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Friday, February 21, 2020

Arrest of M’membe is assault on fight against corruption-Nawakwi

Headlines Arrest of M’membe is assault on fight against corruption-Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi
FDD President Edith Nawakwi

FDD President Edith Nawakwi has launched a scathing attack on President Edgar Lungu and his special adviser Kaizer Zulu following the arrest of Post Newspapers Editor in Chief Fred M’membe and Journalist Mukosha Funga.

And Mrs Nawakwi says President Lungu’s decision to pardon convicted defiler Clifford Dimba aka General Kanene shows the decay of the Zambian society.

Speaking to Journalists outside the Magistrate Court shortly after Mr M’membe and Ms Funga were granted bail, Mrs Nawakwi said the PF government has declared war on those fighting corruption.

She charged that there is nothing secretive about reporting that presidential political adviser Kaizer Zulu is under investigations for looting the coffers of the nation.

Mrs Nawakwi wondered why President Lungu is desperately trying to protect Mr Zulu whom she said was a mere driver a few years ago.

“This is an assault on those fighting corruption, if you talk about theft, looting and pinching, that is the preserve of the ruling party, we all know that the said Kaizer was a just a driver who is now a presidential adviser to the Head of State,” Mrs Nawakwi said.

She added, “there is absolutely nothing that you can say is secretive about a driver being accused of theft of the treasures of this country. This country is at war with those stealing and looting our resources. The poverty we are facing is what we need to fight but the most important fight is to fight those siding with criminals.”

Mrs Nawakwi also condemned the arrest of Ms Funga saying she should not have been arrested in the first place.

“Mukosha should not have been in the dock in the first place, she was with me at Banakila, and that is why am here this morning, i could see her tears as she was seeing women delivering babies in Bweengwa and to imagine that she should keep quiet when se as information about people looting the treasury and degrading this country then to expect her to keep quiet then she would be an compliance to looting the treasures of this country.”

Mrs Nawakwi has since warned President Lungu not to take Zambians for granted.

“I want to send a warning to the President today that he should not behave like a child who has been left with an estate and starts split it to the exclusion of the siblings, the people of Zambia will rise up and he is igniting the match for rising up,” she said.

“And to the police headed by my very own sister, a woman a sister Stella Libongani, we expect better than this. They are destroying the professionalism of the Zambia Police, I want her to arrest Richard Sakala today and bring him before court because the Daily Nation also reported about the letter from Mrs Wandi. If Edgar Lungu uses cadres to rise to the position of presidential advisers, no wonder he is getting this kind of wrong advice.”

Mrs Nawakwi also expressed disappointment that Zambia is still fighting corruption after so many years.

“25 years I see the same lawyers here defending people fighting against corruption. About 15 of 16 years ago I was brought here because I wanted to protect the coffers of this country and, we are still talking about theft of public funds. When we will concentrate on developing the nation?”

On the release of General Kanene, Mrs Kanene said President Lungu’s decision to pardon convicted defiler Clifford Dimba aka General Kanene says the decay of the Zambian society.

“This reflect his beliefs, you cannot expect people who are not called to the faith and service of the people to act different from those they mix with, it reflects the decay in the fabric of our society, we have not been privileged to have a man of faith in State House”

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  1. Hmmmm, kwena walanda mama. i wish you were doing the same naba sata.What is wrong with someone who once was a driver to be a presidential advisor if they have the academic acumen and relevance to the position. She makes it sound like a driver should never ever occupy such positions. She should have chosen her words properly. Dont insult us as drivers.Attack the mans capabilities, experience and relevance to a job and not their past occupation. maybe kaizer while working as a driver acquired a PhD in Political science who knows.it was up to you to point out his lack of qualifications as a correlation to why he should not be an advisor, noti ifyabu driver apa. mwatutuka sana.
    Naya mukwensha truck ya Best Buy,am taking am printer ku new jersey. and also,nene kachema by past profession

    • Its all around lost respect for human dignity and contribution to national well being by each and every person at each level of their capability! Mere cook, mere cleaner, mere waitress, marketeer and the list goes on the worst culprits being politicians who feel self importance once given privilege to serve for the country. There should be deliberate effort to restore human dignity. Thus Ms Nawakwi should appreciate Kaizer Zulu that as a driver he made a contribution at that level and strived to better himself and on this score he can be a role model. However it does not absolve Zulu from being chastised if he engaged in corruption and language used by Ms Nawakwi aside its best to take heed of advice that means well for institution of corrective measures and uprightness! Bravo Ms Nawakwi!

    • Edith, you are missing the point. It’s not about Zuma or anyone. It’s about leaking documents. Would you like to be in state house where every Jim and Jack knows what is going on. Awe mama mwaitaya

    • Edith tell them!! No one has the guts to speak up in Zambia and that’s the problem.

      If we continue to keep quiet while Lungu and his people are plundering our limited resources mothers will continue living in deplorable conditions

    • @Nubian, if you want to be fu#cked then attack us men with tools, not the red-hot Nawakwi. She left MMD because of corruption of Chiluba, she even told him that “…iwe chi-color Titus”.

  2. Whatever, the former employment status of Mr Zulu, allegations of theft, looting and pinching, must be proven. Clearly, Madame Nawakwi has evidence to help the corruption courts or are we just sabre rattling away on the political arena?

    • Iwe @Thungatuzebiwe bafye bwino. She left MMD on a clean slate and helped expose FJT’s corruption. So she knows what she is talking about.

  3. Politically, I like the way she attacks her opponents. She is the best thing that has happened to Zambia since Sata was in opposition. However, home front, I feel sorry for Mr Nawakwi! kikikikikiki

  4. I am just thinking why MMembe behaved differently during Michael Sata’s rule. Will he behave the he is behaving today if Winter became the president. I have always admired the courage Mmembe has but there was a time i thought he was becoming “irrelevant”.

  5. So once a driver u will always be a driver and u can’t rise to any other position. These are the pipo aspiring to hold higher offices, with no respect to pipo she wants to vote for her. Continue on self destruction path. Then talking of pardoning gk, I thought this is the Christian nation where forgiveness should be encouraged coz even the bible encourages us to do so.

    • @hh, if you are talking about forgiveness, then all defilers in jail should be freed. GK committed a crime against the Zambia people and must have served the full sentence that that society sent him to through the courts.
      Wait until your daughter is defiled and see if you would feel the same to have her defiler freed barely a year after serving of which he also spent most of the time outside the prison gates. My point is that if someone consciously committed a crime, he should pay the full price to society. Now, tell me about the others left in jail, don’t they also deserve presidential leniency?

  6. What is wrong with Zambian opositions and the educated zambians? I am paid for going to school. whether i work or not my salary will come. oposition has to opose anything

  7. Zesco please please, we have no power from 18 30 in Kabangwe. And yet we had our normal load shedding from 6 to 14hrs today. Madam Nawakwi, I will comment on your observation, let me first finalise with this ineffective organisation called Zesco

    • It’s the gallant souls like Madam Nawakwi who keep democracy and human rights alive. Mama ignore PF zealots and continue speaking hard and boldly!!!

    • @Mutale, Inga tamukwete ifyakulanda ku belengafye chapwa. Bushe fyonse mpaka mwalundapo nensele? Abene beshina mulebomfya bali chindikwa sana.

  8. Now Mmembe is fighting corruption? Mmembe is just a useful id!ot because he is claiming the PF is corrupt now but kept mute under Michael Sata? What sort of selective morals are those?
    He reminds me of that Petersen song- “Nkhumba tikudya, koma ma Offals yayi- monga Yousoufu”….

    • @Lord, at least Sata tried his best to fight corruption. Do you recall that he dropped Chitotela and Mwewa when ACC informed him that they investigating them for corruption.Sata at least acted on corruption cases that came to is attention,; that’s why MMembe wasnt so hard on him. Now compare that to the Kaizer issue.

  9. I am trying to understand the reasoning behind those, like Nawakwi, supporting Fred Mmembe’s behavior. Put very simply, and without involving any politics, suppose you (Nawakwi), as a wife, writes a confidential letter expressing misgivings about the suspected promiscuous behavior of your daughter to your husband (Hambulo). Then some mischievous neighbor somehow intercepts that letter makes a photocopy of it and posts copies of this on the wall every bar and tavern in the neighborhood for all to see. How would you feel? Would you just laugh it off? Or would you let this mischievous neighbor scot – free? Just some food for thought.

  10. I meant to say:

    Put very simply, and without involving any politics, suppose you (Nawakwi), as a wife, write a confidential letter expressing misgivings about the suspected promiscuous behavior of your daughter to your husband (Hambulo).

  11. At the End of Driver,,Baitaya,,I was also a pirate taxi driver after finishing school for a year and even worked as a marketeer before being picked to be where I am making logical contribution after my education…

    However foolish Edith or Mmembe can be,,two wrong things cannot make a right…There is no case against young lady and Mmembe and it will end up same like “Pilato”..Kaiser has progressed in life but with success has very obviously not handled himself well…during Super Ken days,I never knew the chaps who worked at State house because 90 percent of staffers were proper OP or Police Staffers,,,so somehow its every Jim and Jack thats why appointment with investure ku charger ze bigge!

  12. I used to admire her intelligence back then, But now I feel in my humble capacity she is not actually my intellectual… Politics -yap-and get your way through. I’m not in my beloved nation now but why do we have to have issues with to always deal with the BHD (Bring Him Down)syndrome..?

  13. When Chiluba was ‘stealing’ she didn’t say anything until she realised that he wasn’t going to give her the Presidency but go for a third term. She has no moral right to talk about corruption. Mmembe has commited a crime if he published a letter headed ‘Secret.’ If it wasn’t, he will be released. Even in the west, Edward Snowdon and Asange are fugitives of justice for revealing state secrets. Mmembe is not above the law.

  14. The Saint, please save us all who have a brain from such stinking hogwash bereft of any intellectual substance. You must be ashamed of yourself to rave off such vile snobbery you politically bigoted lunatic. Whether Lungu likes it or not, he must know especially that he is a lawyer, that it is not just the classification of a document as being “secret” that qualifies it to be Classified. In every case, it must comply with the country’s State Security Act, Cap 111. In this particular case of M’Membe and Mukosha, please check Chapter 4(1-5) i.e. “Protection of classified information”. Once you have read this and digested it, you will be educated enough to stop defecating stinky intellectually bankrupt “masipa” on this noble site!

  15. This everyday vuvuzela is talking about having a man of faith in state house but it can’t even show forgiveness to GK the way EL has done. Why do you use this tone of anger and bitterness iwe chi mayo. Can’t you just put a point through Kano you disrespect people. So drivers are not even supposed to rise and be somebody important? And you say you wanna be president with this elitist and f00lish attitude. You don’t know Zambians. You will shout on an anthill until the next loss of elections…you perennial loser.

  16. Ati the release of Kanene shows the decay of society – the decay of society is when a privileged woman of prominence in society grabs a husband from a hapless woman – and other women vuvuzelas keep quiet.

  17. Mmembe, the cartel and its proxies are it again. Any right thinking Zambian should by now know the predatory nature of the cartel and its affiliates. When Sata (M.H.S.R.I.P) gave them unfettered access to State House apparatus, they had no problem with him or his government even when he made horrendous decisions; they defended him blindly. We love Zambia too much to let a network of criminal cartel and its affiliates to continue to take our future hostage. I don’t know who funds Nawakwi but she should move her head from her ass and look more closely to the practices in the Post Newspaper. Which corruption is worst? Writing off a US$4.2 Million to Mmembe by Finance Bank in return for a Nolle prosequi or President Lungu receiving legitimate support from donors?

  18. Membe fighting corruption? I take it Nawakwi has not heard about the dubiously granted DBZ loan which up till now has not been paid back to the Zambian tax payer? Isn’t Membe the head of a company that up until recently was not paying corporate taxes to ZRA due to political patronage?

  19. Maikalange

    Useless example. Your Chagwa is corrupt. How can a person of a presidentail stauts be corrupted by a song from general Kanene? What more with dollars from Kaizer.

    Nawakwi is being quoted out of context. The financial status of a driver cannot suddenly so change to what it is today for Kaizer.

  20. Nawakwi’s rantings are typical of a woman who is trying hard to be recognized by her forcibly acquired Tonga in-laws. After all, she grabbed a married Tonga man for a husband. Her behaviour is a case of our old adage expression of “NSUNKA-MULAMU”.

  21. In the Post’s latest editorial chitole Fred Mmembe as usual thanking and praising his corrupt friends, including the imbecile Mulongoti. He is so selfish this ***** only the devil understands him. It is always about him. Timely warning Mmembe your days are numbered. It’s just a matter of time, you will disappear very soon

  22. Nawakwi ochita monga ninkhuku yatenda mkosi. She behaves like a headless chicken, kubwetuka bwetuka ukomelako mata atityala bati.

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