3. I do not know her but is she really the person to be doing this? Rubbish. I’d more impressed if she galvanized resources to clean up universities and the like, the truth of the matter is that these people do not care and want to delude themselves by surrounding themselves with what is comfortable for the most part. and for you that support these activities, it is a shame that you find it ok for a few to be living well when an average Zambian is terribly struggling. Ndepepa that the God of mercy will help the lowly.

  4. Two days only 5 comments….
    She is the lowest rated wife in Zambian history. 5 likes, if it was me that would be reason for divorce or firing those hired to build her imagine.

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