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Succession talks borders on treason charge-Kambwili


Chishimba Kambwili with Amos Chanda at Statehouse Press Briefing
Chishimba Kambwili with Amos Chanda at Statehouse Press Briefing

Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has reaffirmed government’s position that succession talks from any individual, pressure group, political party and Zambian in the country bounders on treason charge.

Mr. Kambwili, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister,

warned secession advocates in any part of Zambia to desist or face the full wreath of the law.

The Information Minister, who was flanked by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, was speaking at a press briefing held State House.

Mr. Kambwili said he finds is strange for some ‘secession advocates’ from Southern province to convene a meeting on July 19, 2015 in Monze district.

Last week, Mr Kambwili said tribalism has got no room in the 21st century as allegedly spearheaded by some Tongas.

He also took a swipe at the privately owned Post newspaper for allegedly mis-informing the nation about the earlier statement he issued on secession.

He urged the Zambian people to dismiss and ignore secession talk because Zambia was founded on `One Zambia One Nation’ motto.

Mr. Kambwili said government welcomes progressive ideas from the Zambian people on the current electricity load shedding as opposed to discussing individual (Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama)

A planned meeting has been set at the weekend at Sparkles Events Centre by some Tonga political activists calling themselves ‘Chuundu Chaitwa’.

Recently, President Lungu castigated individuals inciting the people of Southern Province to secede from Zambia because of remarks allegedly attributed to (PF) SG Mr. Chama.

President Lungu said it is ridiculous and unacceptable to talk of secession because the people of Southern Province can sit down and dialogue with Mr. Chama, the PF leadership and to find out a lasting solution to the problem.


  1. I love and support President Lungu.

    However, he needs to take leadership in his own hands by making Chama apologise, demote him or remove him from public office

    President Lungu does not need to go into General Elections next year with the Chama outcry of our brothers and sisters of Southern Province.

    Deal with Mr Chama, your Excellency.

    • Surprising that Kambwili, a Minister in PF (Power Failure) govt can choose to talking about trivia and non-existent issues instead of addressing the collapsing economy. Kwacha yapena, ZESCO black outputs, increase in fuel cost and all govt documents. Anyway Kambwili is a representative of the Visionless Edgar. Fact is these clueless govt minister together with their president have no solutions and will not listen to ideas from opposition.

    • Kambwili, while you’re busy issuing threats, please don’t forget that fuel prices have just been increased by k1.13.

      Do something about it because your PF supporters are running out of patience

    • At times threats and intimidation to not solve the problem. The government is dealing with symptoms and not the disease itself. The solution is to discipline Davies Chama and not to shield him and threaten protesters.
      On the issue of secession, no patriotic normal Zambian would support that- it’s one Zambia on Nation!

    • Is it not ridiculous and an unacceptable to call for a trible polygamous and to ask it to go into a baby boom for 100 years to win an election and only if it accept to change its way of life by abandonings hearding its cattle?
      Call a press conference and denounce that and those that think that politics are about name calling and ridiculing others and that such conduct will remain unchallenged. Do not threaten, the others already fills threatened. Put simply, they are saying; either Chama and Mumbi goes or they go. Take your pick; the box or the money?

    • Thank you Gundix,

      Your remarks are welcome. But know that enough is enough for Tongas, who have been called names, ridiculed and disrespected by Lungu, Chama and Mumbi. This time you will regret your actions. Chuundu chaitwa.

    • Zambia is a cursed country for being dominated by Bembas. Just a few days ago, the same Chimbwili was celebrating the life of a jerabo thug, Youngson, in Kitwe. Now he has the guts to preach to Tongas. PF is run by thieves for the benefit of thieves. Fcuk one Zambia one Nation. This country is finished by Bembas who have screwed it up and stolen the Eurobonds and the National budget.

    • These proven failures (PF) keep running away and diverting from the real issues: economy, Zesco problem, high cost of living. Pleasefirst stop making noise and do your jobs!!! Please bembas we know you are not stupid and will not make a mistake to vote for people like this hippo. He should the first to be caged when PF is retired in national interest next year.

    • Diverting attention from real and serious issues while the cost of living continues going up and as they continue failing to manage universities etc. He thinks Tongas are so stupid that they don’t know that they have no basis what so ever to call for secession. Concentrate on real issues and of governance.

    • Bane Chizungu imwe ma guys…. Succession and Secession are two different things…. Copperstone university Lecturers your graduate is a G7 drop out !

    • Please, LT, could you differentiate between succession and secession? You keep switching these words.

      They are 2 different issues:
      1. succession: the orderly or planned rise to power by a leader after the death, resignation, or removal from office of another.
      “The PF does not want any talks of succession to replace EL”.
      2. secession: the withdrawal of a group from a larger entity, especially a country. “The Tongas have been accused by Davies Chama of planning secession of the Southern Province from Zambia”.

      Clear? Ok. Now, you can continue talking.

    • When Boko Haram Chama talked about a one party state & a wamuyaya leader it looked like a joke now SUCCESSION is treason.

    • LACK OF LEADERSHIP ALL THE WAY! The only way for PF to demonstrate that they are a not a tribal party is to acknowledge that Chama’s remarks were both irresponsible and hurtful to a section of the Zambian community and FIRE or DEMOTE him. What is this NONSENSE of holding meaningless press briefings and talk about treason where it doesn’t exist? do these fellows even know what treason is?

      It’s a very simple choice that PF has; discipline that f00lish Chama or lose votes…

    • Well, I hate what is happening to my beautiful country, Zambia. The motto, “One Zambia, One Nation” has been abused by evil people who are only trying to save their skin. Europe is of full of small countries separated by tribes and similar cultures. The One Zambia, One Nation motto is not a type of union like marriage between a man and a woman, which is ordained of the Lord. Its just that, a motto.

      Just divide this country so that provinces or regions can sort out their own affairs. Clearly, there is conflict of cultures here. I think Tonga people are very peaceful, hard working and very independent. They will be just fine. Im making a U-turn on the Barotse issue; let the Lozi people also be independent and other tribes that have been marginalized. That’s what I think.

    • Sir kindly, read Chama’s remarks once again. This issue has been blown out of proportion by The Post. Chama NEVER mentioned Tonga people but the UPND anchoring on one region. And as long as they cling to that style of leadership, they will NEVER ascend to power or else they will need to “breed” the more for them to achieve their objective. Are you telling me that they are guilty of being a club of Tonga’s ONLY? Where does it leave people like Canisius Banda, Mutale Nalumango and others? IMBILA YA MUSHI TABAYASUKILA!

    • I think I understand this Zambian word “tribalism” I used to confuse it it with the English one, I finally get it “tribalism” is a Zambian word that applies ONLY and exclusively to a word said or an action done by people from southern province. I am planning on compiling a new dictionary so I can be translating speeches from politicians and better understand what they actually mean when they use Zambian words that sound like English but have a completely different meaning.

    • Bembas are such stinking tr¡balists. These moronic thieves by nature do not want to see normal hardworking Zambians like Tongas. The Bembas hate anybody who is morally upright. That’s why Lungu and his Bemba PFools have been trying to isolate Tongas. The Bembas are planning genocide against Tongas, after Lungu learnt from Mugabe how he massacred Ndebeles through Gukurahundi in the 1980s.

  2. Kambwili is very comfortable living in a posh home on a nice street which he does not belong. Stolen money was used to pay for that home. Stolen money was used in order for him to open the pub he has. Stolen money to put his children in schools abroad. Stolen money to pay for accommodation and all expenses abroad for his wife and children and President Lungu says nothing. What kind of people do we really have managing Zambia? While the economy is collapsing they are still busy stealing. While Kariba Dam is ready to explode we are allowing them to steal. Kambwili should not be the one to talk. He is a crook and once a crook always a crook. No education, a petty thief and a life of crime. Even getting T-shirts made for him is a problem and he cannot pay for honest work done. Disgrace!

  3. “mongrel” the noise you are making is a result of a failed leadership buffoonery has no place in modern society its funny the barking is now coming from state house.

  4. How dull can Hon. Chishimba Kambwili be taking about immaterial or hearsay, no facts, and comes out changing like a bull? 4 years PF has been in government and have failed to resolve the Barotseland issue or the government position on Barotseland. I find it hard to believe that Chishimba can charge like a bull at the Tonga chiefs without verification of the facts while PF government has terribly failed to resolve the Barotseland issue. I wonder what PF is waiting for to come up with one accord on the issue. Chishimba should concentrate on the pressing needs of nation rather than petty, un reliable info. I am a Bemba who has commented. If you want you can ask Lusaka Times for verification of my tribe. It is very sad for Mr. Chishimba to be blowing like a person who doesn’t think.

  5. Kambwili is very dull ,I thought remarks by Chama amounts to tribalism so why are you stil tolerating him please dont think all the Zambian people are as dull as you are.You need first to make an analysis of your speach before you start yapping you moron

  6. Bembas and People from Eastern Province know for sure that they dont have enough land for eating monkeys and rats respectively.

    70% of Zambian Land is owned by Togas and Lozis; eg: Southern Province, Lusaka Province and Central Province is what is regareded as Tonga Land while Barotse Land include Copperbelt Province, North Western Province and Western Province.
    So Tongas and Lozis have a big share of Land than the Bembas: Monkey Eaters and Easterners: Rat Eaters.

    As a Professor in History, I too dont support Secession for simple reason; that most educated Tongas have invested in other provinces outside Southern, Lusaka and Lusaka Provinces; and t

    • Professor in what, profanity? You tried a bit to make some sense but the hateful tone in your language has made your whole post a mere waste of space. But that’s not to say I like Chishimba Kambwili, he is the worst disaster in the whole PF. Oh how I wish a big head and fat neck supported a sensible brain! Where is Dora to replace this dullard from Copperstone University?

    • Hehehe like you I stopped trying to make sense of the article and anything that is done by PF. That said here is my two cents on this chap. if ABC = Indominus Rex this guy is a velociraptor He may survive by constantly switching sides

  7. Iam happy with the maturity that has been shown by the Post Newspapers and the Zambian Watchdog on such issues.
    I repeat, Zambia Reports needs closure for being trigger happy about secession issues.

    As a Bemba supporting UPND and HH, i hate anything to do with sepertion of this country because Bembas are found across Zambia.

    Mr. Chama’s statement borders on treason and should therefore be arrested and imprisoned for life.
    If possible, Davies Chama sshould be deported to Angola for he is not a Zambian but a son of the late UNITA Rabel Leader Jonas Savimbi; no wonder he has traits of war on his fingers.

    • Bembas should be deported to DRC where they come from. Bembas will find DRC very welcoming because of shared heritage with their fellow monkey eaters. Bembas thrive on chaos, creating chaos where none should exist. In the middle of all the chaos, they will be busy stealing. These are tactics of monkeys in the maize field.

  8. My advice to the PF Government is that they SHOULD NOT start a war with the Tongas which they wont manage to end. History has taught us that a war is very easy to start but extremely difficult to end. Ask the President of Syria, he will confess to this.

    Historically, Tongas are the Most United Tribe in Zambia, and it can take 2 centuries (200 years) to end any war with them and in the end genocide will be committed.
    So instead of issuing empty treason threats against the Tongas, just take a step a talk to them in a respectable manner.

    If the PF fights or imprison any Tonga, then that will be likely the start of bloodshed in Zambia.
    Zimbabwean Soldiers that u are planning to bring to help u will not do you good but will help escalate the war.
    Ignore my advice at your own peril.

  9. Still no mention of the real issue–is Lungu that scared of Chama? He would risk the unity of the nation just to appease that baffon Chama–a thug who shot an unarmed voter and insulted a whole region? It would seem Lungu is pandering for the bemba vote and he fears that disciplining Chama would irk bemba voters–a spineless leader indeed! Chama needs to reprimanded period–stop these empty threats–no one fears you; you can’t even keep one cadre in check and yet you think you can intimidate an entire region? Down with Chama; down with PF–viva unity, viva progress, viva democracy!

  10. It is important that leaders have depth, including in the history of their people. Zambia came from a rebellion against British rule due to discrimination and injustice against black people. Is there discrimination against the people of Southern Province? YES, YES! Is there injustice against the people of Southern Province? YEs, YES! Do people from the Southern Province stand an equal opportunity to work in the public service? NO, NO! Do the people from Southern Province stand an equal chance to succeed in the private sector? NO, NO!

    The myth of the unity of Zambia is now being tested by the absence of nationalism, corruption, poor leadership, selfishness, tribalism, and opportunism. Can the current leadership read the history of countries in the world. Or are they in denial!

    • If secession is what is necessary to have equity for any ethnic group, so be it. Zambia is an artificial construct that has been around for a mere 50 years. If the USSR could disappear despite being the first nation to send man into space, what about Zambia, a collection of poverty stricken thugs and thieves and bakachema?

    • @ simon says

      imbecile, do you know difference between “succession” and “secession”.
      Stop commenting on issues which are way above your intellectual level.

    • Were the Scottish people tried for wanting to secede from Britain? Instead Britain allowed the demand to secede to be put to a referendum? British oneness defeated Scottish oneness! When did wanting to secede for good reasons & by good means become treasonable? If u demand to secede thru normal channels like The UN & referendum how does that constitute a treasonable offense? Its only treasonable if u use unconventional methods like starting an insurrection, civil war etc.
      Eritrea & Ethiopia separated & Scotland almost did? Why are u scared if South/West separated from Zambia? After all Zambia is South/West cos of Zambezi River. U can call North/East Muchinga/Luapula. Don’t bother how South/West will survive if they separated. Its none of yo business. They hav resources, u don’t hav

    • Ever heard about a thing called “free speech”????

      Or about “right to self determination” ??

      The proof that PF has failed completely is the appointment of this stupit clown as a “spokesman”.

      He is just a thug and a bully.

      For sure he has never heard of either of the above.

  11. Rule of Law and human rights: There is no law in Zambia that forbids or incriminates secession talks – it is far from being treason!

    Challenge: Could somebody cite any part of the Constitution that criminalises civil expression of secession (quest to separate without threat or use of force)?

  12. Name the pipo advocating and holding meetings if you are not lying. Kambwili you are a thief, you stole land from the council, deny that.
    Brothers and sisters these are the theives leading our country who don’t debate issues affecting us but peddle lies. Put this ***** in front of a camera with a white man you see him begging, reducing the whole nation to beggars.

  13. I can’t read an article whose title is wrong! Secession and succession are two different things!

    Boma iyanganepo pali editor

  14. When the people of Barotseland told you that these monkeys are not animals to play with because the only interest they have is to fill their belies you called them names. Now it’s southern, next will be north western. Zambians remove these PF00ls and save the unity of the country.

  15. These proven failures (PF) keep running away and diverting from the real issues: economy, Zesco problem, high cost of living. Pleasefirst stop making noise and do your jobs!!! Please bembas we know you are not stupid and will not make a mistake to vote for people like this hippo. He should the first to be caged when PF is retired in national interest next year. They really have nothing to say and do.

  16. Why is the President not dealing with Chama he is the root of all this. Will i be right to say he may be scared of his own secretary general.

  17. Hon. Kambwili we know quit well tha you Jameson. Chama and Mumbi Phiri you are tribalists and that you hate Tongas. Your threats would not solve this matter actually you are fuelling more fire. The best you could have done is to advise your friends to apologies to Tongas and keep on with our normal life. Threatening people with arrests one day it will turn against you. Remember that the defence and security donot comprise of Bembas only but it comprises even of the so called Tongas those that you heat. This essue is more of a serious one than you look at it yourself. Arrest one and set Zambia on fire we know that you Kambwili you have Congo where to run.

  18. fyabupuba fye can one person chama ‘s words bring war in zambia y cnt lungu demanded an apology fr yo sponsored musician pilato he just ignored bcos he has wisdom tts y it is true tt the wise men a from the east. God will neva ever allow a tribalist to take a top position

  19. And what is the definition of TREASON Hon. Kambwili?

    Seizing power by multiple acts of deception?
    PEACEFULLY answering to the acts of tribalism?
    Promoting corruption?
    Stilling public property?
    Promoting debit slavery?

    Hon. Kambwili, can you please define act of treason you are referring to?
    Otherwise, reserve you comments for your political Boss Chama.

  20. I have told you over and over that most of these PF ministers are only good at going to the airport. Whenever they open their mouth, rubbish comes out. Instead of disciplining Chama and Mumbi and correcting the messed up economy they want to speak rubbish about a perceived secession to divert people’s attention. I wonder too why every Zambian government is obsessed with the word treason. These are truly leasers with small brains. we will all start talking about secession and we will see how many will be arrested for trumped up treason charges

  21. This is too much brothers from southern.When Mwanasawasa insulted bembas that they are stinking thieves.Did bembas come out like this even to start making meetings over a simple political issue?Nooooooo please don’t do this.Pipo have insulted bembas but they have never assembled to discuss use—-less issues.Over Dandee crazy it was the same problem where pipo thought he was a bemba but the facts are to show that dandy is from East.Why why why behaving like cowards?A musician from southern insulted bembas did bembas assemble? nooo.the problem is that UPND is tribe party behind this nonse—se.I can’t vote 4 such party wit hatred of other tribes.Never never n will tell my fellow tribes to be careful wit such party.

    • @ Moscow(OP): Your F00l1sh as usual. This anger by southerners has nothing to do with UPND, it has everything to do with Lungu’s, Chama’s and Mumbi’s careless talks. As long as you continue to f00lishly ignore this fact, Zambia is divided into North Eastern Rhodesia and North Western Rhodesian map. Mark my words.

  22. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tonga people want to secede with the way they are been treated by this PF government. This is the same reason we as a nation wanted independence from the whites to have equal opportunity to be respected and treated as equal. Not to be insulted with impunity.

    The Tonga people are simply aggrieved and a simple apology from Chama or positive action( firing Chama) from the pf government would be enough to calm the situation.

    There has never been any talk of secession of southern province from the country before and if such issues arise then we have to look at why it is happening now and hold the current government accountable.

    Anyway having read the said article I haven’t found any inference to secession, on the contrary it talks about unity of our…

    • Why do you want Chama to apologise, even Dora refused to apologise so what. You are just petty, you want to make a mountain out of a mole. We know for some they want to make political capital out of this trivial matter.

      Why have other tribes who have suffered ridicule and hatred at the hands of other tribes like the Tonga not made it such a big issue. But they have chosen to move on and carry on with their lives after all temwe mubalisha. You are such losers

  23. nation, not unity of the tongas.

    One does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the root cause of all of this, it is the remarks made by the pf government’s secretary generals both Chama and Mrs Phiri( ba kacema will never rule) and the lack of action from the president who apparently is against tribalism.

    These are both high ranking officials whose job amazingly is to communicate the party’s beliefs to the public in short what the party stands for.

    It is thus surprising to find that the party officials are not aware of their boss’s mission, talk about lack of coordination when Lungu is busy denouncing tribalism while he’s secretaries are pulling in the other direction.

    To an outsider it may seem like the president’s anti-tribalism chants is mere PR or even…

    • When Mwanawasa insulted Bembas no one made an issue or political capital out of it. They fight through democracy but Tongas you want an easy way out of the fair completion and agitate for secession, what a cheap and cowardly way of thinking

    • Infact, you have been waiting for an orppotunity to start vibing such useless crap of secession going by yo numerous losses and failure to get into power through the regular channel. Advise:
      1. Embrace everyone/tribe, with love, integrate

      2. Don’t harbour too much hatred for some tribes like the Bembas, you see how they are reacting now coz they can also only take take so much, yo obsession is just too much

      3. Intergrate, mix don’t just employ your kind, whether you are managers, directors etc

      Then perhaps Zambians can trust you with instruments of power otherwise that hate and bitterness won’t help

  24. It is not about threats but an apology to tongas. Who would want to succeed a corrupt and collapsing party anyway?

  25. Chishimba Chimbwili, this really shows how low your IQ is.
    The animal with the lowest IQ is a pig and you are exactly that. Why do Tongas don’t make you sleep you bastards, ba satana kolwes! If Tongas what to suceede, that is their choice. It should be no one’s business. Chichama, chi imbwa cha muntu with his prostitute of a bitch, mumbi phiri brought all this stupid business.

    I wish someone would give us guns and go in the bush and fight. Am waiting for that day to come. Stupid, ***** chimbwili.

  26. MU 17th July mbobuzuba. Nguni Chama? Nguni Kambwili? Nguni Mumbi? Hena buTonga boonse bulya kwakwe na? Twalema mukuli wakusanina bantu kuzwa lili. Mpochimanina aawa. HH aambilwe. Balikuli ba Mwami Moonze? Balikuli ba Mwami Mukuni? Bali kuli ba Mwami Mweemba? Amubugwasye buTonga boonse, ba VJ, ba Magande, ba Munkombwe amubelekele antoomwe, chizwidilile, tuyanda kubeleka tuye mPotweelede.

  27. You see Tongas were and are not happy when Barotseland is leaving Northern Rhodesia, They are very slow in deciding what to do. We in Barotseland have started the process of leaving the so called unitary state. Because of the statements that came from the Tongas the boundary between Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia was shifted to leave the Tongas with Kolwestan Republic. My concern always had been how the Tongas would live with the Kolwes together. I am happy that the answer to my concern has come. The current situation is what would happen when Barotseland leaves Tongaland and Kolwestan to form a solid unitary Nation.
    I don’t know what is happening now since during the time of struggle for Independence, Tongas formed an alliance with the Kolwes, Lozis formed an alliance with the Easter

  28. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tonga people want to secede with the way they are been treated by this PF government. This is the same reason we as a nation wanted independence from the whites to have equal opportunity to be respected, free from prejudice and treated as equal. Not to be insulted with impunity.

    The Tonga people are simply aggrieved and a simple apology from Chama or positive action( firing Chama) from the pf government would be enough to calm the situation.

    There has never been any talk of secession of southern province from the country before and if such issues arise then we have to look at why it is happening now and hold the current government accountable.

    Anyway having read the said article I haven’t found any inference to secession, on the contrary

  29. Kambwili should pre occupy himself how is going to defend himself fot appropriating himself government land in Luanshya and built 40 houses on it. Zambians believe in ‘Source and application’ concept. Kambwili should explain where he got the money to build 40 houses on a piece of land that belong to government. Bank loan?or kick backs from corruption or merely ‘intolelefye’. Zambians will need to know, today, tomorrow, next year even after Kambwili is no more, Zambians would still want justice to be done. Make tha gollila posture in court.

  30. FAT BoY Chishimba KaHoe, can you Plse Tell the nation you are Referring to, don’t Just beat about the bush.

    Who is that person or group talking about Succession???????

  31. @ 25 Chanda you are such a fo0l with a big hole in your brain.I believe wherever you are you are just doing prostitution as a gay man.Grow up and learn to read in between the lines you moron without integrity

  32. Ba Kabwili mukwatako insoni there is nothing you are solving by issuing threats. You are busy shouting at the offended while the person who started all these is being shielded.

  33. Tongas are too conscious about their tribes which is a mark of tribalism. Why cant they just brush away certain statements. They are not the only victims of such statements

  34. ‘Chuundu Chaitwa’ agenda is clear; it is about Chama’s and not secession. I beleive this secession story is like the Tonga on Oath story

  35. On the evening of April 7, 1775, Samuel Jackson coined his famous pronouncement that, and quote: ” Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Now, one thing you can be rest assured of is that when the legend made this remark, the least of things he had in his mind was patriotism in general, but only false patriotism. Every time I hear of someone parroting Buchizya Kaunda’s stinking & dry slogan of “One Zambia One Nation”, I get engulfed by a wicked nauseous feeling. And it does not come as a surprise that only people from Northern Zambia still sing the lousy tune, not out of patriotism, but to sustain the status core allowing them to line their stinking pockets! This time it’s not only Barotseland, everyone else wants to dump you, ba Kaboke mwaya saana!

  36. Ethnically inclined hate speech will destroy Zambia and history has taught us that there can be no winner in such situations, except evil. Please be wise and do not pay one wrong with another. Zambia is bigger than one person who may be battling serious psycho-social or even psychiatric challenges.

  37. Ba UPND stop being so political on every issue.It will be very difficult for to form govt with your lies every day.

    • If PF has managed to form the Government by laying day-in, day-out, why should be any other party disadvantaged?

      Because other parties have higher standard of morality, accountability?

  38. I have just been hearing about this Chama but have no idea what statement he made. Can someone update me in quotation what he said so I can have a strong basis for commenting.

  39. ALESHADAY…….sorry it was just a typing error…meant “secession”

    Whatever it is. I think Tongs are blowing it out of proportion… get some attention because they’re frustrated beyond repair.
    Frustrated because their main man can never get to Plot 1.

    The Late President Mwanawase (MHSRIP) had said some very disturbing things about the bembas. They were upset, but they never
    reacted in this manner. Imagine if the bembas had wanted to react in this way.

    I do not support Mr Chama’s utterances, but whatever he said is not worth giving so much attention. I can assure you this is not
    getting us anywhere. As a party, a Government, a region, a tribe, as a country with so many problems. It will not earn anyone voters.
    Infact it is just becoming so irritating.

    • @ Simon
      Hey. dont you think that what Mwanawasa said about Bambas was indisputably ok. The bambas knows who they are! that s why they cant react to utterances such as stinking thieves.

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