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UPND Secretary General Winston Chibwe is alive-HH

General News UPND Secretary General Winston Chibwe is alive-HH

FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema arrives at Kabwata Police Station for questioning
FILE: UPND president Hakainde Hichilema arrives at Kabwata Police Station for questioning

OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has dispelled media reports alleging UPND Secretary General Winston Chibwe has passed on.
Mr. Hichilema said this on a posting on his facebook page

“I am currently in Ikelengi, North Western province. But I have been receiving a lot of queries regarding the condition of our party Secretary General Winston Chibwe. The correct information is that he’s currently at his home,” Mr. Hichilema said.

Mr. Hichilema requested for prayers for Mr. Chibwe.

“I ask you to join us in prayers so that he can get through the medical challenges he is currently facing.As usual we thank you for your concern and support,” he said.

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    • The death was initially confirmed by one double brace loser…Akainde Ichilema.

      Did he panic and in the process just said yes Chibwe has died?

      Don’t blame LT but Akainde

    • The LusakaTimes and PF have to go for sure. LT was the only credible news media we had remaining. Now even The Post is doing far much better. We need to clean up that editorial team appointed by Kambwili.
      The other day you and your Daily Mail LIED that Ambassador, Bwalya FimoFimo, to German was knocked down by wife, and was in UTH. UTH in Germany?

  1. But Ba Lt you confirmed his death earlier and you even said this was conformed by HH.Gutter journalism.

  2. We should not wish our friends death:weather somebody is your friend or not,it could be your enemy or somebody we don’t even know, when a human being is going through trying moment let us remember always to pray for them.It is very necessary in our culture.Remember we are one Zambia one Nation.It doesn’t mutter which political party somebody belongs.

  3. Ba LT you lied to us about Bwalya Chiti & a purported wife, now its about a fake death. Please retract/delete the story as well.

    • L T. what is happening in zambia regarding the media in zambia now you can almost predict the headlines of all newspapers now.those for lungu it’s praises those against its bad things about him this means that politics have infiltrated the media it’s not selling news it’s favors from the political Group the owner of the media house belong to shame for my county.

  4. Oh so even UPND cadres or leaders also fell sick or die?i didnt know!!but get well soon Mr Chibwe and may God bless u and your family!!

  5. Gutter journalism of LT is abusive to Zambians.
    The first report breaking news of false death about Mr Chibwe contradicted by the second report has not changed in shape, manner or shape. Falsehood quoting HH as confirming death was all falsehood journalism.
    That is the reason LT should never ever, relied upon.
    ZWD will always be unbeatable by LT gutter journalits.

  6. Of what relevance is HH’s picture arriving for police interrogations to this story?

    • Is this Chibwe a polygamist, a product of polygamy or supports polygamy?!

      Chibwe from Gwembe or Nega Nega?

  7. I did not know that UPND people fall sick or dies. The way they talk ill and laugh at others when they fall sick or die!! Such an inhumane Party. Learn to grow up and mature. UPND has adults who think like kids.

    I wish Chibwe well.

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