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FDD condemns the arrest of Mr Fred M’membe

General News FDD condemns the arrest of Mr Fred M'membe

Fred Mmembe with Reporter Mukosha Funga at Woodlands Police Station
Fred Mmembe with Reporter Mukosha Funga at Woodlands Police Station

Press Statement For Immediate Release.

As the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) we wish to strongly condemn the arrest of Mr. Fred M’membe, the Post Editor-in-Chief and reporter Mukosha Funga over the letter that the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Director Rosewin Wandi wrote to President Edgar Lungu, notifying him that they were investigating his Political Advisor, Kaizer Zulu for Corruption.

The action by the Police is a desperate and discreditable attempt by President Edgar Lungu and his Government to muzzle the Post Newspapers and silence anyone who dares expose the rot that is going on in this Government.

Why should a letter about an ordinary employee of Government be classified as a State Secret? Why should Kaizer Zulu, a mere employee of Government who is being paid by taxpayers’ money be treated as a demi-god who is not amenable to anyone? Why is Edgar Lungu shielding Kaizer Zulu, a simple state employee from public scrutiny?

On May 22, 2015, the Daily Nation Newspapers exclusively carried a story quoting Ms. Wandi’s second letter to President Edgar Lungu, under the headline: ACC Clears Kaizer Zulu; Why haven’t the Police arrested and charged Mr. Richard Sakala and the Daily Nation reporter for allegedly breaching section 35 of the State Security Act? Does it mean that Section 35 only applies to the Post Newspapers? Why are the Police exhibiting such deplorable double standards? This a clear case of witch hunting!

Intimidations, arrests, even killings will never cow the people from holding public officials accountable. This is a democracy and transparency and accountability are key tenets of any democratic society.

Instead of waisting time and government resources chasing after the Post Newspapers, Honourable Edgar Lungu should for once take his job of serving the people of Zambia seriously. He should focus on fixing the economy;ending load shedding; arresting the free fall of the Kwacha; reducing fuel prices, lowering the cost of living, opening of the Copperbelt University and fixing our healthcare system.

Issued by:

Antonio Mwanza,

FDD Spokesperson.

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  1. Ba fididi you have lost meaning of opposition. Do you think govt does one thing after the other. You have got everything cocked up because you are suffering from a disease that affects humans Who stays excessively long in opposition . Same goes with trybal hh.

  2. When the country is ruled by men instead of laws. Such things are possible. How many letters have been published in Zambia before by Daily mail, Post and other medias.

    • How things change. Under the late President Sata (MHSRIP) Membe was untouchable.
      Kaunda at one time was Zambia’s earthly god until late Chiluba (MHSRIP) threw him into Mukobeko Maximum prison. Chiluba himself spent his retirement in court into his last days.
      Then came RB, President who introduced the famous” Anyoko”, his immunity from prosecution removed denied outside travels, and spent cosiderable time and resources before courts and then,….adacadabra cadabra… puff….. he is dining with our most high. Such is life, no situation is permanent.
      These are lessons, ignore them at own peril, politicians in leadership. Zambians have a way of getting to the mighty at appropriate times.

  3. ‘Honourable’ Edgar Lungu..really? I thought at his level he is supposed to be addressed as HE.

    In whispers: (By the way, last evening on ZNBC Main News I saw a chief being addressed as ‘DR CHIEF MUMENA’!)

  4. It’s another animal farm type of affair. Zambians MUST wake. Worse things are yet to come; maybe our young brother is learning a few tricks of using intimidation, brutal force from big brother south of Zambia…….

  5. Fdd seems to be an interesting bunch of lunatics. When RB was being harassed due to falsehoods published by Mmembe, Fdd had a field day partying with satanic joy on the torture meted out to a former Republican President. When a real crook and trickstar is arrested, then Fdd springs to the rescue of the trouble shooter. May be these are the last kicks of the dying horse.

  6. Jameson kaminamisa is a lunatic with no backbone. Ex presidents tried and failed. Mmembe may be a thorn in those corrupt elements and dislikable to useless politicians but a champion of informing the nation beyond its borders that the govt of few corrupt individuals are destroying the essence of peace and tranquility . Desperate crooks and champions of corruption Jameson kaminamisa and ruphia will cry . It was Mmembe who campaigned for PF day and night by exposing ruphia and his corrupt minions that they do not mean well . Silencing the post is like trying to silence the might Victoria falls . Killing Mmembe will mean another Mmembe emerging to take the reins. If Jameson lungu had suffered the way Sata suffered could not be drug so will politics. PF needs the post than the post. Detaining?

  7. FDD are making themselves look silly, reactionary and devoid of anything positive to contribute to our great nation.

    They are like the proverbial petulant little kid stamping their foot saying, its not fair, its not fair.

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